Interview with v1lat @ ASUS FBotY 2012 (with English subs)

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Hello everybody!
Vitaliy Volochay known as v1lat
Is standing next to me
What do you think about this Asus?
A default Asus
Everybody got used to these tournaments
With crowds of people, many strangers
and a lot of random teams in different disciplines
which are already meshed up with WarCraft, CS and Dota
So now it is the same
I heard that this one is the last tournament
Iím not sure but I think youíre right
I also heard such information
I have such a feeling that
StarLadder replaced it
Do you think so?
Many people say this and in general,
Itís true
All of us got used to the fact that
in 2009, 2010 Asus was held 4 times a year
Everybody goes there
As all the eSports teams get together
All the players and teams are here
Last year Asus changed its routine to
Qualifications, qualifications and the final in the end
It wasnít so successful
This year the format isnít so good either
I think everybody understands this
Maybe StarLadder really replaced this tournament
In any case I wouldnít say it made it completely
As Asus even for me, I played Fifa and Dota
on this tournament and was really cool
But StarLadder doesnt let anyÖ
Whoop, what was that
Ödoesnít let any random Dota player participate
as you could do at good old Asus Cup
So StarLadder replaced Asus for spectators as a show
I donít think it can fully replace the tournament for players
Iíd like the tournament to exist at least for
Non-professional teams to play
In any case Asus would be great to remain
as additional tournament is always good thing
How can you comment on the tournamentís lineup?
VP is considered to be the favorites
Theyíve got rather good lineup
and they have the same road map per wins
as Empire with some really good statistics
Yes, theyíve got some crazy streak
Theyíve got about 20 victories in succession
Theyíve got the same situation as Empire had a month or 6 weeks ago
They also have won 19-20 matches running
They were doing great, as well as now
The same situation nowadays has Virtus Pro
The team gained momentum 3 months ago
Everybody was telling that
this is an average and rather obscure team
NS was telling everybody that
It doesnít mean what was the team
If itís wouldnít fell apart and play for 3 months
They would succeed
They have been playing for 3-4 months
and now they are doing something crazy
Iíve been just discussing this stuff with the guys that
itís unreal to forecast who will be the Top 1
after the StarLadder and this Asus
Virtus Pro can take the 1st or the 4th places
The same is with Na`Vi and Empire
Itís really cool that we have such 3 or 4 teams
There is a Belarusian team as well
Who took the 3rd place at WCG
after beating Orange, Top 5 of The International
Dota 2 participants consist of all the best CIS teams
They are all here
Unfortunately there are no international teams
They didnt deign to come at Asus
Maybe they have just forgotten what this tournament is
As for me, I like it
I think it will be interesting
You commented on the game of Na`Vi vs. VP
What can you say about it?
I talked to Puppey and he told they had defeated
Because of XBOCT as he gave creeps away
In the beginning on the top line
When I comment on Na`Vi games
I can see when XBOCT is playing heroes which he dislikes
and he canít play them well
Luna being one of them
When he plays under pressure
While Virtus Pro played with Zombie and Batrider
on hardline and itís very difficult to play against them
XBOCT told many times in interviews that
He used to farm creeps, farm more creeps
and then go and destroy the tower
Itís easy but when you come
and got napalm, decays, Luna gets 500HP
3rd decay makes it 300 and itís pressuring a lot
He makes 1 mistake, he didnít kill creeps
He has 4th of 5th creepstat from all players,
Then Santa initiates on him with firefly,
He uses ultimate and Santa simply gets awayÖ
He made too many mistakes in this game
XBOCT understands this very well
I think that Puppey hasnít made everything right
As XBOCT was one alone there
While Puppey was in the forests and Smile
made pulls. They left him alone
So itís not only his fault that he was having a hard time
against double. To summarize everything,
I think itís the reason of Na`Viís defeat.
I hope next time they wonít make such silly decisions
Theyíve got such decisions when they send Zombi on triple-lane
Itís very difficult and XBOCT has to make experiments there
Itís advisable not to make experiments
As they are the 2nd in the group
Virtus Pro will be the 1st ñ 100%
As there are rather weak teams left
They take the 2nd place and thereís 90%
they will participate in the final
if everything is good they will play with Empire
with these 2 team facing on LANñ everything can happen
it depends on their mood.
I remember Na`Viís tradition to take the 3rd place
at every Asus itís rather funny but
I donít think the team will be satisfied with such a result
First of all you shouldnít blame XBOCT
Secondly, the guys should decide what to do tomorrow
and the day after tomorrow as it will be really serious
By the way, how will you decide the playoff matches?
Will you toss a coin?
Yes, we made a deal that weíve got 2 semi-final teams for the 1st places
2 ñ from quarter-finals teams who will play with whom
Will be decided with the coin to avoid the news leak
So weíll know that only after the group games are finished
The next question deals with Na`Vi again
Recently they failed the tournament and took Top 8
It was the 1st tournament they had such a result for 1.5 years
As they were always getting into Top 3
What can you say about this situation?
I know that youíve got some story
From the series which can save them?
Yes, thereís an American comedy series ìBlue Mountain Stateî
Which deals with American football
There also was a team which had been winning all the time
Then it started its season from defeats until
The team decided that it was necessary to hide from the whole world
In the apartment having taken everything that they could drink
Everything they could smoke
Or go to sauna with 4 liters of vodka not allowing anybody to leave
To start the beyond commutation with each other
and find out the reason of the problem
Dendi wonít survive!
He will, for sure!
I think that after the defeat on such tournament
Iím talking about the DreamHack
There are only 2 variants for them
To summon their strength
Having discussed everything
Or they have to take some rest
because playing Dota 2 during autumn ñ winter
is really hard. I think the guys should go somewhere
At least for 3 weeks
As far as itís possible, away from Dota
To make them miss it and relax
I think they will gather and beat everybody
There will be winter holidays soon and I heard
That Lost is going to Tibet or Thailand
Thatís great! Yeah, that is what Iím talking about!
To go somewhere where thereíre no internet,
Dota, Skype, Na`Vi, streams, anything!
As for me when I go for a rest at least at the 7th day
Iím starving for commenting on Dota
Iím searching for some Wi-Fi in Egypt
To catch any stream to watch something
They have to miss Dota!
Theyíll play 2 tournaments more, have some rest
and start the next year full of energy
I hope so
Do you like courier from Na`Vi?
Give it to me please!
Iíve got one, Iíll give you
Thanks a lot!
Give one for Loda as well he wanted it so much!
no, I wonít give him, Iíve got only 2 of them, for mtx4u
The courier is really cool,
such a nice badger and the bird
XBOCT has already shown it today
In one of the 1st games
As far as I know, only XBOCT had it
It was just launched and revealed
Itís really cool
It will be great if Na`Vi makes more such nice things
I think theyíd be popular enough
The question about ArtStyle
Do you think he will make it though?
If they carry on playing with Dread
Their lineup is Dread, Solo and ArtStyle
Sharfik isnít bad player,
but the team should have more experienced players
If they donít make everything like they used to
I mean they played, somebody got drunk after that
Somebody ate mushrooms
Broke up, lost matches, etc, - they have no chance
If they try to play at least for 3 months
Maybe they will have a future
As for me, I become more and more disappointed
In so called ìArtStyleís Magicî
That he makes miracles with his teams and strategies
Yeah, he made a miracle versus Virtus Pro
with a score 3-36. If they pass the group
which is unlikely to happen
they will play with Resolution and Fly
this 15 years old Dota talented child (Resolution)
who beats the s**t out of everybody in Arena,
he almost killed Dendi on mid yesterday
If they win this team, pass the group and play
with Belarusian team, then we will see.
Or with Empire.
If they win Belarusians ñ then they have a future
If no ñ I think they have to give up on that
and try to make something else
What will you do before the end of the world?
Iíll comment on Dota
Come to meet the end of the world at StarLadder
The end of the world is planned to happen
When the final match of the 4th season is to be held
Empire and Na`Vi to be playing on the stage
So the end of the world is rather symbolic thing
So, Iím waiting for you here in Arena on December 21st
On the winnerís final of StarLadder
The end of the world will be really cool
Thatís for sure
Iíve got 2 questions for you
As a commentator, youíre not so famous but youíre
A real fan of one of the football teams
So called ìultrasî
Tell us something about that
Iím not enlisted in Ultras official organization
but I confirm that I attend all the matches
I go for trips with them,
I mean Ukrainian team ìVolyn Lutskî
I donít participate in this ultras movement
As I have no possibility
Iíd do that with pleasure
As our referee of StarLadder, Keep3r,
He visited 16 out of 18 matches of Dynamo this year
With all the trips he made.
Iíd be also glad to do that and support the team
If you have never been to the football sector before
You should try it because itís really incredible thing
You can gain lots of drive
Iíve been supporting this team since my childhood
And Iíll support it forever
I can say that being on a sector is really cool
Thereís such a splash of emotions
Really amazing!
Few times after such ultras matches with Volyn
My broadcasts were broken as my voice become hoarse
Even faster than while commenting on Dota
The last question is 3 in 1
How are you going to celebrate the New Year?
Can you make any sum ups of this year?
Which plans do you have for the next year?
The New Yearís Day Iíll celebrate in the western Ukraine
In my native town
Iím going there with Tafa and our girlfriends
For a few days to have some rest
I think weíll have lots of fun
As for the 2012th, it was great for my professional life
I have commented on the International successfully
I have commented on almost 4 StarLadders
We got some niche with this tournament
At the same time we haven managed to complete lots of things
I didnít manage to visit and comment on both DreamHacks
I think itís a great disadvantage for me
It happened because of my failing with the documents
Thatís why the next year Iím focused on taking the next
4 seasons of StarLadder to the next level
which will exceed DreamHack, to say so
Very ambitious of you.
Yes, I want make people go to our tournament
as they go to DreamHack
Make them do not think twice about going to StarLadder
Make them struggle for the right of attending StarLadder
Such teams already exist who set their goals on attending
The teams who cancel their participation on other tournaments
To play qualifications for StarLadder
My aim is to make such goals for this tournament
for as many teams as possible
Ok, Vitaliy, thank you for the interview
Good luck!
Youíre welcome and thank you as well!