STAR WARS: The Old Republic - Guild Summit PvP Panel

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Stephen Reid: And I am going to hand straight over to Gabe. We can go live whenever our
live stream guys are ready. Stephen Reid: Yeah.
Gabe Amantangelo: Warzones, we will start with Warzones. I am good to start right, the
live stream is going? Current state of Warzones. Warzones are extremely popular. A lot of people
are playing them. The medal system: not balanced across classes. Healers, I am talking to you
guys. Concerns about faction imbalance on servers.
No ability to queue for specific Warzones. Players going AFK and leaving. We know these
are major issues that we are addressing. Well, this is the Warzones part, Open World comes
next. In Game Update 1.2 first and foremost we are having a new Warzone: Novare Coast.
It is going to include same faction vs same faction gameplay so as to relieve some of
the Huttball queues on those mentioned servers. Majority control type objective. It takes
place on Denova where conflict is going on there. Majority 3-point objective control,
you’ve got two fortifications. They have a shield. You have to have at least two out
of three to be doing damage to the fortification, so of course that kind of gameplay mechanic
allows in a 3-point domination objective map to have major comebacks. It has been testing
really well, we’ve been having a lot of fun with it and we look forward to getting
you guys in there and getting your feedback from it as well.
Ranked PvP: We are introducing that in Game Update 1.2. I have talked about that a little
bit on the forums and blog posts. So in Game Update 1.2, we are really excited about bringing
this in because we do know there’s kind of a missing component to the overall PvP
experience. One of them is a sense of competitive measure. This is going to be character ratings;
it’s going to be ELO style for solo and group play. Now players are going to be able
to queue up group up to eight and be able to jump in and compete. Wins and losses will
adjust their ELO ranking so their Warzone rating.
Now this is the Pre-season. We are calling it Pre-season because it is phase one. We
do know before we have cross-server queuing, 2600 on one server is going to mean something
different than 2600 on another server. We do know that and so this is kind of phase
one of getting that in there. In update 1.2 we are also introducing new dailies and that
is going to be based on -- the majority of completing your dailies are going to be medals
as opposed to wins. You like that?
Gabe Amantangelo: Another thing to mention on the medal system, you might have noticed
like the objective captured and defended columns they are not sort of working, right? That
is because we didn't finish off all the medals we wanted to have in there. We wanted to have
various different objective medals. We are introducing a lot more medals for objective
participation and performance. This includes being the first to get the data core or planting
a bomb, things of that nature throughout. Catching a ball and scoring in Huttball is
going to get you some medals. There it is, the 18 new medals.
Now obviously, we don't want to get into situations where you are farming medals, right, because
we don't want people keeping locking of this 5-0's. We do know that is an issue and we
are addressing that. The medal rewards are capped, so at a certain cap -- we are going
to determine what that is going to be -- because we are essentially doubling the amount of
medals that are available. It might be like eight medals. You get rewards up to eight
medals but additionally if you win matches quickly, if you win them fast, you will get
a medal for, like, winning a Warzone in 5 minutes, 6 minutes, 7 minutes, 8 minutes and
obviously if you win it in 5 minutes you get all these subsequent medals. So it is going
to encourage winning matches fast as opposed to dragging them out.
Additionally, the losing team, it encourages them to continue to participate in objectives
because they can still get to that cap, they can still defend the objectives, try to hold
out to the last and get more rewards. Now, we are doing kind of a first step of this
in 1.1.5, if you have seen those patch notes because we are capping it at 4. We are not
introducing the new medals, but we do have that cap in there. We are increasing the amount
of rewards for that per medal but considering the cap.
Additionally, vote to kick. We are working on that system. We do know the concerns about it being an abused system so we are
working with various different ways to sort of watch that and whether or not a player
is actually AFK because we don't want, if they’re leveling in a Warzone for example,
“Hey this dude is level 10 and everyone vote him out.” So we are dealing with yeah,
we are going to be addressing stuff like that. So measures to prevent abuse.
So, efforts to combat the AFK Warzones - require minimal player contribution in order to award
medals. So again, if someone is just kind of hanging out in a zone and not doing anything
they are not going to get anything. As you get medals it is going to – up to a certain
threshold -- it is going to see your participation and it is going to be a modifier on your overall
rewards in the Warzone. So if you have zero medals, you haven't done anything in the Warzone,
you haven't participated in any objectives, you are not going to get any rewards. So that
we will see in Game Update 1.2 as well. New tier PvP gear: War Hero gear, we’re
introducing. Now the gear is going to have a greater stat difference. I think Georg mentioned
this in a previous panel, that it is going to be a bigger stat difference from PvE gear.
We want this so that there is not as much crossover. Now, the overall power difference
is still target of someone comes in to PvE with PvE gear they are 10% below in PvP to
PvE 10% but we don't want to have -- I am sorry from PvP to PvE we don't want to have
you to be able to go in and do those Hard Mode Operations, Flashpoints, etc. right away.
But we don't want to have the barrier to entry from PvE people going in to PvP to be too
high. So we are going to have sort of more of a leaning on expertise. There is going
to be other sort of stats that are more PvP focused, more of a leaning on that inside
the PvP gear. New Lightsaber colors with every sort of new
tier gear. We want to introduce some new weapons and obviously in this game that takes the
form of lightsaber colors. New PvP crafting again mentioned briefly earlier adding expertise
crystals. This is going to help for bridging the kind of barrier to entry. We are also
going to be allowing an entry level of PvP gear outfits available to people for credits
and things of the like to bridge that sort of barrier of when you hit level 50 in 45
blues and then having the combat against at least Centurion or Champion. We wanted to
bridge that gap. That gap is wider than we intended.
Future of Warzones, existing Warzones: we also want to introduce same versus same modes
on those so like Voidstar, Alderaan, we want to have training simulation themed variant
of those and we are going to have the voiceovers and stuff to support that from a story perspective
and help reduce the repeatability of seeing Huttball on some servers. We are targeting
some of those changes for 1.2/1.3 timeline. We will see where they land and we will keep
you guys at apprised of when it is out. Cross-server Warzone queuing, now we have
mentioned that. This is important for competition but at the same time I do want to sort of
probably quell the concerns of -- because there is obviously pros and cons with it.
We are still going to have incentives and lean towards grouping people of the same server.
Now obviously, as you kind of -- and it is going to allow for better level bracketing,
better matching, more competition on that front. Now obviously as you choose more preferences
like I specifically want queue for this Warzone or I want to do this or do that, you are going
to have to reach outside of your server, but we do want to incentivize people their server
playing against each other as well. When it comes to ranked Warzones though, that
is going to be more of matching closely to your current ELO rating so have better competition
there and bracketed tournaments another thing we want to introduce with ranked Warzones,
once we get the cross-server feature in there, is on-demand click and enter tournament and
once four matches are formed, then it starts a bracket system and you just can do it any
time of the day whenever you know once it matches enough teams you can just fight each
other and get sort of the qualification points for first, second, third place within those
on-demand tournaments. That is something we want to introduce when we introduce cross-server
queuing. And more like I mentioned with our preseason
we are gearing or we are targeting to be able to allow you to group for a full group of
eight in the ranked Warzones and in the future we want to formalize that a little bit more
with teams. Yes, that is something that we definitely we know how important that is and
we want to get that in there and we are currently working on that. I can't give a target of
exactly when that is going to be in there yet though.
Oh sorry, of course I got to repeat it because you don't have a mic. Persisting groups through
Warzone so you don't have to reform every time, that is something we want to add as
well and we’ll be doing that in the near future so you don't have to you know get into
a Warzone, lose your last group and as you leave a Warzone lose your group through coming
out. Now open world PvP. All right let's talk about
that a little bit. The current state of open world PvP we know that it is significantly
less popular than Warzone's. Level 50 characters playing Warzone three times more than Ilum
PvP. Ilum has some problems. Outlaw’s Den is seeing some great emergent gaming. It was
to be expected as people will gear up and they sort of got in their highest level of
PvP progression that they would want to go toy with it, experiment with different groups
and 4v4, 2v2's etc. some of the servers are organizing those things and that is what that
area is for. We want to continue to support that.
So open world PvP in Game Update 1.2. We’re going back to the drawing board with Ilum.
We had -- thank you. So to talk on Ilum for just a brief moment here, we were a bit too
ambitious. We didn't get what wanted accomplish with Ilum. There are some technical difficulties.
There were various difficulties as they got in the way of what we wanted to accomplish
with it so we are sort of pulling it out. I mean the area is still going to exist there
it is just not going to be incentivized as much and we are going back to kind of what
we wanted to originally do with Ilum and open world PvP and we will be talking about that
in the future with some of those plans and I think we can even open it up for discussion
after I am done with this slide here. So we are designing it to be more engaging
and fun. I mean we do know that just nature of the beast with open world PvP is that if
it’s the right time and the right place it is fun, if it is not it is not. Right,
if there is an imbalance or there are not enough people on the area etc. we want to
focus people at certain times with timed objectives, balanced measures between the fighting factions
etc, all that is really important to healthy open world PvP which was not in there and
did not accompany Ilum on launch and we are fully aware of that.
So removing the Ilum PvP quests, we are introducing the new tier PvP gear: War Hero. Now War Hero
gear you are going to be getting from ranked Warzone accommodations, Warzone accommodations
you are going to be getting Battlemaster gear and the sort of entry level kind of PvP gear
is going to be a Champion type level. But, it is going to be more focused on expertise
so it is not viable in PvE like I was saying earlier, but it is entry level into PvP. So
as such the whole bag system and stuff that you have seen that’s been deprecating. We
have been deprecating. It will be fully deprecated in 1.2.
Rewards being moved to Warzones. The War Hero gear, less randomness from PvP rewards, PvP
progression, again we had a challenge going into launch with being able to tier because
we wanted to mirror PvE and PvP. A big challenge was that in PvE you had tiers of progression
of different content and PvP we had sort of a flat tier. We didn't have the tiers. With
the ranked Warzones it is introducing an ability for us to be able to tier our PvP content
and as such tier our rewards so we are excited about getting to this point with it in 1.2
at least as it is in Preseason. So yeah, so recapping Ilum redesign we will
provide more details later this year but keep posting feedback on the forums, all of that
you know we are listening to, we are reading, we are paying attention and that does factor
in. Minor changes to Outlaws’ Den that is like I was saying the emergent gameplay there
we are excited about that, that is what it is for. But we want an ability for players
to get there quicker, faster. Traveling through Mos Eisley and name escapes me the other place
obviously when you land on the spaceport, you have quite a travel before you get to
the taxi and then that we know that, we are going to be introducing some quick travel.
And we are living in I would say PvP sandbox as I was stating and there is no pun to that
whatsoever on Tatooine. Additional PvP concerns that we are fully
aware of and we are addressing: the mirror class and balances of animation and various
things. We are addressing this ongoing. You have seen some stuff in the weekly patches
more so in 1.2. Speed hacking and exploiting: you know we are doubling up the team size
on this and we are fully aware of it and we want to get it to a point where it is you
know relatively under control before we get in to our season 1 of ranked Warzones. Again,
another reason this is sort of a preseason. Discussion topics: So what do you think about
Warzone rankings, any questions on that front? What are your thoughts on Novare Coast, the
majority three-point domination? And design considerations being made for the Ilum redesign?
I touched a couple of them but by all means we can discuss that more and not limited to
these topics but go for it. Stephen Reid: Okay, I know that there is going
to be tons of questions about this. I am going to try and get through as many as possible
so just reminding you to keep your questions brief, okay so we can get back on track so
Chris, choose your question. Question: So we are talking about being able
to create the eight man teams. Are there going to be any PvP -- not necessarily rankings
but in the normal Warzones now -- where it is just pick up groups only and you don't
have to worry about being steamrolled more or less by a pre-made team?
Gabe Amantangelo: So with the matchmaking system in the normal Warzones, as it exists
right now it actually does make an effort to match group versus group. Obviously it
is dependent on population and who is queued up and over time it sort of loosens some of
those restrictions. Naturally when we get the cross-server queuing in there that will
make it all the more prevalent that it is more group versus group and solo versus solo.
Often times what it initially tries to do and just to give a little bit more details
is have one group on each side and then the rest solo filled out and then after time obviously
it alleviates it and then you end up having two groups versus one group etc. which obviously
is an issue and cross-server queuing can help that in the future as well.
Question: Hey Gabe, Falconer here from Condemned. First question is just for Georg actually.
With the changes to PvP gear coming will you also be changing the diminishing returns on
expertise in order to have that go up a bit more?
Georg Zoeller: All the stat caps have been rebalanced following the introduction of the
tier so yes. Question: And then just for Gabe, as far as
Ilum performance issues go can you just kind of level with us about what is going on there
and if it is like underlying problems within the Hero Engine that is causing that or what
you are planning on doing there? Gabe Amantangelo: Actually there is a few
things, the major thing was the -- well first off, we did testing internally in a lot of
these issues and I touched on this on the interview or a forum post or something in
the past but sometimes when you go live with the game, some of the issues don't really
show until you are live with the engine and that is why we are going to have longer soak
times on PTS and of the like with this feature and other features. So some of the stuff that
we have found, it was optimization and just basically node creations and destructions
with some of the ambience in the area including the turrets and the walkers and of the like
so that is another reason sort of we are pulling back from it as we are doing optimization
on those elements. Question: I might get booed for this because
I have never been to Ilum. I don't have 50 but in representing my guild I will say that
they were devastated by what I understand the removal of battling over objectives because
there was trading going on not on our server at least where my guild was playing and the
deathmatch based system just wasn't the same so will there be a return to battling over
objectives in open world PvP? Gabe Amantangelo: So first little background
on what went down on there. In the Beta what we were aiming towards and is sort of the
plan B in Ilum was to have the 5 objectives lock and be locked for a time and then eventually
become you know unsecured so people can come and capture them. What we found leading up
to the last betas is that we were unable to address the issue that was causing them to
be permanently locked, some of you guys I am sure were involved in the Beta and saw
some of that. So we had to kind of step back from our initial plans with Ilum and as a
result we weren't able to do much, we weren't able to change much when we went live so as
a result trading was happening and we knew that was going to happen. We weren't able
to react in time to address that. And we still haven't sort of dealt with or
solved that underlying issue with those things being locked so we had to change it to kills
for the meantime. It is not our, by any stress of imagination, our long term goals with it
and you are asking about our future plans going back to objectives. I can't touch on
too many of the details although we plan to do on Ilum in the future but it will be objective
focused. Question: When we were pre-forming guilds
before the game is actually released we were allowed to have Allies and Adversaries. Do
you at any point in the future see some kind of endgame functionality that will actually
allow us to utilize the Adversary system that we did create before we were loaded and at
the same point do you also see anything such as bounties being offered for players across
the game? Gabe Amantangelo: So I'll touch on the bounty
system thing. That is something I and the PvP team would love to have - a bounty type
system. It is something we have been discussing and we can't give any definitive timeline
on it. But it is something we would desire to see in the game as well. As far as the
guild adversary stuff - I can let Damion chat about that.
Damion Schubert: Wall Of Crazy? “At any point the future” is a long time. We can
talk more about that once we get to the guild stuff, but there is a roadmap, that is on
there. It is not in here but it is there. Question: So we are going to be getting the
opportunity to create full 8-mans so we have a chance to like throw down the gauntlet to
other guilds or other groups like, “Hey you bring your 8 best we will bring our 8
best and we will just pick a Warzone and go at it?”
Gabe Amantangelo: That would be cool, right? Yes, yes, that is something that we do have,
we have a design for and we are -- it is something that we want to implement and it is not unfortunately
didn't make it in for Game Update 1.2 but Warzone Challenges is what we have called
them, yeah lay down the gauntlet so yeah something we definitely want to do.
Question: Right now we have a few guild members that are Battlemaster which are level 50 or
higher ranked on PvP. How are you going to address the commendation issue where right
now all they do is farm daily and weekly quests for commendations to acquire gear. Are you
are going to make it easier and less grindy to acquire higher-level PvP gear?
Gabe Amantangelo: So with Game Update 1.2 -- and we were adjusting some of them in 1.1.5
but with Game Update 1.2 -- the quests are not going to be -- it is not going to be because
right now – sorry, let me take a step back right now for those who don't know if you
are Valor rank 60 and you are trying to get your Battlemaster gear the only way to do
it is with the quests and get the bags. What that results in obviously is some bad behavior
of leaving Warzones because you just want to get those wins, if you see that you are
losing, fully aware of that. Part of the issue with that is that we weren't
able to -- it sort of took away the incentive to get accommodations and incentive to perform
inside of Warzones. In Game Update 1.2 it is ranked Warzone commendations directly that
will directly purchase War Hero gear. Question: Is it locked?
Gabe Amantangelo: It is not locked to a rank. It is not locked to a rating. It is direct
purchase. It is not locked to Valor rank your Warzone rating anything like that. Now Warzone
rating will allow you to get a different colored version of that gear so it will be prestige
thing. So the rating is especially in pre-season is going to be sort of just that prestige
type thing different color of gear, mounts, things of that sort, but it will be direct
purchase. If you participate and you perform well in ranked Warzones you will get a lot
of ranked Warzone commendations that you can then buy War Hero gear with.
And sorry, one other thing to touch on the Valor rank requirement for Battlemaster gear
was sort of a temporary measure. If you followed some of the early interviews and discussions
about Valor rank, it is supposed to be focused on kind of a PvP prestige thing because it
is very much a measure of how much you participated in PvP, not necessarily a content or difficulty
or skill level gear reward type element. It is a participation thing and have prestige
type things which includes like being able to be the leader in a Warzone, mounts, colored
things, banners perhaps, other things like that we are exploring with Valor rank. That
is the focus of it, not a specific progression, power progression.
Question: Roadfill here. I am currently run 24 versus 24 man fights out in Outlaw’s
Den against our rival guild. We have a lot fun, a lot of strategy that goes involved
in these fights but what I am wondering here is how am I supposed to maintain my large
PvP guild when you are only giving us 8-man content?
Gabe Amantangelo: It is not that we don't want to give larger, because larger Warzones
are in the works that is something that we want to do like large Warzone battles. It
is just what we have right now. We have got the 8-man Warzones. Now, we do think as far
as matched PVP goes having too large or too small has different problems on both sides
of the coin as far as competitive goes when you have like 8 and it is like a soccer team
or basketball team. It is enough where everyone has a part to play and you can coordinate
and it has to do with the objectives. We are excited about that but at the same time we
do enjoy allowing players to get together and have you know massive battles which was
the original intention of getting Ilum in there as well as Outlaw’s Den though it
was never slated to have them become a robust RvR system at least at launch or right now.
We want to have the form or the areas for you guys to be able to do that. So in short
we are aware, we have the areas like Outlaw's Den where you can do that stuff now and we
do want to have more content for larger PvP battles in the future.
Question: Yeah, so I guess we can assume that the current valor system is going to be sort
of going away with the ranked Warzones and becoming more of like a just completely cosmetic
or titled base thing from what it currently is. I guess I am just asking for a clarification
on that but my real question is what are going to be doing in terms of like guild versus
guild PvP? Gabe Amantangelo: Again the guild versus guild
PvP is sort of following up on his question there. The grouping up for ranked Warzones
up to 8 people but beyond that we do want to do larger type of matched PvP matches in
the future in addition you know we can talk about the Ilum redesign stuff as well just
open world generally speaking as far as the valor rank thing again the valor all the focus
is prestige, the focus is sort of your veterancy if you will like how much of a PvP veteran
you are and a recognition for that as opposed to specific gear progression or content progression
within PvP. Question: My main question is about targeting
in PvP. At times I feel like I’m playing more of a first person shooter than an MMO,
when I’m trying to get a target you can't tab target out of LoS, no name plates to click
on or anything, is there going to be any sort of updates with that?
Gabe Amantangelo: Yeah the name, the tab targeting improvements are in the works, we do know
that there’s various aspects of the tab targeting that we want to do, smarter tab
targeting etcetera. Nameplates, I am sorry what was the name plates question?
Question: A game which will not be named I guess has clickable nameplates above the character
so you don't have the discrepancies in targeting characters that have small models like the
females. Gabe Amantangelo: Sure, yeah, yeah. Yeah we
do. Those are all improvements we want to do. Not all of them are 1.2. We do want to
have larger boxes to click on, better tab targeting, labels on the nameplates as well
like a class, base class label things of that nature just to make it ease of access in combat
and PvP. Question: So as an RPer I don't PvP as much
but I do enjoy it. One of the things that I like least about it -- the least cinematic
thing about PvP is watching people run around in circles, it is horrible. And with the latency
having somebody running through or behind you trying to get behind them is -- at any
point we are going to move away from that? Gabe Amantangelo: Are we going to move away
from latency? Question: Well no, sorry. Specifically --
Daniel Erickson: What is the plan Gabe, what is our latency plan?
Question: No, I'm sorry. Gabe Amantangelo: I am working on that internet
-- Question: Just specifically, but more talking
to being able to face the target that you are on so that people don't use running around
in tight circles as a tactic. Gabe Amantangelo: I see, I see where you are
getting at. Auto-facing in PvP. So there is definitely 2 camps on that one, isn’t there?
I mean I don't know how to phrase it. I am not necessarily like -- auto-facing I feel
like when you have combat and you have positionals and you have things of that nature auto-facing
diminishes it in a lot of ways. I know that it certainly looks better which is why it
is one of the things that I think very awesome that we have it in PvE with the choreographed
combat and just seeing it there. In PvP, I mean we are continuing to do animation polish
updates, movement prediction you know polish and enhancements I mean so you will see those
things continue to roll out there and get better.
I mean as you can see if you have been playing from launch to now you could see the improvements
on that front so that is all I can say on that is we are going to continue to improve
that, but the auto-facing in PvP not likely. Georg Zoeller: We actually had both systems
in Beta and we settled on the no auto-facing in PvP. You can play a Smuggler or Agent though,
they get auto-facing while they are in cover. Damion Schubert: In general, if you take away
-- if you put in auto-facing then PvP just becomes who has a better command over their
rotation right and at the end of the day that is that hopefully you want PvP to have you
know a little more dimension than that so… Stephen Reid: Okay, we are going to take a
couple of questions through the live stream right now and I know that you guys have tons
of questions so we are going to come back to you guys.
Gabe Amantangelo: We will be hanging out later. We will have some drinks. You guys --
Stephen: Because no one is allowed to leave the building. So I am just going to pass over
to Eric here who has a few questions from our live stream.
Eric Musco: And if you makes you guys feel better we just crossed 18,000 people watching
so they have a lot of questions too I think. All right our first question comes from Kanut.
Will obtaining a set of Best in Slot PvP gear after 1.2 be achievable only by PvPing or
will you also need to craft it and/or PvE? Gabe Amantangelo: It is going to be the ranked
Warzones. The War Hero gear is going to be the best gear. We are introducing some craftable
expertise items but the Best in Slot is going to be from ranked Warzones.
Georg Zoeller: I have to qualify a bit so since you are now able to A) extract every
mod from your item and B) crafters are now able to crit-craft orange appearances, which
is the custom gear with an additional augment slot, there is definitely an upgrade path
for you to take what you have gotten from the War Hero gear or from the Operation that
you are running and slotted into your custom appearance. There is also the ability to get
that custom appearance crafted orange so you don't have to step away from having that awesome
new tier of gear and not having the augment slot available. But to answer the question
shortly, yes there is a path to even better gear and that involves buying it from a crafter
or building it yourself of course, yes. Eric Musco: All right this is a good question
for anybody who is a tank and likes to PvP. It comes from SlimX. Right now defense and
shield or absorb is strong in PvE content but nearly useless in PvP are there any plans
to make those tank stats more useful in PvP? If not, will those stats be removed from PvP
gear to make room for more damage? Georg Zoeller: Oh boy.
Gabe Amantangelo: A little bit of both. Georg if you want to touch on that.
Georg Zoeller: So there is an interesting perception and that is if you basically give
up your defense and you take more damage, offense and really good defense in some cases
that that is really good. That is actually not entirely true because what you are doing
is as a tank you are vulnerable against tech and force attacks so as certain types of Sorcerers
will tear you to shreds. If you give up on your defense gear you are making yourself
also vulnerable to the highest damaging classes in the game which would be the Sentinel or
the Sniper especially if these guys stats accuracy on their end which is another one
of these unappreciated stats you are going to be now vulnerable to two classes and then
only healers are left and you are not going to be able to beat them.
So this is kind of a circular situation where people have forgone accuracy gear which means
you can start forgoing defense gear as a tank and still get away with it. When we get in
to the ranked area and people actually play more aggressively you are not going to get
away with that. That said, there is a bit of under the hood rebalance of all stats going
into 1.2 so any kind of theory crafting and assumptions will have to be redone anyway.
Hey, we are giving you a log to help with that so it shouldn't be as hard this time
around. Eric Musco: All right, our next question comes
from Diatops and the questions is, there isn't much to do in PvP once you are done with the
daily, are there plans to add more diverse types of PvP daily quests?
Gabe Amantangelo: So like I was talking about in 1.2 you will -- like it is not, your endgame
progression, your valor rank 60, Battlemaster gear is rate-limited by that daily, that rate
limit is not going to be there because you can continue to earn those ranked Warzone
accommodations so yeah, sort of. I mean it is -- the sort of focus on daily is going
away. It will still be there, you will get a couple of ranked Warzone commendations from
it. Stephen Reid: Okay we are going to take one
more question from the room and Eric and is going to make for him he is going to run,
18,000 people online you know making a good one.
Question: So you guys touched briefly this morning on dynamic events. Are they going
to be focused toward dynamic PvE events or dynamic PvP events? Because we would like
to see some more open world and kind of spontaneous PvP as opposed to just you know running around
on Ilum. Gabe Amantangelo: You got that James?
James Ohlen: Yeah. So the thing about dynamic events and as I was alluding to is we don't
really want to give away what we are doing with them. We have a full team devoted to
it. We are adding tech to give them more, to give them a lot of ability to come up with
unique ideas so I can't really tell you what you are going to be seeing because it is going
to be a surprise but we want it to be definitely all kinds of different things. We don't want
them to become you know business as usual. We don't want you to be able to predict them
so you could see something like you are suggesting at some point in the future.
Daniel Erickson: Hey Gabe? Since, sort alluding to this I was surprised it didn't come up
in here do you want to talk a bit about just wandering around the world murdering people?
Gabe Amantangelo: It is fun, but needs more incentives.
Daniel Erickson: But are we going to get rewards for it?
Gabe Amantangelo: Yeah, one of the things that unfortunately we did not get in for launch
but we do want to get in is like a you know a drop list when you kill players out in the
world, be it Mercenary commendations, valor, or some other loot from them that is something
that we very much want to do and we are going to be doing it.
Stephen Reid: That sounds like a nice way to wrap up PvP with a note about randomly
murdering people so, thank you very much to Gabe Amatangelo!
Georg Zoeller: Everyone knows you’re Dark Side. Your t-shirt is not deceiving anyone.
CUT HERE Stephen Reid: So we have got 10 to 15 minutes
so again we give you about 2 to 3 minutes to run outside and go to the restroom. You
guys if you need to and then we are gong to come straight back and Daniel Erickson is
going to talk to you about Legacy system.