Interview with Al from Al's Music Factory @LA Amp Show 2012

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Hi I'm, Alberto Sebares.
I'm at the Amp show in Los Angeles.
And I'm here to present the innovations of Xotic pedals...
...that are used by many artists around the world.
I've been working with Xotic for more than ten years.
I also play the guitar sometimes as well as selling them.
I will present the most popular Xotic pedals which are...
BB Preamp, AC Booster and RC Booster.
This is a classic trio that can be perfectly combined together.
We also have the new pedals that we are going to present exclusively.
The new SP Compressor and the limited edition EP Booster.
EP Booster is a pedal that has already been sold.
This incredibly pedal is based on the old Ecoplex.
Which is a very versatile preamp pedal to be used with guitar or bass.
And spectacular with keyboard as well.
I will show pedals that have emerged after the classic trio.
BB Plus and AC Plus are two pedals in one.
It has more than 21 different settings that can generate any type of sound.
I will teach you a little bit about these pedals.
In this case I also have Robotalk 2, which is the new edition of Robotalk.
The first edition came with arpeggiator.
Now they come with 2 in 1.
I will start with SP Compressor, which is a new pedal.

You can hear that the pedal also raises the volume of the guitar...
...but more importantly, it is very natural.
It preserves the original tone of the guitar.
SP has 3 settings.
High, Low and Mid for the level of compression.
It can be more or less. Whatever is best for the style.
It is also essential for funk, blues and acoustics.
Here you can see how I play with fingers.

Great sustain.

With the pedal... and without.

You can combine your fingers with the pick.

Now I present the most sold pedal, the EP Booster.
The regular edition is in black but...
...they are going to release new edition as they did with the white version.
There were 1000 pedals, which sold very quickly.
It's a pedal that has lots of success.
It raises the tone a little bit. It's like EP Booster and RC Booster

They are two pedals that have the booster function to raise the volume.
The AC Booster is cleaner, more Hi-Fi... we can say it has another color.
The EP Booster is meatier and has a very natural overdrive.
In this case, I'm using Stratocaster with single coil pickups.
I would like to thank Voodoo Amps for lending this.
You can hear the sound when I use the EP Booster.
With the pedal ...
And without the pedal...

It's very dynamic.

Now the RC Booster is much more open for open chords.

It has a body.
I have RC Booster always ON, and use it both for guitar or bass.
It can be used perfectly for both applications.
Some guitarists also use it for loop effects to give it more body, more attack.
And now I have a fun pedal.

It defines the dynamic filter according to the way it's programmed.

It's a...

...strong pulse.

Here's the 2 settings.

This pedal is very funky.
Another most popular pedal for me is the Xotic BB Preamp.
And I have several tricks that many people use...
...with the classic Ibanez OD808.
We can replicate it. It's very easy...
...just by lowering it here.
It has that typical nasal sound.
Just like the Tube Screamer.

When I increase the knob...

Different dynamics...

Perfect for blues.

The BB Preamp Plus has 2 sounds.
It includes a compressor.

I'll also explain the dynamics.
If I play strong...

If I lower the volume...

This is the compressor.

Here it has more sustain.

This is the first part, and the second part is more Rock.

This is a Stratocaster with single coil and humbuckers.

And the dynamics...

Now I will combine with the RC Booster.

I'm going to slightly decrease the volume.

It sounds more open, powerful.
I can always play with the dynamic.

I can change the sound.

This is the magic of Xotic pedals.
You can change from very Jazzy sound to heavier sound...
...with a single touch of the pedal.
The AC Booster sounds more open.

Let's compare with BB.
BB has more mids and AC has more...

With the compressor. (Right channel of the AC Plus)

Amongst all the dynamics...

And we can combine it with the RC Booster.

You can also combine EP Booster with the AC Booster.

I am using the single coil.
Humbucker is stronger, more powerful.
We are using the EP Booster with AC Booster Plus ...
... and RC Booster, but there is no background noise.

And the dynamics is...
Here, "Mandas Tu" ... as they say here, "you rule".

It's like an amp. You make the sound bigger or smaller.
I normally use the combination of AC and RC.

If you want to combine it with the new SP Compressor...

We are using the new Compressor, AC and RC Booster.
We can also combine... with the RC.
The sound is bigger.

I love it! It has a super natural sound.
And now I have it in the Mid position.
Let's change it to stronger compressor position (Hi).

You can hear it has sustain.
Mostly for playing with your fingers.

Or for funk music.

It can be any sound.
There are more Xotic models we can use... the X Blender.
You can mix dry signal with wet. It's very good for filter effects.
We also have the EWS effects series.
They have Little Brute Drive and...
...Arion Chorus Mod, which is incredible.
I invite you to try all pedals.
That's it. I will see you in another interview.
Thank you very much. Bye-bye.