Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 5th October 2011 Episode 90 Arnav Khushi Scenes Only

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My name is Khushi and...
And these are sweets for you
All these for you
Have it.
Did you make it?
Yes of course
I told you my name
And you didn't
That's not fair.
Tell me
Shiri, Palak Nikita, Priyanka, Isha, Sweta, Malli, Disha
Where did they go?
Didi ghost
What happened?
Didi ghost
Hello hi bye bye
Do I look like ghost?
Ghost will be my enemy.
I'm so beautiful.......
You are laughing?
First you yell and frighten me,
And then you are afraid of me?
Don't fear when Mami is there, understand?
Forgive them Mami ji, they are kids.
Ohh.. they are kids
First they called me ghost and hurt my feelings
And then saying sorry.
You are great Khushi Kumari
Now when their yelling will wake Nani
Then you will get good scolding
Then you'll be in trouble
Actually Mamiji Lavanya ji was going to help me look after them
But... She put wings and fly away
But ...
She is in her room byhearting their names
How will she help you?
Isha, Malli where are your friends?
Why is he making such bad face?
May be he is angry?
His mother must have scolded him.
His teeth must be damaged by chocolate
So he must be trying to hide them
I 've an idea to make this haughty uncle smile
What are you doing here?
Come on, out.
Why is this your husbands room?
My mommy also says like this.
To get out of papa's room
That Laad governor is the Papa of all Papa's
You all come from here, is it a place to play?
We will play in the living room like good kids. ok.
Otherwise no more ladoos for anyone
Come on
Where are you all?
I'll catch all of you.
Ok, I'm really very clever.
You'll see, I'll catch everyone, one by one.
Caught you
How did you become so tall?
Pushpa, Latha dear...
Khushi ji, It's me Om Prakash
Om Prakash ji forgive me.
No problem
Forgive me Om Prakash.
Ok, so you are making fun of me?
See I'll catch you all and feed you so much jilebi that...
Caught you again
Again taller than necessary?
What were you doing?
What 'what'?. What were you doing?
Chote shouldn't even know that the kids are here
Behind you
What is behind me?
There is door what else.
What were you doing?
This blind fold
You were playing?
With whom?
O..with Om Prakash ji
Om Praksh ji
Please come
Your Laad...
Your Sir is back tired from office
Go and take him to his room.
We'll play later
Yes of course
You play the whole day
Go and make him tea. Go.
You dont have to tell him what I need.
You are strange
Please go
Didi who was that haughty fellow?
Not haughty, he is Laad governor
Do not laugh.
This Laad governor
Is not a normal person.
He is a big, tall monster
Who lives in a big room in this big house
And you listen carefuly
Whatever you do, dont play near his room
Why Didi?
Because he is not human, he is a monster.
And he eat kids
Where is the other 3?
Hey Devi maiyya.
Anjali ji where are you?
Hey Devi maiyya, where is the other 3?
Did they go where they are not supposed to go?
You stay here, dont move.
Your tea.
Where is this sound of laughter coming from?
Who ran from there?
Who ran?
Someone ran, who ran?
And I was laughing.
Yes, why? Is there a ban on laughter?
Who came to the house?
It sounded as if...
Who came? someone came?
Om Prakash ji, did someone came other than me?
Oh yes, she came with you.
No, no one
When you opened the door the wind came with you.
Where did they go?
Come on
One minute, stand here
The remaining three?
Hey Devi maiyya
Give me 3 kids.
I mean find me 3 kids
I was not lost like this even in the maze of Lucknow
Yes Khushi ji?
Anjali ji come quickly your brother is back.
Chote is back
Yes, I've somehow saved 6 kids from him.
You don't worry, I'm just coming
Yes, you come fast
Om Prakash
Did the kids go to Laad governor's room again?
Om Prakash
What happened?
Is your name Om Prakash?
Why did you come?
But what happened?
Om Prakash who was in my room?
Are they here?
Tell me?
You thimk this is funny?
Do you know how much time it took to make this?
Forgive me I didn't know that your model.
Then what do you know?
How many times have I told you keep away from my personal belongings
Did you do this?
Don't lie.
It's your habit to touch my personal belongings
I'm telling you I didn't do it.
It must have been the wind.
What the hell is going on in this house?
What is happening here?
Who came here?
Really, no one came here.
Then I made that moustache?
What? You made it?
Om Prakash who came here?
No one, I'm telling you.
Tell him Om Prakash ji
Turned the house into a circus
So it is them,
Who broke that model?
Didi is it him?
Who ?
Who dear?
Of whom you told, who is angry.
Who eat kids.
That monster Laad governor
What did they say?
Monster who eat children
You taught this to these kids?
I was just
Answer to my question.
How did these kids enter my room?
Who let them in?
What happened Chote?
Why are you yelling?
You are making more noise than these kids
Nani these kids..
These kids are here for Kanya pooja.
On my invitation.
Do you have any problem?
Come on
And tell me the truth
Who broke the model?
And who made the moustache on the photo?
Ok, is it what I taught you
What happened Khushi?
Nothing Nani ji
Kids made a mistake.
But I know well how they are going to correct it.
Come on.