MN2020: Farming in the City

Uploaded by MN2020 on 11.04.2012

The Movement now I think is to really grow more of your own food
and people are really interested, they what to eat healthy they want to eat local
even people used to buying organic food or have bought their food from
CSAs or coops or stores that sell organic food
really want that food to come from close to home
this land was
just growing grass until, I think, yesterday morning
so we're basically running a tiller
the we're spreading compost here [sound of siren]
which adds lots of organic matter and food for the plants.
So we're operating a hundred person CSA
which stands for community supported agriculture
and it's it's a model where shareholders purchase
a share the beginning of the season and then throughout the entire season
they get a weekly
box of vegetables of assorted vegatables
the they came approaching urban farming
a lot of friends and ourselves were doing doing it has a sort of
really stressful hobby
and we really wanted to see can urban farming
be a source of income
So you can certainly give your extra food away but being able to sell it from
your own property
is really smart move i think on the part of the city because it
increases economic activity in the city people are doing this and selling to
other people and they are actually creating a marketing right in
their own neighborhood