Mindset of a Freeskier - Bene Mayr 2012

Uploaded by redbull on 24.10.2012

Here's where everything started. This is my home in Munich, where I cruised with my skateboard and rollerblades. In the wintertime I needed an alternative,
so my parents put me on skis, where I started ski racing and competing. Then I tried freeskiing, and I couldn't stop.
The special part is that I can travel the whole world, ski in the best places and share that with my best friends.
I also get to meet a lot of people that share the same passion for the sport.
The happiest moments are when you work on a goal, be it a trick, a competition or a film-project.
If you can reach your target you get a feeling that cannot be described.
My partnership with Red Bull has been almost for 5 years now and it's simply a great team, almost like a family.
If I ever have questions or I am in need of something, I am always received with open arms.
He is an incredibly ambitious guy, as far as I know he is practicing all summer long.
In the winter he is skiing as much as he can and that is why I hope that he can show everyone the skills he's got.
What's very important is the feeling in the air. I jump a lot on the trampoline, physical fitness, endurance, and coordination.
I think my strong side is simply the will to get to the top even after setbacks or injuries.
For me, my next big sporting event is for sure the 2014 winter olympics.
Freeskiing is there for the first time and to be a part of that is just awesome. I can't imagine anything greater.