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VINITA: It's Friday, October 22.
NARRATOR: From ABC News, this is "World News Now."
VINITA: Here are some stories to watch today on "ABC News."
Lindsay Lohan is due in a Beverly Hills courtroom today.
There is a probation hearing over last month's
failed drug test.
Lohan has spent the past three weeks
at the Betty Ford Clinic in rehab.
ROB: Well, Lindsay Lohan, of course, has prompted
a few million searches on Yahoo in her time,
there's no doubt about that.
VINITA: But what are people searching for today?
We check in with Yahoo Trends Expert Pamela Woon.
Good morning, Pamela.
PAMELA: Rob, Vinita, good morning.
So some tech talk here in Silicon Valley
lighting up Yahoo Search.
As Apple announces a new, lighter MacBook Air,
Steve Jobs is out trashing the tabloids, putting the dig
on just about anything that's not an iPad.
iPad sales are way down recently, sending shockwaves
from the Valley to Wall Street, and that may be behind
his sour mood, but Jobs is never one to mince words,
and any time the Apple chief rants,
searches go through the roof.
Now, numbers are up 204% this week on Steve Jobs,
and spiking for the iPad.
Now on to sports.
So for the first time in its 64 year history,
the NBA has banned a new line of sneakers.
They're called the "Concept One," and they're designed
to increase a player's vertical leap.
They go for about $300 bucks a pair.
Yahoo's reporting a huge jump in searches for the Concept One.
Now, to the world of music, the sweetheart of the search engines
is the lovely and talented Taylor Swift,
who, by the way, just confirmed that she'll be performing
at the upcoming Country Music Awards seen right here on ABC.
Always big numbers on Yahoo for Taylor, but a heaping helping
of searches this week related to the lyrics of a song
that hasn't even been released yet.
It's called "Dear John," and the online buzz
is that it's all about a little fling she had
with singer John Mayer.
They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Now, searches are up 950% for Taylor Swift songs.
Things may not have worked out with John, but lots of love
at Yahoo for Taylor Swift.
All right, Rob and Vinita, so about this "Dear John" song,
didn't Jessica Simpson, or was it Jennifer Anniston,
have some issues with Mayer?
Maybe it was both.
ROB: I think there's a whole lot of women in Hollywood
who have a few issues with old J.M. there.
VINITA: Soon it will go from lyrics to books
about John Mayer.
ROB: Oh, yeah, he's a legend.
His body is a wonderland.
VINITA: Well, that is the news for this half-hour.
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We'll be right back.