Demo smoothing in Source - tutorial

Uploaded by 3kliksphilip on 20.09.2012

Demo smoothing lets you take control of the camera, and lets you make smooth, professional
looking videos. Like this one! To record a demo, open up the console, and
type in record, space, and then the name of the file you wish to record. It doesn’t
matter what. The game is now recording. Anything that happens on the map during this time will
be recorded. Once you feel you’ve got enough footage, open up the console again, and type
STOP. Well done, you’ve recorded a demo. To view the demo, type in DEMOUI. From here,
click LOAD and find the name of the demo file you just recorded. You are now viewing the
demo you just recorded. I won’t explain this menu in much detail- the one I’m interested
in for the sake of this tutorial is the smoothing menu. Click SMOOTHING and this will show up.
The first thing to do is to enter the start and end ticks of the smoothing process. You
can find them here. Once done, click SELECT, RELOAD and SELECT again. You can now choose
the timing and position of the camera. To choose the timing in the demo you wish to
edit, type in the tick here, and then click JUMP TO. This isn’t always precise as you
can see here, so you’ve got to compensate by entering a higher or lower number. Once
you’ve got the tick selected, it’s now time to choose the position of the camera
at this time. Clicking on the DRIVE button lets you choose the camera position. Unfortunately
it’s a bit glitchy, and every time you try and do something it resets the position. To
overcome this, you need to hold down the mouse button over MAKE key. As soon as you let go,
it will record the camera’s position. I have let go of the mouse button. It has now
saved the position of my camera at that time. I will now change the tick to a later number,
and choose another camera position. The aim of this is to make two camera points, and
it will go between them smoothly, making a nice smooth video. Once again, letting go
of the mouse button has reset the camera position. If I move the camera back, you can see a green
line between the two points that I have recorded. This is the route that the camera will take
on its journey. The final stage is to click PROCESS, and SPLINE
ORIGIN. Do the same, but click SPLINE ANGLES. You can now see lots of little lines between
the two points. Every one of these is the position of the camera at a certain point
in time. It’s not always the smoothest. To smooth it, click on PROCESS, and SMOOTH
ANGLE and SMOOTH ORIGIN. Finally, you need to click SAVE. Make sure you do this. Deselect
DRIVE, click LOAD and load up the new demo that has just been recorded. It should be
the same name as the old one, but with SMOOTH at the end. Well done. You should now be able
to see the flyby of your level. If you wish to remove the gun, Open up the console, and
type in r_drawviewmodel 0. Hope this helps!