Purdue's 2007 highlights captured on video

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>> The year 2007 was a year of celebrations
and new beginnings at Purdue University.
With the completion of the campaign for Purdue,
retirement of one Purdue president and the hiring
of another, the 100th anniversary for science
and the Block P, and the 50th anniversary for Grand Prix,
the recreational center and the School of Management,
it was a great time to be a Boilermaker.
I hope you share the pride I feel
when I see all that's been accomplished this year.
[ Music ]
>> The first half of the year came to a dramatic close
with the conclusion
of the hugely successful Campaign for Purdue.
The campaign exceeded its original goal by $400 million
and ended up raising a total of $1.7 billion.
>> Together we have created opportunities for youth.
Three hundred additional faculty, increased scholarships,
increased diversity, increased engagement,
the $350 million Discovery Park, a billion dollars in new
and remodeled facilities, all in all, not bad, not bad at all.
>> The end of the campaign also marks the conclusion
of the seven-year presidency of Martin Jischke.
He chose to retire in July, but he and wife, Patty,
are staying in the Lafayette area.
>> So when you put it all together, it's been amazing--
an amazing honor, an amazingly fulfilling opportunity,
the thrill of a lifetime, and each one
of you has played a decisive role in it.
>> Here it is.
[Laughter] Small but mighty.
>> Jischke became the first recipient
of the Neil Armstrong Medal of Excellence presented
by former astronaut and Purdue alumnus, Neil Armstrong.
[Background applause] This medal honors outstanding contributions
to the Purdue student experience.
[ Music ]
Jischke also became the twenty-third recipient
of the International Citizen of the Year Award
from the International Center of Indianapolis.
>> You will now be vested with the hood...
>> The Jischke's also received honorary degrees
and had buildings named for them, the Martin Jischke Hall
of Biomedical Engineering
and the Patty Jischke Early Care and Education Center.
>> The eleventh president of Purdue University.
>> France Cordova, the former chancellor at the University
of California Riverside was introduced in May
as Purdue's new president
and as the University's first female chief executive.
>> Cordova: There are lots of firsts with my presidency,
first woman, first x-ray astronomer,
first NAPA chief scientist, first Latina, first soccer mom.
>> Her husband, Christian Foster, joins Purdue as Director
of K-12 Science Education in Discovery Park.
>> Cordova: We just couldn't imagine a nicer reception
than this.
Thank you.
>> Upon her arrival in mid-July, Cordova began meeting faculty,
staff, students, and off-campus constituencies.
For example, at a campus-wide ice cream social
and at the Black Expo
in Indianapolis [background conversation],
she toured Purdue's regional campuses.
Her stop at Purdue Calumet included throwing the ceremonial
first pitch at a Rail Cats game.
[Background noise] She rode in the parade during Purdue Day
at the Indiana State Fair.
>> I like to move it, move it.
I like to move it, move it.
>> And she greeted students moving in for the fall.
>> Cordova: My highest priority will be the excellence
of a Purdue education for our students and the quality of life
and opportunities for learning that they can experience.
>> [Background noise] Students were among the hundreds
attending the dedication of the Neil Armstrong Hall
of Engineering during homecoming weekend.
>> Cordova: It's the cornerstone of Purdue's strategic plan
and the university's commitment to remaining at the forefront
of engineering research and education.
>> Sixteen of Purdue's twenty-two astronaut alumni
and the widow of another were also there,
including the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong,
and the most recent man on the moon, Gene Cernan.
>> This building is a recognition of all the steps any
of us ever made into space.
Why so many astronauts from Purdue?
I do know that when we leave here, we are indeed special.
We're Boilermakers.
We come with one of the finest educations we can find
from [applause] any university in the country.
And so we dedicate this magnificent new building, but,
by itself, it cannot impart knowledge.
It requires innovative faculty, skilled staff, curious
and determined students
to produce those graduates [background music]
who will provide a host of societal advances.
>> The entrance to the new Armstrong Hall is highlighted
by a statue depicting the first man on the moon as a student.
>> What other school would put a petrified student
on a pedestal along side an engineering building?
>> The building also features a replica of an Apollo capsule
and a sample from the moon.
[Applause] The lunar sample was given to Purdue
by Martha Chaffee, whose husband perished
in a 1967 Apollo accident.
Her football game presentation was recognized
at the annual President's Council dinner.
>> It will help inspire a new generation of explorers
who will stand on the shoulders of giants like Roger Chaffee.
>> We have what is surely a first.
>> Another highlight from that dinner...it was the first time
four Purdue presidents ever gathered together.
[Background noise] Two other new buildings opened this year-the
$12 million Gerald and Edna Mann Hall was dedicated
in May in Discovery Park.
>> We're like the weight of the future on issues
that impact people and our entire nation and world
who research in areas such as cancer, health care delivery,
and homeland security.
>> The 20,000 square foot Beck Agricultural Center was
dedicated at the end of October.
It will provide facilities for teaching, training, and research
at Purdue's agronomy farm.
>> This is a great day in the history of Purdue University.
>> Several homecoming week events were held
to celebrate new facilities.
[Background noise] Ground was broken for the Wayne
and Mary Hockmeyer Hall of Structural Biology.
The nearly 66,000 square foot building will provide a home
for structural biology, a key research area in the college
of science, which celebrated its centennial this year.
[Background noise] This nice,
longer aviation technology building was unveiled
at the Purdue Airport.
[Background noise] Fundraising success was celebrated for Bill
and Sally Hanley Hall.
This facility will house the Human Development Institute,
which fosters research on families, aging, and leadership.
[Cheering] Fundraising success was also celebrated
for the $33 million Roger Gatewood Mechanical
Engineering wing.
>> It's another great day for Purdue University.
>> A new $12 million building was celebrated
to house Purdue's top ranked Department of Hospitality
and Tourism Management.
[Background noise] At the Fort Wayne campus,
IPFW dedicated the $25 million John
and Ruth Rhinehart Music Center in October.
[Background noise] In a further effort to improve diversity,
October saw the dedication of a new Native American Educational
and Cultural Center on the West Lafayette campus.
In athletics, a new $7 million tennis center was dedicated
in May.
>> This Dennis and Mary Lou Swartz Tennis Center eliminates
a void that has existed on this campus for 138 years.
This facility was built with an eye toward championships.
>> This is a very exciting day for us.
>> Also, in May, Athletics Director, Morgan Burke,
unveiled plans for an $82 million overhaul
of Mackey Arena.
He says this will bring the 40-year-old campus landmark
into the twenty-first century while preserving its rich
history and tradition.
>> That facility will include a sports medicine complex that'll
be 3 and a half to four times larger
than the current space in Mackey Arena.
The strength and weight training facility will be four times
larger, and an oversized basketball practice court will
also be in place.
>> [Background music] The men's basketball team returns
to the NCAA tournament in 2007 where it lost
to eventual national champion, Florida, in the second round.
[Background cheering] To start the 2007-2008 campaign,
Matt Painter's team featured many new faces.
The Boilers showed great promise as demonstrated
in this upset win over defending Big 10 Champion, Ohio State.
[Cheering] The 2007 women's basketball team fell
to North Carolina in the regional finals
after defeating Ohio State
to become Big 10 Tournament champion.
[Cheering] For the 2007-2008 season, Coach Sharon Versyp
and her team were working to overcome major injuries.
Even so, they were getting sweet victories
such as this one over Wisconsin.
[Cheering] At the Motor City Bowl in Detroit, Purdue squeaked
by Central Michigan 51-48,
kicking the winning field goal as time expired.
[Cheering] The 99 combined points combined the second
highest total for any bowl game.
[Cheering] Junior quarterback, Curtis Painter,
was selected the game's most valuable player.
[Cheering] Purdue fans boilered
out at a pregame tailgate party sponsored
by the Purdue Alumni Association
and the Champion Centre of West Lafayette.
The event featured comments from several speakers,
including President Cordova.
>> Cordova: Purdue is one of only 13 schools in the nation
to play in 10 bowl games during the last 11 seasons,
[applause] so I think that's...
>> Today is about the present, and it's also about the future.
>> In early January 2008,
Danny Hope was named Football Associate Head Coach.
Following the 2008 season, Joe Tiller will retire
and be replaced by Hope.
>> The key to us was to make a smooth transition,
something Purdue's never been able to accomplish
in its history, and not to foster or breed the uncertainty
that would hinder future recruiting efforts.
>> I think he's the right guy at the right time,
and I think that the Purdue football will be very,
very good in the future, will prosper in the future.
>> Hope will coach the offensive line in 2008.
When he takes over, many things will stay the same
since Hope was an assistant under Tiller
for 6 years before he spent 5 years
as head coach for Eastern Kentucky.
>> Hope: We did a lot of things the Joe Tiller way
at Eastern Kentucky University,
and I think that when the time comes,
it'll be an easier transition because of that.
>> [Cheering] In other Purdue sports,
the women's soccer team won its first Big 10
tournament championship.
The team advanced to the second round
of the NCAA tournament before falling to Indiana.
[Cheering] The volleyball team advanced
to the NCAA tournament second round
for the fourth straight year.
>> Hail to old Purdue...
>> Boilermaker music echoed through the Iowa State Capitol
in October when the Glee Club helped celebrate the awarding
of the World Food Prize to Purdue's Philip Nelson.
The housing and food chair in food processing was honored
for discovering asceptic processing which allows fruits
and vegetables to be packaged for long-term storage
and bulk transportation without losing nutrition or taste.
>> We can go into isolated parts of the world and get milk,
for example, into remote areas of the country
and without the requirement of having
that product refrigerated.
>> Can you see that bulging in?
>> Another award went to Les Geddes,
the Showalter Professor Emeritus of Biomedical Engineering.
He received the National Medal of Technology
for his many medical breakthroughs including an
improved form of CPR and a better monitor
for premature infants.
[Background noise] Two aviation technology students placed first
among the five college teams
in the annual Air Race Classic for women.
Team captain, Katie Sparrow, a May graduate from Greeley,
Colorado, and copilot, Marie Janus, a senior from Valparaiso,
Indiana, placed fourth overall among the 47 teams.
>> Yeah, you just need to pry this out.
>> Purdue students at the IUPU campus in Indianapolis revved
up for racing in 2007.
The Purdue School of Engineering and Technology became the first
in the state to offer a degree in motor sports.
[Background noise] The fiftieth Grand Prix saw the first female
driver win the 100 lap, 50-mile car race.
Liz Layman, a junior in management from Fort Wayne,
has been racing for fourteen years.
>> Layman: The guys I'm sure don't appreciate getting beat
by a girl, but when the helmet's on, it doesn't matter.
I couldn't be more happy and more proud
to be the first Grand Prix female winner,
just a great honor.
>> [Background noise] The Recreational Sports Center
celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a Fifties Night
that included swing dancing and root beer floats.
[Music] The Krannert School
of Management also had a fiftieth celebration
with activities and speakers including former U.S. Senator
George Mitchell.
>> Cultivating happiness was the subject of the talk
by the Dalai Lama as part of homecoming.
[Music] Homecoming also featured the sixth annual Boilermaker
Night Train Parade and crowning of the Homecoming Queen
and King, Amanda Fox, from Indianapolis, and Tom Seto,
from Evansville, Indiana.
[Background noise] Another homecoming highlight had
President Cordova twirling a baton
as she led the band and fans to the game.
[Music] Homecoming also featured the largest ever Block P
as the alumni band joined the all American marching band
to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary
of the Block P. [Music] More
than 9,600 students joined the ranks
of Purdue alumni this year.
An early winter storm forced December graduates to traipse
through 10 inches of snow.
[Background noise] December also marked a commissioning ceremony
for 35 graduates from Purdue's ROTC program.
>> The 2007 Special Boilermaker Award.
>> The 2007 Special Boilermaker Award honored Deborah Sheets
from the Office of the Registrar for her dedication
to the well-being and success of students for more than 30 years.
>> The 2007 Outstanding Young Alumni Award...
>> The winners of the 2007 Young Alumni Award were Lori
Szczypiorski from the Purdue Club of St. Joe Valley
and David Irimies from the Purdue Club of Cleveland.
[Background noise] Other 2007 alumni activities included the
annual class parade to John Purdue's grave during
Gala Weekend.
>> Most importantly, we want increasing diversity
in many different directions.
>> An alumni reception at the Indiana Black Expo.
>> To learn, to share your experiences
to celebrate Purdue together.
>> A conference for Alumni Club officers [background singing]
and a senior send-off for students graduating in May.
>> And we hope you've enjoyed this 2007 newsreel.
Your association's been hard
at work building a stronger university
with a great alumni base.
We hope that you enjoy it, and hail, Purdue.
>> The Hail!
All Hail to Old Purdue!
Our alma mater true, and we'll ever stand, every heart
and hand, for the honor of Old Purdue.
[ Pause ]
>> Hail, Hail to Old Purdue!
All hail to our old gold and black!
Hail, hail to Old Purdue!
Our friendship may she never lack.
Ever grateful, ever true, thus we raise our song anew;
of the days we've spent with you, all hail our Old Purdue!