Assorted gems, 42회 EP42 #02

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This is gonna be the last birthday table I could prepare for my daughter….
Honey, your comment makes me feel sad.
I’m hungry.
You sound like a young adolescent growing rapidly.
I know I have a voracious appetite.
What time do you want to have a breakfast?
She’s hungry.
I am.
Then get up.
Only a few more weeks to endure this poor environment.
What are you talking about?
Why, it’s poor here. You’ve slept here, not even in a room, for a long time.
Ok! Let’s get things ready!
Hey, Prince, say “Good morning, Jade.” Come on here.
Prince, come. Mamma.
Come on, Jade.
Uhm…my favorite bean sprout soup!
Maybe you grew tall because you like bean sprout, huh?
Prince, I’ll get you rice and mackerel. One second.
It’s good. Jade, aren’t you gonna eat?
Prince, mamma! It’s yummy! Uhmm…yummy!
Aren’t you gonna eat?
I want fried rice for lunch.
Kimchi fried rice?
Prince, mamma!
Where did Kyle go before the daybreak?
He must have gone to see his mentors.
Isn’t it Kyle?
He has a key.
Who is it?

Huh? What could bring him this early? Couldn’t be anything bad…
Come on. What bad news?
Am I too early? How are you?
Good morning!
Hi! Come on in.
Did you have breakfast?
I did. Thanks.
I see.
What are all those?
Isn’t it your birthday today?
What’s the date today in lunar calendar?
December 6th.
Didn’t you know it’s your birthday today?
Or did you know?
Then why didn’t you tell me? My mistake…Oh, gees! What should I do?
Come on in.
It’s ok. Please go ahead and finish your breakfast.
Just come on in. Come on.
Ok. Thank you.
Oh, grandma!
Did you have breakfast?
We’re about to eat.
Good morning!
Oh, hi!
Oh, Mr. Handsome guy!
By the way, do you know what day it is today?
Jade’s birthday, of course.
Oh, shame on me.
Why? What is it?
Please, let’s get inside.
We totally forgot about it.
Gees, you didn’t know it’s today?
Are you sure you’re her parents?
I know. I was not myself.
It’s ok.
It’s not ok. She doesn’t deserved to be called your mom.
I’m sorry Jade.
I’m sorry, too.
That’s ok. Please have a seat.
Have a seat. Let me take your jacket.
Please have a seat.
Yes, have a seat.
Isn’t it bean spout soup?
Can’t believe this!
You didn’t know that either?
Me neither. Sorry Jade.
I’m fine.
We thought you must have made birthday seaweed soup for Jade but,
since this might be our last chance to make her soup, we made some.
Thank God we’re able to feed her birthday soup before she marries.
I know. We prepared it early this morning.
Thank you so much.
Grannies are definitely the best friends of grandchildren.
Stay alert, woman!
I know. I feel so ashamed in front of Younggook.
Bring some bowls for the soup. It’s still warm.
My stomach hurts.
Huh? Indigestion?
I think I tasted too much.
You upset your stomach again.
I don’t know….
How did you know?
I’ll tell you later.
But I’m curious. It’s you. You told him, right?
If I did, how could I forget this is the day?
How did you know?
Actually I had a dream.
A dream?
Yes. The night before last night,
an old man with white beard appeared in my dream and held out a paper.
Without saying anything?
Yes. So I took and opened it, and it read “Jade, December 6th in lunar calendar.”
I feel a shudder.
I thought it could be her date of birth. And I was right.
That’s strange!
What’s wrong? Was it a bad dream?
So the old man had beard?
Oh my goodness….That’s….
What? What is it?
Boy….I think that’s a spiritual dream.
A spiritual dream?
Yes. Some people have such dreams before they become shamans.
No way.
I’m serious!
Don’t worry. I just joked. Sorry.
Was it a joke?
Are you sure?
God! I feel relieved! Boy, you made me feel scared!
Me too. I was surprised too.
Then how did you know?
In fact, when I worked with you at Smiley House, Joe grandma came in and…
Oh, now I see.
You still remember that?
It’s engraved in my mind.
Oh….Mom, you did a good job!
I’ll tell you later.
Jade, open the presents.
This is just a cake. And this is nothing special.
But you remembered and came to celebrate it. That’s more valuable.
Oh, that’s so cute!
It’s a puppy!
It’s amazing to make this with flowers!
I didn’t expect a gift from you but….
She’s so touched.
And this is from my father. Coffee Luwak and a brewer.
What? Luwak? It sounds familiar to me.
Remember Asian palm civet we saw in the movie?
Oh, that’s right! How did you get this rare coffee?
How did he get this?
I’ll ask him tonight.
Is it that good?

Oh, hi.

Well, it’s nothing.

Good. Happy birthday, and have a wonderful day.
How come you don’t even remember your daughter’s birthday?
How would Younggook think of you?
What could I say…
Is it ready?
Let me taste!
I can tell the difference from its fragrance.
Hey, let me taste it too.
I bet you can’t swallow it.
Why not?
You don’t even swallow coffee with cream and sugar.
This is entirely different level of coffee.
Try with some sugar.
Uhmm….I like the smell.
Gees….it’s terrible. So bitter!
I told you! We wasted coffee.
Amber, put some sugar in it.
My my! You really don’t know coffee. What a waste.
It leaves a pleasant aftertaste!
I think so.
Hey, pass me the sugar bowl.
Thanks. Gees….
Very deep.
It is, huh?
I agree. Luwak!
“Me? I’m a lady who drinks Luwak.”
Well, I’m gonna tell you briefly about coffee Luwak.
Go ahead.
Oh, will you do it?
You do it.
Ok. I’m not a coffee expert but, as for this coffee…It’s Indonesian, right?
There are Asian palm civets.
They feed on coffee berries and farmers gather their droppings and produce Luwak.
What? Then it’s made out of droppings?
What? Gosh! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
You must be kidding, huh?