Insightly U: Scheduling and Events

Uploaded by InsightlyCRM on 16.01.2013

With Insightly you can easily create and track all kinds of events -- birthdays, meetings,
tradeshows, sales calls. You can create a general calendar of events and associate an
event to any project, contact, organization or opportunity. So let’s get started.
You can add an event from multiple places in Insightly. First, we’ll go from the calendar
view. The calendar is the second icon in the upper right hand corner. On the calendar page
there is a button in the top right to “Add New Event”.
You can also go into any of the Insightly tabs and use the Events sub tab to add an
event. Let’s go to any Project. Click the events tab and choose the blue link that says
“Add New Event.” When you use this link, Insightly will automatically associate the
new event to the project in the links sidebar for you.
The links sidebar also lets you associate this event with contacts, organizations, opportunities
or projects that the event relates to. You can link the event to other items, but in
Insightly you cannot create events for other users, only yourself.
Fill out the event name and location, and the start and end date and time. If the event
goes for the whole day, remember to click the checkbox for that. If you would like other
users in your Insightly to be able to see this event, change the visibility to public.
If the event involves other contacts, organizations, or opportunities you can link those in too
from the links sidebar on the right. Then click save and you’re done.
Notice that there are no reminders on events - if you need a reminder, you’ll want to
use tasks. We have a video to guide you through using tasks too.
You can see all the events on your calendar by clicking on the calendar icon in the top
right of Insightly. This calendar has day, week, and month views so you can drill down
to to an individual day if required.
You can also choose to see the public events of other users on your calendar by checking
their name on the right hand side. They will be overlaid on your calendar, and you can
choose which color to use for their events so you can distinguish them.
You can also export all your event data in iCalendar format. Click the link in the bottom
left of the calendar page. We also have instructions on how you can add your Insightly iCalendar
event feed to your Google calendar using this method, but Google will only refresh it’s
calendar with new data from Insightly about once a day.
If you would prefer to have a more up to date Google calendar, you can sync your Insightly
calendar to your Google Calendar if you’re on a paid plan and it will sync multiple times
per hour.
To set up calendar sync, go to your ‘My Info’ page and to the sync tab, and choose
either one way calendar sync or two way calendar sync. With one way sync, your Insightly events
will be copied over to your Google Calendar but they will be read only.
With two way sync the events are copied over to your Google calendar and you can change
them on your Google Calendar, and any changes will be copied back to your Insightly calendar.
When you sync your data to your Google Calendar, Insightly will create three new calendars
within your Google Calendar. One for Insightly Events, one for Insightly Tasks, and another
for any Insightly milestones you are responsible for. You can of course turn on and off the
visibility of those calendars within your Google Calendar.
That’s it, so now you know how to work with events in Insightly.