Community Care Live

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[ Interviewer ] How important do think this event is for the professionals who attend?
Do you know, it's really important that all social workers, don't just do great work in their authorities
but get out, and learn from other people about what good social work is about - Community Care Live is the perfect opportunity to do that.
I think it's hugely important to the professionals who attend
There are a lot of very thoughtful, inspiring and exciting
debates and workshops here at Community Care Live
So what are the principles of the reforms that we are trying to achieve?
There are three key underpinning principles for Government reform of Child Protection
The first is trusting skilled front line professionals to use their judgement
Secondly, reducing bureaucracy and prescription
and third, but most important of all, I think you'd all agree, is being child-centred
Today I really wanted to come to Community Care Live just because
there are areas in adoption that I'm really interested in
especially the implementing Munro principle, I really wanted to see that
so that's why I came here today.
I think the session I just attended on domestic abuse was really relevant. It was informative
the speaker was very good, he explained about the work that he does with male perpetrators of domestic abuse and male victims.
That was an area I didn't know a great deal about before coming today
and I'll be able to use what I learned today in my day-to-day work
Community Care Live has given our organisation a real platform. We've got a new project coming online
and this has been an excellent opportunity to let professionals in the relevant departments know.
We've been able to interface with potential customers, we've been able to do a lot
of interaction with people face to face. We've got a targeted audience here
that's very very specific to our field, special educational needs
So it's absolutely been a perfect venue for us.
I think it's crucially important, because we are a professional members' organisation
for us to be out here, to talk to social workers about what it's like out in the workplace today.
Obviously, we are here to recruit members, to make our membership even bigger than it exists already
but, it's crucially important to see what's happening in the social work world today.
It gives us the actual event to show our portfolio of services
so we can say exactly what we do and how we do it, to a wider audience than we reach on daily basis.
For us it's quite an important event.
This is our first time here actually. We haven't exhibited here before. We've found it a really positive experience
we've been busy all day long, certainly it's been a very, very proactive thing for us to do
Really enjoyed it.
This is our first year of exhibiting at Community Care Live and we've been completely inundated
We've actually run out of materials, and we wished we'd exhibited before. It's been fantastic.
This is a critical time for social work, there's a lot happening in the profession
the Government is about to produce a Care and Support White Paper
which will have implications for the workforce. In child protection, the Munro reforms
are being implemented. so this is a very important time
for the profession and the development of the profession.
Importantly we have also in recent weeks advertised for the new post of chief social worker.
Some of you in this room may have even applied for it.
This I think, is a great opportunity to show
what the whole social work profession is about.
The Chief Social Worker, like the Chief Medical Officer in health, will bring balance
an authority to the national debate on how social workers do their jobs
and how all of us improve confidence in child safeguarding
He or she will be a strong, confident
voice for the profession, speaking up on behalf of your interests
influencing the tone of the debate, and yes, absolutely challenging the Government
where necessary as well.
And in the coming year, there will be more done to strengthen social work. I just want to set out some of the things that are up and coming
Implementing the assessed and supported year in employment in September, to give students stronger practical grounding in their chosen career
Putting in place a professional capabilities framework
that sets out the skills and knowledge you need at different points in your career
and strengthening the entry requirements for social work degrees
from september 2013, emphasising the value of good quality social work
The question is how far are coalition policies consigning disabled people to great poverty, stigma and dependancy
[ Jeremy vine ] What's the drift of policy here? because it seems to be towards
taking money away from people who were previously claiming it and that must concern you.
Well, what I want to pick up Jeremy, is Personalisation and giving people more
choice and control over their lives. I'm an ex-director of social services
and I presided over services that actually were no longer
relevant to young people. We had day centres that young people
didn't want to go into
Well, I suppose the only bit for me is that for many disabled people
they are also parents, and I think we need to make sure
that what we don't end up with is families where there are disabled
people in those families either as parents or they are being looked after by carers