Japanese Penis Festival (Fertility Festival) ~ 豊年祭 2010

Uploaded by thegakuranman on 22.03.2010

So please don't say things like 'I love you' so easily.
I just wanted to say I love you too.
Yeah, yeah... Ahhh...
Oh oh oh, very good!
Hey, you know, we're having International Exchange today.
So today, International Exchange...
How do you say 'Oyaji' in English?
English Oyaji? That's [sings]
Oyaji? That is 'My Big Boyfriend'
Ah, this is a video.
Grandfather. Grandfather.
Grandfather. Mainly it...
The festival is called the 'Hounensai", right?
What's the real meaning of Hounensai?
The real meaning is 'the five grains'
'Houjyo' - harvest.
The '5 grains' means 5 different types of cereals.
Daizu (Soybeans), Kome (Rice), Awa and Kibi (Millet) and Mugi (Wheat)
5 of them. In other words, to get a good harvest.
And in addition, to have lots of children.
In hope that they'll just be popping out.
Just 'popping out!?'
So to put it simply, in other words,
with those 5 grains, we hope to have a bountiful harvest and give birth to lots of children.
So that's why we have the Great Penis, the Big Penis.
You don't have any Big Penis festivals in the USA right?
[He's not from the USA]... where are you from? ...
Hey, this is Gakuranman! I'm at the Fertility Festival.
And from now we're gonna have the Mochi throwing, so check it out!
To put it frankly, we (Japanese) are not almighty at English.
You're not 'almighty'.!?
No no no. English Almighty. English. Almighty.
You say 'Almighty'..?
Yeah, 'almighty' is correct. It's just that it's usually used in saying 'Almighty God'.
No no, I'm not a God.
It just has that feeling, if you say 'almighty'.