He Is The Beautiful Bridegroom Lesson 9 Part 1 of 2

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Welcome. Come in and study Godís Word. Iím Carol Brook. We count it a privilege to share
the Word of the Lord and we are honored you would give your time to us. Weíre bringing
this twelve part series and today is lesson # 9 called ìHis Legsî. The series is called
ìHe Is: the Beautiful Bridegroomî as we look into the Song of Solomon 5:9-16 where
the bride of Christ is depicted in a symbolic sense, describing what her beloved bridegroom
is like so her neighbors and relatives could help find her beloved who has disappeared,
after she was hesitant to respond to his call. As she describes him, you can see her passion
is accelerated. Her testimony is portrayed beautifully. The Song of Solomon is like a photograph.
If the Father said ëcome sit by me, I want to show you family pictures,í thatís how
I feel about the Song of Solomon when I study and prayerfully read it; seeing glimpses of
growth of the family of God, from infancy to maturity. As we consider this lesson about
his legs, I want to briefly mention weíve already talked about his complexion, head,
eyes, hair, cheeks, lips, hands and his body. In Song of Solomon 5:15 from the Amplified,
concerning his legs, she says, ìHis legs are like strong and steady pillars of marble
set upon bases of fine gold. His appearance is like Lebanon, excellent, stately, and majestic
as the cedars.î We only have time to consider the first part of the verse. Look at the adjectives
that describe the legs of the beloved. Remember, weíre talking about our heavenly Bridegroom
that weíre looking forward to seeing, ruling and reigning with, Christ. He gave us that
invitation, ëwhosoever will, may come,í and partake. Youíre not excluded. Whether
you know the Lord or not, we offer you this invitation: come join us, we that are running
after our Lord, pursuing the things of God. Weíre not higher or mightier or better than
you. Weíre the children of God by His Mercy and Grace. If you donít know the Lord, I
hope youíll stay, listen and your appetite to know the Lord will be enhanced. You will
open your heart and let Him come in. This is concerning His legs that are strong, steady,
like marble and have bases or foundations of gold. When I think of the subject of legs,
I think, ëThat is what carries me forwardí the means where I advance. It has to do with
my stride and I think of the words, ëmarch,í ëgo forwardí. When we think of being Christian
soldiers weíve got to have legs. Our heavenly Bridegroomís legs have this unique description
that has symbolic meaning. Someone elseís view is not a conflict, it adds a fuller picture
of the facets of the nature of our Lord. Letís consider His stride. Our legs carry us forward.
If we didnít have legs it would be difficult to go very far unless we had an aid. This
makes me think of what Jesus said before He ascended to the Father. He began to exhort
His followers to ëgo forth,í ëgo ye.í Without spiritual legs, you canít go far.
Hold on to the Song of Solomon, chapter 5, OK?
Look at Mark 16:15, in the King James, ìAnd he said unto them, Go ye into all the world,
and preach the gospel to every creature.î Go is the command. The Lord had this passion
to take His redeeming message to all mankind. Itís not proper we should receive the wonderful
message of salvation and hoard it to ourselves and say, ëIím
concerned about me and mine. As long as we make it into the kingdom of God, all is well.í
Oh no, we need to care about those that are in our family, our loved ones We also need
to look out beyond the wall of ìme and mineî. We need to see thereís a world that needs
to know the peace, joy, hope of eternal life, that which we have been blessed to receive.
The Word commands that as believers we go forth and take this gospel where? To all the
world. Weíre to preach it to every creature, every opportunity that is provided we need
to take advantage. Some of us canít go. We donít have the opportunity as some have to
go into all the world but, you can participate by sending. Your sending and participating
in helping others to go is as important as the ones who carry that
out. The Lord wants this gospel to be walked out throughout the entire world so every creature
has an opportunity to know He is the Door. He said He was the good shepherd but He also
said ëI am the Door of that sheepfoldí. We come in through Him. He needs us, as the
body of Christ, to bear Him forth and take this wonderful, beautiful message of salvation.
It means so much to me that someone cared enough to bring the message of salvation as
a child of five when I found Jesus as my Savior. I didnít have Christian help in my home,
but some were obeying the orders of the Lord and brought the precious Gospel in a child-like
way so I could receive and walk with Him all these years. Weíre thinking about His legs
and stride. In Matthew 28:19 ñ 20, weíre seeing this command about ëgo.í ìGo ye
therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the
Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded
you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.î First, ëyouíve
got to go.í If you canít physically go, go by sending, supporting, putting your prayers
behind those who are out there on the front line. Second, ëteachí ñ you donít just
go, and be like the man in the Bible that ran to take a message to the king, he made
an impression, he was the first runner to come and bring news to the king but he was
breathless and had nothing to say. He didnít wait long enough to get a message to carry
so the king had to wait for the second runner. When we go, we have to be prepared so we can
teach and have something to say; we have the Word of God laid in store to draw from, as
Joseph prepared storehouses in the land of Egypt before that famine hit. In the time
of plenty he stored provision because he knew a famine was coming. When the famine came,
he drew out of those storehouses. Spiritually, we must lay up while we have opportunity and
prepare and feed on the Word, hide it in our heart, ìStudy to show ourself approved unto
God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamedî, the scripture says. As we do, when we get
where weíre supposed to go, we can teach. We have material to teach. It needs to be
what you know, based on what you have proven, experienced and walked out, not off the top
of your head. Thatís why the Lord is allowing you to experience things you donít understand.
God is teaching you through experience and application of the Word to that experience.
Your experience and the Word go hand in hand. It is an interpretation of what that experience
was about. The Lord teaches us through our experience as the Word is applied. Weíre
to then baptize into the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; teach them to observe
the things the Lord has commanded, then they need instructions about the commands of the
Lord; how to live a godly life, make their lives profitable for the glory of God and
complete the destiny the Lord has. The legs represent us going in His Name as His body
here. Wasnít it wonderful He came from Heaven, through the womb of Mary and at the age of
twelve, we see what He was like in His youth, there He was in the temple. He had gone to
the temple and said He had to be about His heavenly Fatherís business. He was telling
them the things of the kingdom of God. As He got older, He began to minister in the
highways and the byways, those legs, those precious, strong, sturdy legs, like marble
with sockets of gold.