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QUDDUS: Hey, it's Quddus.
And it is a beautiful day to be in Los
Angeles on The Q Side.
You might as well jam.
MADI DIAZ: You might as well.
Come this way.
DANIA RAMIREZ: If I win, you have to wear my outfit.
LAUREN LONDON: Girls, don't fight over boys.
Let them go.
QUDDUS: We happen to be in one of the most incredible cities
in the world.
So we thought we'd show you the best it has to, offer
including three of the most gorgeous,
talented, women I know.
The buzz-worthy singer/songwriter
extraordinaire, Madi Diaz; one of the stars of the new movie
Premium Rush, the lovely Dania Ramirez; and the newest cast
member of The Game, Miss Lauren London.
QUDDUS: We start off at number three with how many incredible
music venues and gorgeous parks this City of Angels has.
And enjoying them with someone like Madi Diaz
has its perks too.
I recently met her through John Legend, and I've been a
big fan ever since.

QUDDUS: So I just saw you rocking with John Legend.
How was that?
MADI DIAZ: My manager and friend also manages John.
We've met up at strange, random events.
But this is the first time we ever truly
collaborated on anything.
So it was special.
QUDDUS: I love it.
What was the first moment you had with John?
Was it a star-struck moment?
MADI DIAZ: I think it was kind of just like you
have glowing skin.
He's not terrifying, which is nice, cause I'm easily--
QUDDUS: Terrified?
Just kidding.
QUDDUS: You went to Berklee College of Music.
MADI DIAZ: I went to Berklee.
QUDDUS: That's one of the fanciest colleges for music
and it's pretty impressive.
MADI DIAZ: Schmancy.
QUDDUS: Kind of schmancy.
MADI DIAZ: Mega schmancy.
QUDDUS: Oh my God, what is that guitar and tambourine
doing in the middle of this park?
MADI DIAZ: That's so--
do you just want to go--
I mean, it's here.
QUDDUS: We might as well jam.
MADI DIAZ: We might as well.
QUDDUS: I mean how often do you find a guitar and a
tambourine in the middle of a park in Beverly Hills?
MADI DIAZ: Come this way.
QUDDUS: Let's do this.
MADI DIAZ: Got it?
MADI DIAZ: Jam time.
What if I do like a slow disco song, that slow disco song?
QUDDUS: Then I just can't possibly mess up with this
I'm praying.
MADI DIAZ: Are you a tambourine player?
MADI DIAZ: Just go with it.
MADI DIAZ: I can tell you feel it in your heart.
QUDDUS: I'm musical, you know.
MADI DIAZ: Yeah, that's totally it.

Thank you so much you guys.
You guys are amazing.
I just want to say hi.
Thank you.
QUDDUS: Her album Plastic Moon is so good.
So get that.
And go check out her site, because she's been giving away
free music lately.
And who does not like free music?
You know what I'm saying?
Now it's on to number two and the amazing
beaches in the LA area.
Now, imagine, friends, being able to bicycle ride alongside
Venice Beach with Dania Ramirez.
Now imagine no further, because we got you.

DANIA RAMIREZ: You know, for the longest time, I
was scared of bikes.
When I was in the Dominican Republic and I was seven, I
was riding down this hill, so I started pedaling and I went
up in the air, I did three flips, fell
on my ass so hard-core.
And I never wanted to get back on a bike.
QUDDUS: And then so when they brought you Premium Rush, was
that one of those things where you were like I don't know so
much about this.
DANIA RAMIREZ: They asked me if I knew how to bike-ride.
I was like oh my god, yeah.
I fell every single day I was on the bike.
The whole movie was riding.
So you can't really get away with just doubles.
DANIA RAMIREZ: Throughout the whole thing, you're riding
around through New York City, so there's like trucks.
And you can't tell a New Yorker to not cross because
you're shooting.
They don't care.

DANIA RAMIREZ: So, you ready?
You think you can beat me?
QUDDUS: I do, actually.
Maybe it's sexist of me, but I think I can.
All right, so if I win, you rub my
nasty feet for 10 minutes.
QUDDUS: If you win, I will make out with you.
DANIA RAMIREZ: I don't think that's going
to be a good idea.
QUDDUS: Gentlemen, you know I had to try.
You know I had to try.
DANIA RAMIREZ: If I win, you have to wear my outfit.
QUDDUS: I don't know about the whole outfit.
DANIA RAMIREZ: For 10 minutes.
I think you should.
QUDDUS: I don't think I could fit in those shorts.
I will--
DANIA RAMIREZ: I think you're going to have to.
QUDDUS: I will wear the top.
DANIA RAMIREZ: All right, let's go.
QUDDUS: Let's do this.

My feet are going to get some TLC.

Yeah! ha ha ha.
DANIA RAMIREZ: OK, first of all?
Not there.
QUDDUS: You got excuses?
You got excuses?
DANIA RAMIREZ: Way too many people in the way.
QUDDUS: I had to deal with the same people.
DANIA RAMIREZ: And you cut me off.
You cheated.
QUDDUS: That's the whole part of racing.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry if you're a loser and I'm a winner.
This is the harsh reality of the situation.
DANIA RAMIREZ: Ohh, I got to rub your feet now.
OK, I don't want to do this.
QUDDUS: You know what, I'm going be a nice guy.
I'm going to let you off the hook.
You do not need to rub my feet.
I already got my ego boost with it, so I appreciate that.
DANIA RAMIREZ: Like you need it.
Hey, it's Dania Ramirez, and you're watching The Q Side.
And I let him win, just so you know.
QUDDUS: I probably should have let her win, but let's be
honest here.
No one wants to see me in shorts that small.
Anyway, look out for Dania and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a new
movie Premium Rush hitting theatres this
Friday, August 24.
And I won't even wait for a drum roll to get into the
number one spot, and Miss Lauren London, who decided we
should go record shopping.
And LA is one of the places that still has an incredible
record store.
There is nothing you can't find at Amoeba.
But we put that to the test with Lauren.

QUDDUS: You're a real music head.
If I wasn't an actress and actually had the talent to
sing or do something in music, I probably would.
Can I put it to the test, a little bit, and see what kind
of taste you have.
QUDDUS: So the challenge is to find the three must-have
albums, in your opinion, of this past year in five minutes
in this record store.
QUDDUS: All right.
All right.
You got a timer, and go.
QUDDUS: All my years working in a record store's going to
come in handy.
LAUREN LONDON: Where's Frank Ocean?
QUDDUS: She's in the same section as us.
LAUREN LONDON: Did this come out this year?
LAUREN LONDON: You better not be cheating.
LAUREN LONDON: Where's Santigold's album?
You know where all this stuff is at.
QUDDUS: That's right.
I'm really torn right now, because I really dig Little
Dragon a lot, but I kind of want to throw a curve ball.
LAUREN LONDON: Where's Lana Del Ray?
QUDDUS: Oh ho ho ho.
I got a one that's going to surprise everybody.
LAUREN LONDON: Yo, this is not fun.
QUDDUS: I feel like Frodo trying to find the ring, yo.
LAUREN LONDON: This is terrible.
I'm in the wrong--
I don't know this store.
CLERK: Oh, I'm sorry.
LAUREN LONDON: She's in soul.
So Lana Del Ray--
QUDDUS: Way down that way?
Oh, OK.
LAUREN LONDON: Did you find it?
Time's up.
Ohhhh, let me find out.
You didn't get all the records.
LAUREN LONDON: No, seriously, I don't know where I'm at.
I'm lost.
I'm confused.
QUDDUS: Awww, come on.
Bring it in.
Bring it in.
You ain't got no albums.
I know what albums I want to get.
I just can't find them.
It was Lana Del Ray, Frank Ocean.
I was just going to get a Tupac record because I love
him so much, and he's timeless.
QUDDUS: I see you got his tattoos all upon your head.
My hat has all of Tupac's tattoos on it
QUDDUS: We have something in common.
QUDDUS: I did pick Frank Ocean's Channel Orange.
Nas, Life is Good.
QUDDUS: You've heard it?
QUDDUS: Here's a little curve ball for you.
LAUREN LONDON: I know who it is.
QUDDUS: Really?
LAUREN LONDON: Justin Bieber?
QUDDUS: I really thought I was going to surprise her.
Why did you assume that I was going to pick Justin Bieber?
LAUREN LONDON: I saw his face on there right there.
QUDDUS: Ohhhh.
You slick girl.
LAUREN LONDON: I love this little song though.
Boyfriend song.
QUDDUS: How does it go again?
LAUREN LONDON: No, you're not going to get me to sing it.
You remember your first CD?
QUDDUS: What was it?
LAUREN LONDON: It was a Pocohantas soundtrack.
But my first like real-- it was a Mariah Carey.
I was obsessed with Mariah Carey.
QUDDUS: Do you sing at the top of your lungs in the privacy
of your car?
I still sing in the mirror , still sing in the shower, I
still think I'm performing.
QUDDUS: But you won't sign for me.
QUDDUS: You don't sing for anybody?
LAUREN LONDON: Well, my son asks me to sing to him, and
then afterwards he's like OK Mommy, can you read me a book.
QUDDUS: By the way, congratulations on being on
The Game now.
LAUREN LONDON: Yeah how cool is that!
Very cool.
It's so new because I've never done that before really.
I've done guest spots on TV, but for me to have that
schedule is so different and new.
I'm excited.
I get to learn a lot about myself in this experience.
QUDDUS: You have a lot of faith, don't you?
LAUREN LONDON: I'm more of like a spiritual person, yeah.
QUDDUS: How does one get a spiritual fix in Hollywood?
LAUREN LONDON: You have normal friends.
LAUREN LONDON: There's is a very big difference between
real people problems and Hollywood problems.
LAUREN LONDON: Yeah, like they don't read blogs.
They don't care.
They're like you were on what?
I feel like there's always a rumor that I'm dating somebody
that I've never met before.
You know, people have their judgments and ideas of who I
am and they know nothing.
QUDDUS: I did happen to stumble upon a
picture of you and Trey.
And I'm like y'all look good together.
LAUREN LONDON: We're not together.
QUDDUS: I'm just saying though.
LAUREN LONDON: We just took a picture together.
QUDDUS: Those rumors aren't terrible.
Those don't like upset you, do they?
LAUREN LONDON: Well no, because I know him, and
he's a great guy.
But no, I laugh at that.
I mean, me and my brother are walking down the street one
day and they said I was dating my brother.
And I was like that's funny.
QUDDUS: Could you tell how uncomfortable I was when I had
to ask you about Wayne, the last interview?
LAUREN LONDON: I don't understand why that's so
fascinating to people.
QUDDUS: He's a big rapper.
LAUREN LONDON: But I've known him since I was 15 years. old.
QUDDUS: Right.
LAUREN LONDON: But no one knows that.
QUDDUS: You have a different relationship with him than
everybody else.
LAUREN LONDON: No one knows that, because I wasn't in the
public eye then, so wasn't all that interesting to take
pictures of me and Wayne.
QUDDUS: Right?
Is there anything that we did not cover?
LAUREN LONDON: No, you got all in my shit.
QUDDUS: OK, so I think the very appropriate way to end
this segment, because you really do look like a B girl
if there ever was one.
Just give me the best B girl stance.
I'm going to give you my B boy.
LAUREN LONDON: I don't know a B girl stance.
QUDDUS: Yes, you do.
Yes, that's what I'm talking about.
That's right.
On The Q Side.
What did you expect?
QUDDUS: Very excited that Lauren is joining the cast of
The Game, and you can look out for that on BET this fall.
And I want to know what you guys are listening to.
What is your favorite album for the past year?
Let me know the comments section because you know I'm
always digging for what's was good on The Music Tip.
And if you're loving what you're seeing on The Q side,
pass it along, let everybody know, tweet about it,
Facebook about it.
Sharing is caring, my people.
Till next time.
get your Q score up.

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