Aleene's Valentine Gift Hearts by EcoHeidi Borchers

Uploaded by Cool2Craft on 20.01.2013

Hi, I'm Heidi Borchers. I love to give little tokens for Valentine's Day.
This project, I've been making it for years, but I usually use greeting cards.
With all the scrapbooking papers, the different patterns and designs, you can
use this technique forever on all kinds of projects. I like to use the papers
that have
double-sided designs that way you can have a design on the inside and a design on the
You can also use the ones that
are just white. But also choose your
paper where it's a little bit stronger.
First thing you're going to do is to trace your patterns onto the paper.
Just use a pencil
and then you will also need some strips of paper that are 1/2" wide X 12" long.

Next, we need to score the paper and on the pattern it shows where it needs
to be scored, so I just put a ruler
and I'm using craft foam because it's a soft surface
so it's a little bit easier
to score your paper.
Use a stylus
and just go right against the paper.
And turn it around and do the same thing on this side.
Fold your paper in.
I'm using the Aleene's Tacky Line Runner to glue it together
and you simply put the
tool right on the edge
and just go right down.
Like so,
and we're ready to put it together.
Down at the edges here you have glue so you want to overlap that
and stick it together
and that makes it perfect to line up
the heart.
Push it down
and there you have your little basket.
If you want to put a handle on it,
here's your strips
Again, using your Aleene's Tacky Line Runner, go all the way down
lay them on top of each other,
like so,
and then put a little bit on one side
and a little bit on the other side
and this is what sticks on the inside
of the heart
on each side and that makes your handle.
The Aleene's Tacky Line Runner is available at Michael's.
You're ready to put your sweets in
and have a little gift to give away.
It's Terrifically Tacky and Creatively Cool.