Loutfi AJAOUN - Arnold Classic Amateur 2013 - 12 weeks out

Uploaded by dmxinyourface on 08.12.2012

Weights are heavy when the cam is on !
i hate that
You got the weights in hand you push and arrggghh ...
Then you look at the cam ... It's like the cam is absorbing your energy !
It's not orange juice
It's some "Size On" !
Sugars, aminos acids, bcaa, minerals ...
Now we gonna perform the heavy set
See ... We're here
All that remains to be done
Today only chest and abs That's it
Drop set now
*You get so big you fit no more in the screen*
*push push push push !!*
Also, ... in my MP3
DMX came too late !
He was supposed to step in at the begining
When i was with the 90's, i've got no more gas It's there DMX step in ...
I've heard his voice, I was like ... He's here, he's here ...
But strict form anyway
This is what we want this ...
Now we have to pick up the mess !
This is what i hate the most !
i'd rather push it than pick it
*You should be fine with 3 persons* *So there is one place the weight, ...*
*And you ... you just have to ... you know*
*Like Ronnie Coleman* *Have you ever see his video, they're 3 guys*
When i'll be Mister Olympia
Same thing
3 sets the last one drop set
But it'll be really less heavy because ...
Normaly it already drains all the energy
But today i've already had no energy so there's not too much left
This weight will maybe be the maximum weight
All i'm gonna do is focusing here
I have to be able to ...
you see i'm putting that here and ... you see it doesn't stay
I have to work more on the upper
The hunt ! Hunting weight !!
Is it full ? *yes, for sure*
Is it full !? *It's full !*
It's full or it's not full !? *it's full !*
This is to mark the territory
*Like dogs !*
In fact I could also piss on it But it's cleaner with the towel
*That's good, maybe i'm gonna be strong like you*
It striates ? *yes yes that's perfect*
It striates or it doesn't striate ? *yes yes ... it's good, it's perfect*
Everyday i'm trying to tear this bench, Everyday !
Everyday i'm trying to tear, i'm not able
I'm joking i'm streching my pec of course
You push like this at the end
It's like wow i'm nice in front of the mirror but ...
In fact you keep on pumping pumping
It's called ... isometric tension
Finish for the chest
We gonna show some quads
Great visual effect
As always
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