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You are now going to see an exclusive report about a polemical religious movement.
This movement uses a mysterious practice known as "Slain in the Spirit".
Our reporters investigate this phenomenon in Brazil and the world.
What happens during the services?
Why do people fall?
That's what you're going to see now on our big story.
Bodies that fall.
One after another.
Another person, look here at my hands.
"As a prophet, in this way I let loose a new anointing in your lives, now."
People in trances.
Who by faith go to the ground.
Men and women who fall in name of a doctrine.
What kind of evangelical movement is this?
So, why do these men and women collapse in the church?
And who are the preachers of falling?
Our reporters travelled throughout Brazil and the exterior in search of these answers.
The couple that founded the cult are preaching now. While they speak...
You're going to see here the result of fifteen days of investigation.
And the exclusive revelations of the founder of the movement.
So, for no one to say that this is the pastor hypnotizing... What's her name?
A morning service, the church is full, the pastor coordinates things; "Ana Clara now...
I passed the anointing to her, I'm going to step down from the altar now.
Now, the service isn't with me, no! The one that's going to do the service now is Ana Clara.
I'm going down here.
Ana Clara is a baby only a few months old.
The pastor said he passed to her the power of the Holy Spirit.
Let me get down first, because if not they will think that I am doing it.
I'll get down.
Ask Ana Clara...
Put her little hand on the heads of these young ladies, look at that, oh!
As soon as she rests her little hand the first woman falls.
The third one too.
Continue this one that's standing, she can't stand up anymore!
But the tallest woman, the one in the middle, resists.
Look there, oh! Put her on the ground, put her on the ground.
"Feel a new accord and pour out on you a new anointing in you."
In this other church, the pastor behaves even more intense.
After the anointing he begins to spin around the altar.
The man in a suit is scared of the scene.
With so many spins he becomes dizzy.
Other service, one more full church.
Various pastors jump.
The one that wears an orange shirt is the one that moves around the most.
Jumps high.
All of the preachers direct their hands toward the faithful.
The one that wears a yellow shirt turns around himself.
This other pastor with a purple shirt makes fanatical movements with his arms.
Three services.
Many pastors.
And many questions up in the air.
The word faneros another name given to this practice comes from the Greek meaning to make visible.
The pastors defend the idea that the people are possessed by the Holy Spirit.
"don't have demon, don't have sickness don't have problem let God take you here today. Receive his word."
The laughing
agitation, and climate of collective hysteria.
These are the interpretations of this movement.
The manifestations the Holy Spirit would cause in people.
Notice that in almost all the videos there is a lot of music.
The loud music functions as an ally during the falling.
In the opinion of a doctor of psychology, Jacob Goldberg
The body movement, everything becomes visible, and hysterical,
and hysteria causes diminishes discernment
and the individual doesn't reason anymore. He gives into it, passively.
But where does this movement come from?
How did the belief that became known as "Slain in the Spirit" begin?
"Clap your hands for Jesus this evening and glorify his name."
"...and I can say this clap your hands clap your hands and glorify his name."
Being Slain in the Spirit began in 1994 in Canada.
By Randy Clark who was preaching here in Brazil.
Pay attention now to this video.
The worn video registers a historic moment.
It's the beginning of everything.
It was recorded seventeen years ago in the Toronto Airport Church in Toronto.
The people walk on all fours and imitate dogs.
Some roll on the floor.
You can hear laughter,
and even barking.
And at one point a woman grabs the microphone and talks to the audience,
she says she had a vision of God, and that he wore a tie.
Take a look now at this recording, here in Brazil.
This man moves his arms very fast as if he simulates the blades of a helicopter.
Here the pastor uses a metaphor to explain what is Slain in the Spirit.
"And when I throw it there, have you all seen bowling?"
"You will fall, but you won't..."
"And when you fall, you will get up a different person."
"Another person, look here at my hands. "
"As a prophet, in this way I let loose a new anointing in your lives, now!"
Soon after the blowing everyone falls.
"Look here at my hands."
"As a prophet, in this way I let loose a new anointing in your lives, now!"
The multitude functions in unison, repeating movements
and this repetition gives the feeling of omnipotence, and a lot of power.
After two weeks of investigation, in Canada we find the man who had a fundamental role in the creation of this movement.
He said he is ready to make striking revelations about the phenomenon that intrigues many people in Brazil.
Before knowing what the secrets are that have been kept for so long, by Pastor Gowdy,
Correspondent Eloisa Vilela went to the city where all of this began, after more answers.
It all began here really close to the International Airport of Toronto in Canada.
For this reason in the beginning it was called Toronto Airport Church.
Later it was renamed as we can see on this sign, "Catch The Fire". Which in Portuguese means catch the fire.
Our team entered the conference as if we had traveled far to be part of the group.
We bought tickets at the door, on time.
We paid thirty dollars to come in here, in principle, any person can come inside.
Before the session began, we caught scenes like this one.
When the first couple takes the stage it becomes apparent why the cult got the name "Fall, Fall" in Brazil.
One man close by begins to bend forward and soon collapses.
He isn't the only one, little by little others follow the same path.
One here, another there.
Some tremble first.
Others simply fall backwards.
Sometimes, there are screams, sighs, and laughter.
The number of people thrown on the floor increases each passing minute.
When the principal speakers take the stage, many are lying on the floor.
Who's preaching now are the couple that founded the cult.
While they speak from the stage, as we can seen here below,
the ministers are called who hear everything lying down with eyes closed.
Carol and John Arnold participated in the founding of the Airport Church.
The sign says that they received a vision from God to tell the world of the practice, Slain in the Spirit.
The text even mentions that there already exists representatives of the movement in Brazil,
South Africa, Norway, the United States, and Great Britain.
Carol sighs in between one phrase and another.
She screams.
Professor of Theology of the University of Toronto, David Reed, researches different religions.
and studied the movement Slain in the Spirit.
When the person doesn't fall they push them, the theologian confirms.
He told us that he heard Pastor John Arnold, in front of many other people
that he never fell or shook as followers of the cult do.
"I wouldn't do something foolish like this in public" the preacher said.
This is another service a meeting of missionaries.
One of them begins to spin.
The others protect her.
Beside them, this dance with yelling.
The men on the stage also stir.
The woman falls.
Inside this beauty salon a woman who tired of falling to the ground.
Stylist Maria Aparacecida, participated in this movement for three years and always went to the services.
"Inside of me I imagined I had an anointing that I had to fall to be well."
Maria Aparecida sought the church after the death of her daughter who was only two years old.
Separated from her husband and in deep depression
she sought help from someone who would help her rebuild her life.
She ended up in the Slain in the Spirit.
If you didn't want to fall were you able to not fall?
"I was able to not fall down."
"If I wanted to." "You didn't fall mandatorilly?"
"So you fell carried by the movement?"
"By the environment from the emotion."
Today the stylist confesses that she participated in a staging.
"It wasn't anything supernatural that caused us to fall."
"It wasn't something that you couldn't control you have to fall."
"It wasn't like that?"
It was a doctrine of that place, of the religion there and I felt like I had to fulfill.
Today the faith of the stylist doesn't include the tumble.
I learned to not act by emotion, I look to listen, you understand, God speak, with calm.
"You understand, God doesn't want you on the ground. He doesn't want to throw you on the ground."
"He wants to pick you up."
São Paulo 8 o'clock in the evening.
A small church on the periphery of the city.
Our team investigate during two weeks behind the scenes of these services.
After passing by the improvised parking lot.
We entered the church.
It's a meeting organized by the youth dressed in pink.
In a few minutes some in attendance begin to stir.
Many are unable to remain seated.
This woman spins.
On the other side of the church this woman dressed in white also spins.
Next, the group dressed in pink begin to spin.
Other young people join them.
Almost everyone in the church spins.
When it is time to end the service
the pastor himself seems surprised with so much commotion.
"Brother, put your foot on the break, for the love of God!"
With time the ritual of falling earned some variations.
One of them is called the jacket of fire.
Look at this scene.
In front of the pulpit the pastor shakes the jacket and almost everyone falls.
The young man in a red shirt, already on the ground, hits his chest very hard.
A woman interferes so he doesn't hurt the person in front of him.
In the same service the man in a white shirt moves his arms non stop, in a disorderly way.
Once again the ritual nicknamed, jacket of fire caught on tape.
The pastor creates the expectation of the anointing,
Holding the jacket in his right hand, he initiates the sermon.
For this neurologist there is a medical explanation for people falling in succession.
This is given the technical name Pareidolia.
That because of something in the mind it is conditioned to react as everyone else is reacting.
So, in relationship to the video of the jacket,
where they fall, the brain tries to understand what is happening,
it searches for images and when one falls all them are going to fall.
This is another meeting, an international conference held in Lagoinha a neighborhood in Belo Horizonte.
Here a Christian singer participates in an international conference.
A Finnish pastor enters the scene,
first he takes the microphone from her hands
and positions a young man to hold her if necessary.
Finally with a quick gesture, right arm up high, he makes her fall.
Notice the pastor doesn't touch the singer.
The audience applauds.
Her father is also surprised.
The Finnish pastor blows close to his face and he falls beside his daughter.
A musical group begins to sing.
Father and daughter remain on the ground.
The singer shakes her head in a uncontrolled manner.
The father seems to be unconscious.
And the music continues.
The Finnish pastor knocks down other faithful.
In a different recording the same singer interrupts the show to crawl on the stage
she moves from one side to the other as someone who is imitating a lion.
What does the man that participated in this movement seventeen years ago have to say today?
Why does he insist in speak with our team?
Even though sick and recently having left the hospital, the pastor affirms that he has a lot to reveal.
To understand better what the founder of the doctrine Slain in the Spirit will tell us in a little bit,
it's necessary to know this other person.
Benny Hinn alias of Toufik Benedictus Hinn
Born in Israel he moves to Canada in the late part of the 1970's.
Converts to Pentecostalism, and becomes a famous pastor known throughout the entire country.
He begins to plant the idea that the faithful will be cured by being Slain in the Spirit.
In this scene in Mexico he throws what he calls an anointing on the audience.
And here uses only his jacket.
Benny Hinn was also here in Brazil.
The main television channels investigate the pastor, for more than twenty years.
Journalists who have closely followed the movements of the religious leader
say that his team carefully chooses those that get on stage.
In the most serious cases, according to these investigations,
are left aside.
Up until now, these accusations, and the unfulfilled prophecies of
of disease, and natural disasters that the pastor makes.
are sufficient to tear him down.
Only the faithful fall.
Araraquara is one of the richest cities of the interior of São Paulo.
This is Cecila.
An evangelical for more than thirty years.
Mother of two children she has a business that offers legal advice together with her husband.
Cecilia lives in this middle class neighborhood.
Over four years she participated in services that adopted the practice of Slain in the Spirit.
I remember the people falling every day that I would go, people falling around me,
and I was wanting, sincerely, I asked, man, that it happen to me
and the Holy Spirit come and knock me down.
So, I remember since nothing happened I threw myself on the ground,
and maybe if I threw myself it would happen there on the ground.
We'd fall. We'd be laughing, rolling on the floor.
and that brought me once again to question the result
what was this bringing to my life?
Disillusioned, she decided it was time to abandon the movement.
There's something I have to do
and there is something that God does for me.
and for sure it wasn't falling on the ground and rolling that my life and laughing, that my life would change.
Taguatinga. A satellite city of Brasilia.
9:30 in the evening.
On the stage one of the missionaries of Randy Clark
One of the creators of the movement, is who leads the prayers.
Randy Clark, who came to Brazil with a group of more than fifty people.
On Monday night, one of the pastors from his team lead a service
in this church in Taguatinga, a satellite city of Brasilia.
During the anointing of the Holy Spirit,
a producer of "Domingo Espectacular"
recorded the manifestations of the people.
Look at this.
A big event of the evening approaches.
This young man begins to shake.
Right next to him a young lady repeats the scene.
One faithful, remains behind her as a precaution.
for a possible fall.
Which doesn't take long to happen.
"I'd like to ask you Holy Spirit to come and fill these people who are starving for you."
One of our producers is among the few chosen to be close to the altar.
In a few seconds he will be guided to be "Slain in the Spirit".
A little bit later he is taken even further to the front.
One of the missionaries immediately grabs him by the neck.
In the ear of the producer he whispers in English.
Words that would invoke the Holy Spirit.
A few minutes pass.
and nothing.
On the stage the tone of the speech and the music increase.
Beside us a young man begins to shake a lot.
He moves fanatically.
Our producer continues in the hands of one of the followers of Randy Clark.
Since nothing happens with the man in the blue shirt this man in the plaid shirt assumes the task.
He puts his hand on the back of our producer.
Again, nothing happens.
The man now hugs him.
It's more than six minutes of trying.
Beside us another person collapses.
The missionary gives up on making our producer fall.
Clemilda use to fall in church too.
He really did put his hand on my head and then I would fall.
Then I went out, stayed on the ground for a few minutes.
I could hear things but I couldn't move. I couldn't move.
But the shopkeeper, mother of two children, didn't like the feeling.
I couldn't understand. Because what I sought wasn't falling.
I sought the Holy Spirit. I was seeking changes.
not just simply falling.
Because I fell, but nothing changed I continued the same.
She sought comfort after a traumatic separation.
Full of fights with her ex husband.
Participating with the rituals of "Slain in the Spirit" didn't help minimize the pain.
I didn't have these gifts of the Spirit.
So how could I have the Holy Spirit if I didn't have the gifts that the Bible says you need to have.
So, it couldn't be the Holy Spirit, it wasn't the Spirit I was searching for.
And this helped free me.
Eight years after abandoning the practice of being Slain in the Spirit,
Cleimilda becomes emotional when she thinks of friends who still follow the ritual.
There are people who are thinking it is, and it isn't, it isn't.
So, you have to be very careful because in the Bible it is written
that in the signs of the times there would appear many prophecies,
many pastors and this happens.
It happened to me and is happening with many people.
Who unfortunately think they have the Holy Spirit and it isn't the Holy Spirit.
The time has come, we are about to meet the founder of the movement.
This is the man who claims to have the answer to the mystery of why people fall.
Paul Gowdy guarantees he knows how everything happens and why everything happens.
He was there when the doctrine emerged in 1994.
He went behind the scenes.
Met one by one the principal preachers.
And helped plant the idea of being Slain in the Spirit.
What secrets will he reveal?
What did he say bothers him so much?
Why did he insist so much to talk to our team?
And why did he decide to abandon everything?
We cross the border between the United States and Canada.
Now we are in Whitby a suburb of Toronto.
Paul Gowdy recently avoided dying.
A blood clot in his leg caused serious consequences in his lungs and his heart.
Right away the pastor makes a surprising revelation to our team.
He said that God saved him from death so that he could give this interview.
He agrees to meet us a few weeks after leaving the hospital.
He is ready to tell all.
He makes it clear in the beginning of the conversation
that he doesn't believe in the practice of being Slain in the Spirit.
Paul tells in detail how the movement emerged.
He was one of the leaders of the Airport Church.
Where Slain in the Spirit became famous.
John Arnold,
his wife Carol,
Randy Clark,
and Paul himself
All of them participated in the creation.
Paul Gowdy conducted prayers and the rituals of Slain in the Spirit.
Was one of the principal names of the church.
But what lead this man to abandon what he so strongly believed in?
It was during a service that Paul noticed that there was something wrong with all of that.
He tells us that people imitated dogs and other animals.
Behaved as if drunk.
Paul said that he was under a trance when the thought came.
That it was wrong.
It was at that exact moment that he decided to separate from the church.
He wrote this letter that confirms the Devil uses Slain in the Spirit to blind people.
and includes the movement violates the Holy Scriptures.
I would say that this never was a genuine manifestation of the presence of God.
But something sinister since the beginning.
Because the fruit of the blessing of Toronto is rotten.
He doesn't understand why it took him so long to open his eyes
and understand that it was something offensive to the Holy Spirit.
When he became sick he dove in deep in his studies of the Bible.
The more he knew the word of God,
the more he saw how much he had been fooled.
Before he said good-bye, Paul Gowdy, the man who helped plant Slain in the Spirit around the world,
makes two requests.
The first is to send a message to Brazilians.
The second desire let a message of hope at the end of our conversation.
Paul Gowdy says that the human being needs to have faith.
needs God, and that the Holy Spirit is always in reach for all.