Tamar Geller Dog-Training Tip #3

Uploaded by officialpeta on 02.11.2011

Hi! I’m Tamar Geller, for PETA, here to talk to you about making your dog’s life
as good as it can be.
There’s a reason for everything dogs do. When they wag their tail, it’s usually because
they’re happy, but it could also be because they’re nervous or they want to seem bigger
and more threatening. Get to know your dog’s body language! They live in the present, and
the things that they do are their attempt to communicate to us what’s going on with
them at that moment.
So if your dog is barking excessively or chewing on something or digging in the yard, remember
that they’re not trying to make you mad. They’re trying to tell you that something
is bothering them and that one of their basic needs isn’t being met. You need to figure
out what it is and address that situation instead of taking it out on the poor dog!
Often, they just need more social interaction and exercise. See, dogs are pack animals,
and when they’re left alone all day they can become lonely or bored or scared and anxious,
which can lead to a slew of undesirable behaviors. Maybe you need to spend more time with them
or find someone who can visit them while you’re gone all day. Using doggie daycare or having
play dates with your neighboring dog can benefit everyone. And please, make sure your dog has
plenty of toys and a stimulating environment to keep his body and mind active.
Now here’s today’s training tip, or as I prefer to call it, “coaching” tip: Never
yell at your dog. Instead become a better coach and teach them what it is you want them
to do.
There’s nothing sadder than seeing someone yelling at their poor, confused dog, calling
them “stupid” or “bad.” Your dog wants your approval, and you want your dog to love
you and respond to you. But yelling is upsetting and confusing to your dog. So don’t do it.
They come from a different culture and speak a different language (just like I did when
I came here from Israel). Instead, be clear on what it is that you want them to do, and
teach them how to succeed in it, the same way you would do with your child.
This is Tamar Geller, for my beloved PETA, with tips on giving your dog the best life