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Hi, welcome to Ski Talk brought to you by skis.com. I'm Kevin, today I'm joined by
K2 representative Joe Herzog Thanks for having, Kev For sure. We're going to give you a rundown
of a new model in K2's line up this year, the Backdrop. Joe, I'm excited about this
ski. It kind of lends itself to being more of a
backcountry ski but I think it's a really good all-mountain wide ski.
Yeah, it definitely has that slant, there's no doubt about that.
I mean, it's in that collection so it is something that a lot of
backcountry enthusiasts are going to enjoy for harder conditions, that kind of thing, but
yeah, with that graphic package and everything going on, you can see it,
people using it inbounds all day long and having a lot of fun. For sure. so, all-terrain rocker
so it's not that super-aggressive, you know, powder rocker so it
does lend itself to being a more versatile ski. Right, yeah, it's a 70/30
blend with that style of rocker so that it is going to perform
exceptionally well in soft snow but in hard snow as well.
Okay, at 112mm waist, so really that
60% powder, 40% variable conditions.
Right, yeah, 112 anymore, that's almost kind of middle of the road. It's crazy.
It's becoming more and more average. The slightly above 100 waist width,
that kind of thing, people look to those as being a pretty versatile waist width.
Especially out west, it really kind of your go-to
do-it-all type waist width. Absolutely. Powder tip so it does lend itself
to some more powder performance. Right, and that's certainly all about making it easier to
make turns in softer snow. Okay, and then we've got unique construction here with the carbon
web tracks over traction braidial This is where we take our patented
triaxial braiding technique and we lace in rivets and
carbon which then allows us to stiffen the ski up where we need throughout the body of the ski.
But you don't get that added weight of a tighten-all sheet, right?
Yeah, the idea here is by putting a thread in like this, a stiffer thread,
into an existing layer which is already there. In other words, you're not adding another layer,
you're able to keep the ski's weight down, minimizing materials,
cost is minimized. It's a great process. Nice
And then we've got a cool feature on this ski. The snophobic topsheet.
Yeah, that's all about making it so that, as the name suggests, the snow doesn't stick
to the top of the ski. It's a material which is designed
so you can actually add wax to it, if you want to, to increase those properties but
even in the sunlight when it can get sticky, that kind of thing, this thing is going to shed snow real
well. It's not going to build up on there. So, did you decide to mount this
with some of the more touring/alpine bindings out there. You're tracking up,
you're not going to have that snow build up. Right, exactly. It's going to slide right off there because
it's acting more like a bottom of your ski. Nice. So, if you want a ski that can really
do it all whether you're skinning or just skiing inbounds, out-of-bounds, definitely check
out the new Backdrop from K2. I'm Kevin, this is Joe.
Thanks for joining us today on Ski Talk brought to you by skis.com.

K2 representative Joe HerzogThanks for having, KevFor sure. We're going to give you a rundown