Container Garden With Vegetable Tip.mp4

Uploaded by TheCasualGardener on 05.07.2010

I am Shawna Coronado.
I am coming to you from the 2010 Chicago Flower and Garden Show and I am talking to you about
vegetables in the urban area.
And let me tell you.
It is so important to feed the hungry with out down economy the way it is right now.
Every opportunity we can take to grow vegetables, we should be doing it, especially because
we can bring organic foods to our family this way.
So here you see a cabbage mixed in with some other, beautiful flowers, and the cabbage,
of course, is edible.
So the concept is really that we can grow vegetables in pots just like we can in the
So if you live in an urban area or a city, and heck, even if you do not, now is the time
to get out and plant a vegetable in a container and try something new.
Remember: you can make a difference.
Give it a try.