Custom Wedding Set - Austin Moore on

Uploaded by CustomMadeCom on 03.08.2012

For months, I scoured the internet, looking for something I wanted
And really, all I found were a bunch of things that were kind of what I wanted...
But not really doing it for me.
Katie's project, which was for an engagement ring and wedding set
Excited me because: 1, it's going to be special. It's something she's going to have for the rest of her life.
So, I like doing projects like that
And 2, it is very non-traditional. It wasn't like your typical diamond solitaire ring
It's cool because so much of me has gone into it, you know?
And that someone can take thought and nurture it, it's's amazing
One thing that doing custom work always does is that it challenges me
Starting out with something raw, and after some hammering, and forging, and soldering
Ending us with something that I made with my own hands
And the fact that Katie loved it, makes it even all the more memorable.
It's so much better than what I wanted
It's so much better than what I wanted
And it's so special!
You know? And that's just...I love it!