40 - Google Sync with RealtyJuggler Realtor Software

Uploaded by RealtyJuggler on 26.09.2010

Lets synchronize RealtyJuggler Contacts and Calendar with Google
Sign into RealtyJuggler and then click on the Settings icon.
Next, click on the Google Sync icon.
Enter your GMail address into the blank provided. Your GMail
address does not have to match the eMail address that you are using
for your RealtyJuggler account. It just needs to be a Gmail account that we
can Synchronize with.
Next, click on the Google Contacts link at the bottom of the screen.
If you don't already have a free Gmail account, you can create one here.
In my case, I do and my GMail account and it is WildTest878@gmail.com
and this is the same eMail address that I entered into RealtyJuggler.
You need to make sure that these two eMail addresses match.
Take a look at your contacts. In my case, I have a single contact - william smith.
you can see that he's in two categories - friends and family
I'll add a note in here, just so we can see that the note gets synchronized
Lets close out of gmail and go back into RealtyJuggler. And now lets take a look at
our realtyjuggler contact database.
I have a single contact record here - I am going to click on the detailed view.
You will see that there are two mobile phones. One for Susan and a second one for Joe, her
spouse. Notice that I have a note at the end of the
second phone number so I know which is which. When we do the google
sync, that will end up as a phone label.
You will also notice that we have a category of Buyer for this particular contact record.
Lets go back to Google Sync and adjust some settings. If you have never done
a Google sync before and there is no overlap between the contacts in your Google and RealtyJuggler
Contacts databases then you will want to do a "two-way sync".
If, for some reason, you have duplication between your Google contacts and RealtyJuggler,
you may want to select one of the other two options which
will force either the contacts in RealtyJuggler or the contacts in
Google to be the master copy and contacts at the other location will first be first
deleted before synchronization is done.
In my case, there is no duplication, so I am going to select two-way sync.
The Phone Notes Drop-Down menu gives you the ability to decide what to do with the notes
at the end of phone numbers and eMail addresses. You will probably want to keep this
setting as-is. I'll show you what it does after we do a sync.
For now, lets start our synchronization.
The note says: "Please click on the 'Log into google contacts' button to grant RealtyJuggler
permission to access your Google Contacts.
I am going to click on the "Log into google contacts" button.
This takes me to google. You will notice that the email address in the upper-right corner
of the screen is the same eMail address that I entered into RealtyJuggler
and the same eMail address I used to access gMail. Make sure that this eMail
address matches. In my case its wildtest878@gmail.com
By clicking on the "Grant Access" button I am going to grant access for RealtyJuggler
to access Google Contacts and Google Calendar. When I click on the Grant
access button, I'll go back to RealtyJuggler and be automatically directed to the Google
Sync section of RealtyJuggler.
If I click on the "Start Sync" button one more time, its going to continue with the
I'll be asked if I would like to create one realtyjuggler contact record and one google
contact record. I'll click OK both times and RealtyJuggler creates the records.
Lets take a look at our Google Contacts. You can see here's william smith here's Susan
Hansen you will notice here's that phone note I was talking about.
You will also notice that the category is Buyer.
Lets close the google contacts and go back to RealtyJuggler. The RealtyJuggler Contacts
database has the same two records. And if we go here, you can see the note we added
a few second ago.
Lets click Done and go back to Google Sync.
You can also synchronize your Google calendar. The options are the same as for Contacts.
A two-way sync will sync in both directions. Or you can select one of the other sync options.
The Google Calendar Name allows you to select which calendar you are synchronizing with.
By default RealtyJuggler will synchronize with a calendar called RealtyJuggler.
If you would like to synchronize with the calendar that comes with your Google calendar
you can select the other option.
When you click on the Start Sync RealtyJuggler will do whatever settings you have specified.
If you have both calendar and contacts set to synchronize then both sill synchronize
at once.
In our case, lets not do the Calendar sync and click on the start sync button again.
Its not going to ask permission a second time. Once you have granted permission once,
the synchronization will just take a few seconds.
If you would like to set up synchronization with your phone - Google Android, iPhone,
iPAD, Blackberry or Apple Macintosh, there are links to set that up at the bottom of
the screen.
If you have any further questions, the best place to start is by clicking on the Help
icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
this is going to give you help for the screen you are on - in this case google synchronization.
It also has links to the users manuals. The quick start tutorial has additional information
on Google sync.
I am going to click done and that's going to take me out of the help section of realtyjuggler.