Gaming With DP - Black Ops Convoy Demolition 42-10 Awesome Match

Uploaded by maddendvinik on 03.09.2012

Hi guys what is going on i got a great black ops convoy demolition match
for you
uh... might kill streak you find out at the end
KD ratio or Kill / Death ratio
uh... it was pretty good
it's probably one of my best matches on this map ever
and uh.. yea
I am going to do this
Yea, lets just watch
Its just really hard time on my last match before this one because they were
quick scoping us and they had uh... aim bot and i know
when it looks like when you're know how to quick scope
and how an aimbot looks like and those guys had aimbots
and uh... about three of them
They all had snipers we were just
I was just kind of uh... stressed out about it
but anyways
uh... once I started getting kills turns out really good
and they are going to
have fun in this match
as you notice there's a kind of
stay back, but right here i'm going to go over to their side
to not spawn kill
not spawn kill, I am just trying to
move around their side and not really let them and have them compressed
where they are spawning
I am not going to stand at their spawn point and spawn kill
what i will do is
just you know
as they're coming towards me i will kill them
and yeah
see i am not
really spawn killing them, they are spawning and have room to run
and uh...
i am not camping either i am just moving around on this match around snatch
and i thought this guy was here, but he jumped off so he is right there
don't a kill on him right now
and i saw him right under the bridge so i just down and i kill him
call in the spy plane
actually i don't now i call in the spyplane
and i see two guys spawn here
the other one went towards the point a, and i see that there are almost no people there
and i should have gone there because he's probably going to plant it
and he most likely will
yep, that's my mistake
i should have gone with them
but i didnt
and that is why i am still in the backyard
i call this the backyard it's not a backyard its like a parking lot
near a highway
patients turning out really good for me
and uh...
gathered the bombing lol and i'm like ok
uh... about it he is the point a because you know when i was this round of cited
might seem a stiff using it and i'm just protecting them
less wasteful civilian us was to go on on because are you getting any points
with using a day
to assist and protect your guide and guy i just hate people they just run off
and what he defused because guess what
on the last
four point five seconds of the few you're going to be killed as before he's
in the bar
usually people they do that
it's just so
pop sad
i think it's funny or do you think uh... you know what
these guys being the plants growing
that that's not good
this is the work
man don't hate
matches sometimes on turn out very well and that happens to me actually more
than they turn out good
you know this is a good match before this magical ahead
for five that matches anywhere i eat
your point five tv so i got a more
united him that's totally that morning
play matches you get better at it and just this one that you know you get it
justina nahi is did a
and uh... this is one of those matches
understanding killed as much and gained till streaks
all right so uh... ten seconds left
goes if using its
done anything
and the bomb gets the keys
course that last second
kidding i'm not calling fl
through streets means because match is
likability and you know we have one point
and we still have at least for next year or so
alkalinity of street next match next round of sorry
and uh... yeah
wrestling go back to the back to their
parking lot
to get more details
manners early day appeared okay
near your home
u_s_ lighting
so the usual respond on the side ways follow in the far side over there and
that's where this bomb this time
so they could just went right back up there
uh... probably to kill me
there are two over while include montreal serious one clogged who double
tml their ritual they were killed
and to promote it
i'm not sure what that uh... five thousand points was for
spratly it treatment
and uh... that's pretty stupid i i thought i could come down the son of sam
health left
and their reactions this round but they're not giving up i'm pretty sure
looking to into overtime
with this
try really hard in this round
column a color a
mind comes here package
when you get really stupid stuff and care package as dunno
like who wants a counter strike and the took a glance three ka of i would wish i
got some chopper away
saw something above uh... seven kill streak you know
when i'm saying
so i plan to bomb pierre
day uh... because mike over scotland
you really want to play now and get some kind of are
just repeating consultation with a napalm straight
um... morrowind thunder
you really want decide why you walk right in that location
electrical where i a m napalm strikes clearly great uh... in the subject of
gameplay because you got a one block at the naval show you could block off both
halfway through
the bomb seek in our midst an end have uh... about
fifteen seconds of uh...
you know nobody's going to be able to go to the firings unless they have uh...
flack jacket proably that's what it is
he did
with the uh... co brothers just amazing you call it in bright above the point
gourmet because most people will be killed by a cobra and very few will
actually make it towards the location
because uh... if you put of above objective a anything that comes near
objective a will be shot at
s hope it works if you were wondering just overall not go to the other half of
the math and shoot somebody there
well there's about
five people left
think about it
places you in this round and we are going into the overtime
and uh...
their egos some we're watching uh...
final killed we're not senior doctors this is afterwards
and uh...
dad kim day i was going to hope showed an episode of
methods of just just a clip of mocked the plane markets you in a bunch of
eclipse is it's a montage not like straight play
without and carting training and eating it's all in the but the thing is my
rendering software is just not liking the ta its
it's uh...
gets focused
two point four percent or something
maybe it's one of the clip saying their might rate of mess around with the
waiter a wasted
three hours on editing
and um... p_m_ and kind of
not happy with that
occurred about something else for three hours
case you were still going good we receiving objectives alive
you think is going great
makeup bag at what the court will
renege on the car
will the card the car blew off the god because uh... karst have much bigger
explosion explosions
there which uh... probably even the flag jacket would not see k
and uh...
this v_s_
twenty-somethings diffused diffuse it now
but we still got to go to dayton so quickly and we're here to spin on case
somebody decides to come economic
write seventeen seconds toward a smoker
uh... my guys accusing it kind of i don't know what he's doing
souls and he's accusing him tram protectant i see a guy coming off
traffic of enfield
monday it killed
goes down
reload i see no enemies on the map
software outcry weapons
you know sometimes no re-read priya really
'cause there's probably almost and all all-time things around
uh... and uh... can stop because i see it guy
he had uh... what and feel really
this or not i don't happen here catholic high and i jumped
camps graham
so uh... listen that was a pretty good
answer yet they go out to be made
and it's frame of the same time
alright put down a claim or they help
put down climbers right here like the barrels put it
closer you know like behind them
first bill
trust me anybody that's not wearing a flag jacket will be killed with this as
people usually just run writers pointer to lead to run around that corner
farther quarters
canada as you see there's a chopper going around so i'm mistaken here at the
same town just peek out a little
and you'll see what the quote how much
the claim or sees you
enough he got there but you'll see what i mean by that mariah proclaim were by
those who berles'
choppers out so i cannot go out and start
if i could have been armed could have been arm
but the claymore
crack me up
thought does get harmed
he wasn't watching
that sounded
they get a little bit the chopper irish trains trying to figure out where the
guy right
painted on the bombs or anti or diffused herculean and kill 'em service army
buddies you see there's a guy coming up the left
as you might see me there and i trust them
i trust that might see me
well actually hotmail back me up and that's what you're supposed to be seen
and that's a great job for some people they don't care they're just
just walking around you know
foolish runoff bowl
d something
that guy
gate use other red dot on screen
helping out
that's uh... double rate kill right yelling kill
and for some reason is that it's a multi kilometer y
is that
isn't uh... multi kill
more than three year ford it's more the it's four it's for or more
but there was just double-click i don't get it
but anyways that's great
most like here which is probably the hardest
uh... she moved to compete in his teens you gotta get four people t-ball nam by
other names
yucatan stand there but nobody's gonna listen to you
cuts that the decision over stupid is this an analyzed at this i just
through downtown medically
uh... i thought i could get it before the enemies but that they're already
and so that's what happens
i got a big deal street guy got chopper
helped if there are no teammates around there
so any scary
and i'm just ticked off right now
so we kicked off
cases where it's my view for a minute
decrease but i don't think so
i am kind of mad disappoints
alike they took my kill streak and they're using it on me right now and all
my teammates ideas gave any need
a weapon of mass destruction
cannot really messes friction but you know what i'm saying he's getting like
kills every year
ten seconds
three or four kills at a time
locally reaction d
will you have a guy with
it's the lock on
missile launcher cannons so that's great just brought it down as you heard it
useless at ag gangtok
sorely like one or two which one person using
a ghost
desperate s k they're very few chances chances that i will not see him
i mean i hear the hwy n
and i saw that guy but i thought i kits skip third but he did see
and uh...
shymanski chopper right now what i'm actually trying to get in this building
that's and quickly move on to other building flood the choppers destroyed at
this point salaam safe to go outside
remain out
uh... i don't know why i think they did not get onto k
and uh... stanley shopping from that
on the rates
so i know he is there a lot to do it again
okay just killed quick
tacky sponsored their
s exposition
at their gang placed in that camp for that one
mighty made us he started using the bomb
though grenade out just for help small for cover
nevers throw smoke adults when you are defending you objective try not to
because what you're practically joins you covering politics
objective and buchanan shooting literally can't wait that's like
shooting up
i don't know
something in the sky
you know you don't really have a chance of
penetrating it or something you know i'm saying
and uh... you know so it's a great day russian tougher on that
onto the objective because i cannot see from our side
i can't see anything can see what's going on behind that car
can the objective
cannot happen here
just overpowered me with thank leo
i know he's there so i thought the grenade footprint steamy takes care of
the clinton he blows up
i still think there's a guy on their company so i read dot
that was the spot where i get killed
blind put that down the claymore
i don't know what happened
and here i think they're receiving a call yeah i'm sorry uh... didn't here
you're receiving like standing and doing nothing absolutely nothing because i've
got a
call for my mom
now so there was a person of my door
so at least himself
victims aren't tonight he gets killed by sewn in the building
memo yet killer
you know it's disguised using it and trying to protector
at the same time pizza reload and see how useful square was i was reloading
and so i would not will not be able to save the guy from confusing about my
claim were killed them so
we were sabers or lolz
so seventeen seconds longer protecting injective
the guy is dead
good gaya and uh... five seconds not chance for them to our anything takes
five cents to our bombs
and i guess i'll feel
seus lodge a replay of that
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the media deals
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alright tenured