Todays Music! Singer or Entertainer?

Uploaded by TomsBeenThinkin on 13.09.2012

im tom and ive been thinking again hey I missed you guys its been way to long
i got a friggen job at walmart unloading trucks do i like my job? do i love it?
no absolutly not so i dont really have time to make videos that often would i
rather sit here and talk to you guys? yah course I would I was starting to write
scripts and stuff like what i was going to say in the video bvut forget that
im not going to do that screw that ya i know my hairs long and red and stuff i know
ok? oh my god enough about me how are you doing? glad to hear youre doing good yay
today im gonna talk about music and what the hell its become all this auto tuning
and stuff you cant even tell who can sing and who cant what i think they should do
they should take all these top singers and put them in a room and have them sing see
how good they can sing live and when i say live i dont mean like hehe ey ok put up them
hands young money ye ye talk to em like actually sing your song a lot of them all they
do now is play their song in the background and they just say words thats not hard to
do now dont get me wrong im not saying they all
cant sing im sure a lot of them can sing prove it if you havent noticed all the american
idol singers can sing great live whys that? maybe
because they can actually sing if you cant sing live i wouldnt consider you a singer
id consider you an entertainer ya an entertainer thats
what you are its friggen ridiculous a lot of songs
today they're friggen about making money i get money i get money you give me money them
gold fronts them gold fronts i got money they give me
money i sing they give me money they be paying ones i be
paying fiftys or they sing about colors punch you in the head make you black and blue whatcha
gonna do when they come for you what the hell is
that thats black thats black everythings black my suit black
that suits black that trucks black my wifes black think up some words damn it so i looked
up how much nicki minaj is worth right? some sites say shes
worth 12 million some sites say shes worth 14 millionthey say
supposadly she made another six and a half million between two thousand eleven and two
thouand twelve im gonna go by the lowest side here ok i calculated
it out if she was gonna work full time forty hours a week
fifty two weeks a year five thousand seven hundred and sixty nine dollars thats how much
she'd make an hour isnt that crazy? making minimum wage where
i am is 8 dollars okay? If somebody making minimum wage wanted to
make what she made theyd have to work seven hundred twenty one years on the low end seven
hundred twenty one years thats such a long time me myself i actually
cant stand nicki minaj but i mean im not saying shes not
talented i dont even know if she is i never even really heard her sing live i have to
thank my sisters boyfriend for this one the younger generations arent
gonna know the old classics at all even a lot of my generation dont
even know it all theyre going to know is nicki minaj and lil wayne and eminem and stuff but
i mean the rolling stones peter frampton elvis tom petty they're not
gonna know anyone its gonna be like hey come listen to this come here come
here come listen to this mom mom what is this? its tom petty what do you mean what is this?
you be trippin ahh that sucks listen to this mmm pick up da phone
mm mm pick up da phone mm mm pick up da phone mm mm tell em tell em whos
there whos there id friggen flip out id be like listen to this please listen to this
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