El jefe se entera... también (reacción a los "Hitler se entera...")

Uploaded by infelix on 29.08.2010

Then, if we postpone the customer event one week
we would have one more week to improve the TV Ad
just in time for the holidays with a better impact.
No, that TV Ad should be ready TODAY according to the plan
Boss... About that TV Ad...
People was busy making funny subtitles for those "Hitler finds out..." videos
...and the Ad is not ready.
Those of you related to those Hitler subs videos, get out
That TV Ad was suposed to be delivered TODAY!
Is this the use for our Internet access?
Do I pay you for that??
All of you think I'm a FOOL!
- Don't worry hon, we still have our Blackberries
...also the %$*! twitter all day long!!
- Boss, I only use Plurk...
SHUT UP!! Who asked you something? -But, Boss...
You spent your time fooling around all day!
"Proactiveness" my ass! Playing with those Hitler videos in YouTube!
...or twitting all day long!
...even keeping stupid Farms in Facebook!!
Is that the work you come to do here?
All our efforts for this????
A year ago, I bought computers and a kickass internet conection
No more "Hitler finds out about your Mom" here!
I should've disconnected all of you from the Internet and used Snail Mail
In my times, there was no Internet, you know?
No followfriday, no follow1x1, no Chatroulette, no "I Like" button
Do you know how the Internet sounded back in my days?
Ungrateful people! The time and money I invested in you
All for this s/$*!
And you? fighting about followbacks and replies with RT
GAME OVER! I'll shutdown the Internet tomorrow!
and If I see you playing with a Blackberry, you are FIRED!