Em Uberaba as fortes chuvas deixaram expostos ossos de Dinossauros

Uploaded by dialplus on 30.03.2011

What hid the land for thousands of years, rain has revealed in a few months.
The rain that falls in this region every year
causes sediment to be removed
agent and things that sometimes do not have the possibility to find
during a normal digging, turns out to be.
Not only small fossils, such as major elements.
It was so early in the year
that paleontologists have found a whole Uberabatitan femur.
This piece of rock fell off the cliff edges of the BR-050
Uberaba, and the fossil was in sight.
The other half of bone still there in the rock
and will only be removed when passing the rainy season.
But researchers are already aware of this site
that the femur is in the same layer of rock
where fossils were discovered three other dinosaurs.
Close to the femur, a large bone begins to appear.
According to the researcher, may be part of the tibia.
Once the rains end in April
we'll come back here to take this long bone,
the other half of the femur that is back there,
and it certainly appears new individuals, new examples,
perhaps even a new dinosaur, or a new vertebrate.
The fossils are from the end of the dinosaur age.
Each piece helps science to reach the exact replica of Uberabatitan.
The titanosaur lived 70 million years.
In adulthood reached 20 meters in length and 3.5 meters high.
It is the largest of 20 species have been discovered in Brazil.