Genghis Khan Episode 10 English Subtitle (Captions)

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Zhamuhe, in the campsite of the United Army of 12 tribes
Envoy from the Qiyan tribe greets Guer khan Zhamuhe.
Aren't you brother Huorchi.
Thank you for still remembering me.
It's been quite a while since
you left me tojoin Tiemuzhen.
Exactly speaking, 18 years.
I've heard because of your merits
in setting him against me,
my sworn brother promised you 30 wives
after he conquered the grassland.
I admit that he once promised me 30 wives,
but I must deny that I ever set him against you,
because your good sworn brother
has been thinking about you all the time.
This time I received Tiemuzhen's
orders to send your gifts,
the ten carriages of gifts are right behind me.
What is Tiemuzhen up to?
He's herding cattle under the Gulianlegu mountain.
Didn't he ask you to tell me something?
Yes. To clear up the misunderstanding and restore to friendship.
Really? What's your opinion?
In my opinion...
Don't say it. Tuoduo,
Yes. Is the mutton ready?
Not yet.
Huorchi, there's no need to be hasty.
Wait for a while.
After the mutton in the wok is cooked,
drink a bowl of hot soup first
and then proceed with your persuationjob.
The host is so hospitable, Stop. Stop.
Why are you running away?
They will cook us.
When two nations fight they don't kill each other's messenger.
Moreover, Zhamuhe Guer khan
and Tiemuzhen Khan are good sworn brothers.
We three come to bring him gifts.
Zhamuhe won't
tarnish his reputation
because of us three little charaters.
Huorchi does have a glib tongue!
Tuoduo, Yes.
Get him a hot soup.
Drink the hot soup first.
Then you talk to the Zhamuhe Khan!
Drink. Drink.
Thank Zhamuhe Khan.
Do you want to taste first?
Zhamuhe khan is really generous,
after a wok of mutton is finally cooked,
he asks this guest to have it
first before he himself tastes it.
Uncle Talihutai, I haven't seen you for years,
you're getting fatter and fatter.
You're a senior, you should drink first.
These are new faces,
must be some noble guests.
Would you like to taste it first?
He did it on purpose. Drink after the soup gets cool.
Zhamuhe Guer khan, they don't drink.
Beat it.
Chief Tuoheituoa.
Chief Tuohetuoa, chief Zhamuhe.
Tiemuzhen and Tuowolin khan's troops
have broken through our front sentry posts.
Where are they now?
They've occupied Alansai.
It's situated on a commandering height.
It's very unfavorable to us.
No. Tiemuzhen sent people to negotiate
in oder to win time and strike first
Hurry! Chase Huorchi.
I want to skin him alive.
Why Tiemuzhen comes so quickly?
Why he knows so well about our movements?
I see, Dexucha.
Zhamuhe, you come to know it too late.
Why I didn't beware of this old fellow.
I didn't guard against this old fellow
Kill him. Cook him.
Drag him outside and behead him.
Let me do it. Bind him up.
It's nice here. Go ahead and kill me.
I have a question.
Is Shuchi my son?
You're Chileger, a Mierqi?
Go ahead and kill me, what are you waiting for?
Fine. You're unwilling to tell.
Then I'll ask Boertie myself.
Chileger, It's no use.
Shuchi is Tiemuzhen's son.
I swear by my beard
Shuchi is really
Tiemuzhen's son.
My wife told me,
she was pregnant before you snatched her.
No. You're lying.
Heaven can't be so cruel to me,
leaving me, a homeless and lonely man,
without any hope.
Ouch! Come on! Ouch!
Your face is only slightly burned,
If you got disfigured,
the 30 wives Khan is going to reward you will suffer terribly.
What do you mean?
How can you still make fun of me while I'm in such pain?
Huorchi, your wound is really worthwhile,
you've rendered the first meritorious service in this war.
Borshu, send out some sentry.
Let every soldier of our army have a good sleep.
In the campsite of the United Army of 12 tribes
Gur Khan, Tiemuzhen has occupied favorable positions,
I notice some tribes are already wavering.
If the battle begins tomorr0w,
I'm afraid the odds will be against us.
I have an idea.
Put the Hongjila tribe,
the Naiman tribe in front,
we and other tribes in rear.
Then they'll have to fight to death.
It's not a good idea.
If they're unwilling to fight,
No matter how great their number is,
to Tiemuzhen,
they are only a large herd of sheep to be slaughtered
I got an idea.
I heard Buyiluhei khan of the Naiman tribe
is able to exercise magic powers.
He can bid wind and rain to come.
If he can make it rain before tomorrow's battle,
it sure will boost our troops' morale.
Good, this is a good idea.
We're going to attack the united armies of the 12 tribes.
We can't chop off
the heads of 12 enemies
by one sabre.
My father's troops
will mainly attack Zhamuhe and the Mierqis.
We the Qiyan tribe mainly attack
the Tatars and Talihutai's Taichiwus.
What did you do?
Why the wind is blowing our way?
We can't even open our eyes,
how can we shoot arrows and fight?
I don't know myself. Maybe it's Heaven's will.
No. Heaven blesses us.
Chop off Tiemuzhen's head.
Attack and we live, Retreat and we die.
Attack Alansai!
Attack and we live, Retreat and we die. Charge!
Mount the horse.
The two tribes of Qiyan and Kelie attacked Keli tribe
Warriors of the Kelie tribe,
in the name of God,
I order you to destroy those satans.
Charge! Charge!
Chief, Tiemuzhen has routed the untied armies,
the Naiman tribe was almost annilated.
Today the game is lost
You can't be Guer Khan anymore.
Let's run away.
No. I can't admit defeat so easily.
What? You still want to fight?
Let's go back first
and defend our own Gulieyan
to distract Tiemuzhen's troops.
Chief. Forget it!
Zhamuhe only wants to keep his own forces intact.
Tiemuzhen won't attack his own sworn brother.
Anyway, let's go back to our campsite first.
Defend the Gulieyan, protect our subordinates.
Only if Tiemuzhen wouldn't attack us first!
That's Tiemuzhen.
Shoot! Zhierhuoadai, hurry, shoot!
Father. Khan.
Brother Father. Khan. Brother.
Suck out the extravasated blood in his wound quickly,
or he'll die.
Let me do it.
Khan, khan's injured.
Khan is not injured.
We can't stop the attack.
Keep the battle formation, defend your own position.
Put khan's clothes on me.
Uncle Aletan.
Someone seems to be shot.
It looks like Tiemuzhen.
Dalitai, let's go over and take a look.
Uncle Aletan, uncle Dalitai,
brother Huchaer,
where are you heading for?
We want to see Khan.
What for?
Is Khan...
Control the army, charge with Khan. Hurry.
It's a sharpshooter who shot Khan.
We can't attack rashly.
Don't get too close,
or they'll recognize you.
Tiemuzhen. Tiemuzhen
Zhierhuoadai, you are not a sharpshooter.
Why Tiemuzhen was not shot?
Are you sold out to Tiemuzhen?
Shoot him quickly! Hurry!
If you don't shoot him dead,
tomorrow I'll kill you.
Hurry, shoot him.
Brother. Brother. Get down.
Hold out! Hold out!
You want to die?
Hold out! I kill you traitor!
Chief, we'are in a war,
we need every man.
if you let Tiemuzhen out,
I'll throw you into the wok.
Unle Aletan, what's the matter?
I want to see Khan.
Khan is asleep.
Really? Or he has...
I don't understand you.
If you're not an idiot,
you should know.
If Khan is dead,
we must elect a new khan,
we are senior noblemen of the Qiyan tribe,
we ought to shoulder the responsibility.
What are you talking about? Get out of my way,
you have no right to speak here.
Muhuali, you damned Zhurqi,
do you want to revoltl?
To enter Khan's tent without permission is to revolt.
He's a desperado,
don't argue with him.
What are you doing?
I've heard you.
Khan is only slightly injured,
it's not time for you to scramble for power.
I want to see my good brother.
Then leave your escorts here.
Follow me.
Huchaer, Tiemuzhen is resting, don't bother him.
You alone enter the tent and take a look.
You go away.
You go and take a look.
He's really alive.
His neck is bleeding
obviously he's alive.
He's still bleeding,
then he must have problem with the blood circulation,
his chance of surviving is slim.
Uncle Aletan, uncle Dalitai,
this time luckily Hasar
and his three brothers are not here.
Once Tiemuzhen dies,
I will support one of you to become the new khan.
Let's think about it.
These sly foxes. Aunt.
Why were Uncle Huchaer and others here?
They come to scramble for the throne of khan
while your father is suspended between life and death.
I'll kill the three of them
to get rid of root of trouble. No. Brother,
now we can'tjustify our action,
rather it'll cause internal conflict.
What do you suggest?
I suggest we arrange everything
as if Khan were not injured,
it's the only way to stabilize
our armies and destroy the Taichiwus.
That's my opinion.
It isjust your opinion.
OK, tell me how?
I mean,
no matter when Father wakes up,
we'll have to wait till tomorrow to destroy Talihutai.
Third brother' s words is so obvious.
I agree. Right
we can't let him escape again,
tomorrow we'll get rid of Talihutai.
We can't do without a leader,
otherwise we can't fight,
and it will give opportuntinies to those three guys.
Right. Borshu,
you were appointed by my brother
as leader-of-people when he became Khan,
you go head and make the arrangements.
Whoever dares to disobey your orders,
I and Shuchi will kill him.
OK, we all obey your orders.
Fine, I'll discharge the powers of Khan for the moment.
Muhuali. Yes.
You go and tell Suorhanshichi,
ask him to go back to the Taichiwu campsite.
Tell everybody, tomorrow morning
Khan will launch the attack,
we won't kill anyone
who surrenders or gives up resistance. OK, I go right now.
Get up. Don't sleep anymore.
Get up.
You'll get enough sleep
after Tiemuzhen chops off your head.
Get up. Get up.
Stand sentry well,
if Tiemuzhen comes to raid us,
sound horns immediately.
Get up.
Aren't your wife and childen behind you?
Get up.
Don't you want them to
be butchered by Tiemuzhen?
Get up, all of you.
Don't sleep anymore.
Why you sleep again?
Well, Tiemuzhen is not made of iron either,
can he do without eating, drinking and sleeping?
If he raids us,
it must be after midnight.
Zhierhuoadai, I think you'd better get some sleep.
Dad, why you come back so late?
Did Talihutai find out I had left the campsite?
He's too busy saving his own life to bother with you.
How was it? Dad. Go.
Dad, you are back?
I'm back.
Have you seen Tiemuzhen?
Yes, I have.
How is he?
He's as strong as a fierce tiger,
as soldierly as Haidongqing.
But I can only remember
what he looked like at the age of 16.
Well, Hedaan,
let dad talk business.
Tiemuzhen said,
he'll attack at dawn tomorrow,
he wants us to tell the Taichiwus,
Tiemuzhen only takes revenge on Talihutai,
as long as the subordinates surrender,
they'll be guaranteed safety.
Tiemuzhen won't snatch their wives and daughters,
he won't plunder them either.
Great. Everybody has been dissatisfied with Talihutai,
let's go and persuade everybody to flee,
tojoin Tiemuzhen. Don't rush.
Wait till after midnight,
when Talihutai and his men Now go and sleep.
Sleep sound. Yes.
Dad, does Tiemuzhen still remember me?
Yes, he even asked about you.
About what?
Whether you're married or not?
In the campsite of Qiyan tribe
Are you tired? No.
Do you want me to replace you for a while?
It's ok, grandpa.
Go back and sleep.
I can manage.
What's the matter? Grandpa.
How's your mother?
She's fine.
Does your father treat your mother well?
Very well.
What's wrong?
No, nothing in particular.
We haven't seen each other for years,
I thought I could see her this time.
Oh, grandpa, Father used to take Mother along
when he fought,
but this time he asked her
to stay home and take care of grandma, so she didn't come along.
Which one of your brothers
does your father feel closest to his heart?
Um, I never thought about that before.
However I feel Wokuotai and Chahetai
always set themselves against me,
Tuolei treats me much better.
Shuchi, you're the oldest son,
you must be tolerant of your younger brothers,
and filial to your father and mother.
No matter who tells what anytime,
you must remember
you are Tiemuzhen's son.
I know. I won't disgrace my father.
I'll outdo my brothers.
Khan. Khan...
How far I have traveled!
I couldn't find a drop of water in the endless desert.
I'm so thirsty.
Khan Khan.
Brother. Father.
How is Khan?
He bled too much, he's thirsty,
get him some horse milk wine.
We need to find him some water.
But we don't have a single drop of water in the barracks.
How can one find water now?
There's one place.
What place?
Taichiwus' Gulieyan.
Since they bring their families along,
there must be horse milk and water there.
I'll take some men to snatch some. No,
their Gulieyan is almost impregnable.
Then what should we do?
Steal. Steal. I'll go.
What are you doing?
Don't bother.
Wokuotai, you follow me,
I'll grope my way in,
you wait here for me.
If I get caught,
you go back quickly to report, let them think up other ideas.
Uncle Zhelemie, be careful.
Death is frightened by the smile on my face.
Horse milk
You stay here, I go there.
I will go there
How is it going? I find. Horse milk
Great. Run.
Where is everybody?
Wake up,
don't you see everybody is gone?
let us run also. Hurry,
Wake up. Wake up.
Everybody has run. Hurry. Run.
Get up, hurry, wake up
Why so many people have disappeared?
Where is Leleche?
Who is it?
It's me, Suorhanshichi.
Suorhanshichi, where has everybody gone?
everybody has his wife and children.
The Taichiwu tribe is finished.
Zhirhuoadai, come here,
I have to talk to you.
Tuoduo, Tuoduo. Hurry.
Chief, what's the matter?
Look, were are our people?
Chief, maybe they all ran away?
What? All ran away,
Tuoduo, go and prepare the carriage.
Hurry, let's run for our lives.
Hurry! Tuoduo!
Chief, now we have
to go separate ways.
Tuoduo, don't abandon me.
Tuoduo, you sly fox,
how dare you abandon me and run for your own life?
You bastard!
Chief, what's the matter?
Nayaa, please help me run,
I beg you.
Chief, don't worry.
I'll go and prepare the carriage.
? Good. Good.
Khan. Father.
What's that?
Father, it's your blood.
Yesterday you were shot in the neck,
it's uncle Zhelemie
who sucked out your extravasated blood.
He even
Swollowed some.
Thank you.
Why are you wearing such clothes?
I took them off when I went
to Taichiwu's Gulieyan to steal horse milk,
I was exhausted a moment ago,
after feeding horse milk to you
I fell asleep without wearing them.
I remember,
I asked for water,
you went to Tachiwu's Gulieyan alone?
If you were caught by Talihutai,
would you tell them about my condition?
Uncle Zhelemie took off his clothes on purpose,
he said if he were caught,
he would say he was going to surrender to the Taichiwus,
but it was discovered by Tiemuzhen,
his coat was taken off
but he managed to escape
with only his pants on,
so he was half naked.
I think they would believe me,
perhaps give me clothes and entertain me well.
Then I would steal horse milk and sneak out.
to them this bucket of horse milk means nothing,
but to us this is
our Khan's lifeline.
Zhelemie, I was definitly right
when I appointed you as leader-of-people.
I will bear in mind forever
such loyalty of yours. Khan.
Set off.
Since Khan Tiemuzhen is severely injured,
he can't command the troops by himself.
We need to elect an eminant and highly esteemed man
to temporarily replace Tiemuzhen to command the whole army.
Right. I suggest Dalitai,
a senior noble of the Borzijin
tribe to replace Tiemuzhen.
It's not necessary. Borshu is one of the two leaders-of-people
appointed by Tiemuzhen,
he's fully qualified to command the whole army.
Right. We're willing to obey uncle Borshu's orders.
I won't obey his orders.
What does Borshu amount to?
Dalitai is the grandfather of Shuchi and you guys,
it's him who is qualified to command the whole army.
Look, Khan Tiemuzhen.
Khan Tiemuzhen. Khan Tiemuzhen...
Distinguished Tuowolin Khan,
your son Tiemuzhen has once again
led his army to attack the Taichiwus and the Zhadalans,
he asked you to continue to attack
the Tatars and the Mierqis.
I know. Thank God. Set out.
Wait, father.
What do you have to say? My son.
Do you know which among
these 12 tribes is the richest?
Of course the Hongjila tribe.
Why Tiemuzhen leaves
the Hongjila tribe to himself?
No, he's attacking Zhamuhe
and Talihutai. That's a lie.
He leaves fat cows and goats
to himself and asks us to eat bones
Tiemuzhen is not such kind of person.
I don't care what kind of person he is.
We've come thousands of miles to help him fight,
how can we return with only
our wounded men and the heads of the dead?
For Christ's sake,
don't argue. Shangkun,
what's you opinion?
Warriors of the Kelie tribe,
follow me to the Hongjila tribe,
there they have treasures snatched from the Han people,
which you've nevern seen in your life.
Go with me and get them.
Hurry! Grab!
Give it to me.
Father. Look, Zhamuhe.
You said Tiemuzhen went to attack
Talihutai and Zhamuhe.
Zhamuhe is here. Whre is Tiemuzhen?
You two go and outflank him.
Don't let Zhamuhe get away even with one goat skin.
Brother, Zhumuhe ran away.
Brother, I'll go and chase Zhamuhe.
Chief. Get off the carriage.
Nayaa, where are we?
There's a woods ahead, go and run for your life.
Nayaa, do you want to abandon me?
Talihutai, when Yesugay was alive
he called you Hulijinzhalihai,
you are really a selfish and greedy feillow,
and a cruel despot.
You, how dare you scold me?
I'm your chief.
Right. If I were not aware of that,
I wouldn't have saved you.
Here you are already outside Tiemuzhens' encirclement.
Hurry and run for you life.
I'm going tojoin Khan Tiemuzhen
who's worthy of my service.
Nayaa, you basdard!
A wicked man
who betrayed his master.
Tiemuzhen will
kill you,
It's all over.
Tuoduo, you're back finally.
Hurry, help me.
I will never forget you in my lifetime.
No, Talihutai,
I come to ask
you to save my life.
I used to by Yesugay's escort,
I left them because you abandoned Kerlun
and his children.
Later I helped you oppose Tiemuzhen a number of times,
now the game is as good as lost,
I have nowhere to go,
do you think Tiemuzhen will forgive me?
Right, then what do you plan to do?
Well, now I think only your
head can save my head.
Ah! You!
Tuoduo! Don't! Tuoduo.