Dr. Oz: 15 Minutes To Health

Uploaded by TempleUniversity on 21.05.2012

>>Announcer This is a production of Temple University
>> Participant I came here today to see Dr. Oz because I am a personal trainer and I wanted
to relay some of his nutrition tips to my clients.
>>Volunteer Muscle screening is for height, weight, BMI, cholesterol and general health
questions. I'm a surgeon but I like to give some time to the community and I thought this
was a good project to screen people. >>Participant I had a concern about a psoriasis
problem that I'm having. It seems like he just knows so much.
>> Dr. Oz I think that by coming today you may have saved your life.
>>Volunteer He brings them over to kind of a community level instead of being up there
inside cyber space and tv all of the time. The fact that you can dedicate 15 minutes
to get a general birds eye view of your health and then you can do it with even celebrities
helping you it shows that if they can do it you can do it and you can probably apply this
to your general life.