Why Your Voice Matters

Uploaded by whitehouse on 14.02.2012

Natalia: I'm a perfect example of what speaking out means.
I'm here at the White House.
I met President Obama.
I shook his hand.
Megan: I just -- I, you know, shared my story with the
White House, had no intention of hearing back.
But now I really feel that I'm being heard,
and it makes me really kind of invigorated.
Mikio: I had a chance to come to the White House today to share my
story about what losing $40 a paycheck would mean to me.
And I think it's important that people take the time to really
think about the impact that the things going on in America make
in their lives.
Georgina: It's clear that your story will be read and will be
considered and can have a big impact on the White House and
the President and the people who are making decisions,
so it's worth it.
Suzanne: I have never in a million years dreamed that I would
be sitting here and talking to you.
I sent one in just thinking, well,
I'm just going to add my voice.
And here I am today.
Theirry: It's been very heartening for me to see how effective I can be,
how, you know, just sending a letter, an email, making a call,
doesn't go unnoticed, that they're actually -- there is
actually somebody on the other end, somebody who cares about
what you have to say.
Ahmad: I think it's very important for the American people to stand up
and be counted and make sure that their voice is heard.
Jill: Speak up. I never thought I would get invited here.
And so always make your feelings known.
Be civil, be polite, but be firm.
Donya Maria: I'm really encouraging you, because I'm just
a regular citizen.
They called me and asked me my opinion.
They wanted to know what I thought.
They were inspired by my story.
And it could happen to you and anybody else.
Ed: We're all in it together.
And we all have to look out for one another
because we're American.
Pat: I encourage everyone out there to respond and let
others know how you feel about what $40 would mean to you.
Quentis: So if you have a story that you want to share,
I know the President wants to hear it.
And I would encourage you to do as I did and submit your story
through WhiteHouse.gov.
John: Don't discount your voice.
Your voice is important.
I never thought that my letter would be read, yet here I am.
I encourage you to submit your stories,
because nothing changes without grass roots support.
And this is the very definition of grass roots support.
It may be done electronically or by tweet in this day and age,
but it's still the same.
You can make a difference.
Don't shortsight yourself.