Jude Law & Film Nation: Shorts competition - London 2012

Uploaded by london2012 on 22.09.2010

We are here today with Peace One day at the Petchey Academy to launch the new strand of
Film Nation, Short Switch is Truce.
You know we are incredibly proud to be working with London 2012 and you know today is obviously
the launch of the Film Nation shorts competition. To have a strand called Truce is very exciting.
It's a beautiful partnership. The London 2012 Olympics is a real opportunity
for not just the capital but the nation to come together and what I have certainly learnt
through Jeremy’s organisation, Peace One Day, is that the route to getting people together
is through young people and so if schools, teachers can use this to initiate and become
part of the nation celebrating this incredible demonstrating of truce as we just said and
unity, also of creativity and of course physicality in the sport is a great thing.
It’s been really great as I haven’t meet Jude Law before and it’s a really good moment
It’s a big privilege. I didn’t think he was going to talk to us at all!
Like in primary school , when London put their bid in for the Olympic and we got it , my
mum was screaming as she was so happy because she thought that I could make it to the Olympics
and I was like Mum, I’m too young, I’m too young! So I think its a good opportunity
for young people to show how they feel about the Olympics and what they can give.
We don’t know when the Olympics will come back to us. This is a really great opportunity
to embrace the nation as a whole and this is a really good initiative to get young people
involved in it.