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Uploaded by geraldekkbk on 20.06.2010

I want to briefly talk about right now is a campaign
This campaign was started by some diehard Whtiney Houston fans
Dont even try it, I'm one of those 3...
Of course there are millions of diehard Whitney Houstons fans! Come on now..
They are just not as out of control as Beyonce's or Michael Jackon's fans
Some fans are more silent and deadly than others
So you are saying fans are like farts (jokingly)
Yes, somtetimes. Sometimes they are
But Anywho, a lot of WH fans have joined together to create a campaign that is
called FAM,
which stand for fight against the media... and basically its in regards to a lot of the
unfair media coverage and biased media coverage that she's been getting in
to the concerts
A lot of places that have been writing up the concerts...
the articles have been pre-written like a couple of YAHOO
or in a couple of places...
they just assume that it's gonna be bad and they'll pre-write the articles
and their not giving fair media coverage and interviewing a lot of the other people
who stayed at the concert...some of the people were leaving from the concert
and some said it was horrible
but at the same time if a couple of hundred people leave and
you still have 10.000 there
why not interview some of the 10.000 that know what I'm saying?
So basically they have this campaign that they've started and they're trying to
garner support for it
If you wanna find out more about the campaign that they have
just go on facebook and type in FIGHT AGAINST THE MEDIA or you can
type in FAM
and you can find out more informations they have a twitter page,where you can
find more information about it
Thats ...
Whitney Houston and you'll find it, ok?
That sound pretty cool though....
Yeah, I mean, you know...
it's not right,because I feel like she has kinda taken over the place of
Michael Jackson, when the media needs someone to pick on, someone who's
legendary and iconic
and I mean, Whitney Houston, I mean... she's right up there
You say certain legends in the same sentence together
Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Janet Jackson ...etc...
And so it's like they have nobody better to pick on, but somebody who's getting
her life together
I'm definately a part of that movement, because I'm a huge Whitney Houston fan
You better sign up!
I already did!
Don't lie, your nose is growing...
Anyhow, its a really good positive campaign and its just in support of the
Diva, because she's trying to get her life back together and she's continuesly
getting attacked
And yes, she's gained a little bit of weight lately....but ok....SO WHAT?
She was too skinny, they had to digitally enhance her and put skin on her,
now she's gained a little bit of weight... it's like when are we gonna be happy!?....
People need to realize that it's not 1992, she's not gonna sing like The
Did you just wake up from a time capsule?
I mean goodness, gracious,so...
People who are complaining about her concerts, it's like you really have nothing
to complain about,because u knew!
It's like, if you go to a Britney Spears concert and you leave complaining that
shes lipsyncing...
Are you serious? You know?
Whitney's voice has encountered some damage over the years,but she's still one
of a kind and she still puts on the best show and has the best stage presence...
That's what it's all about! The show and the show production...
and how people feel...the connection that she has with an audience is pretty
much unmatched...
People are crying and she always some type of gospel medley in her concert
so people leave feeling inspired and so I fully support this movement and I fully
support Whitney Houston for all that she's
given to music and to all her contribution...