ISS Update - Jan. 9, 2013

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And good morning from Mission Control Houston and welcome
to today's International Space Station Update.
The crew of Expedition 34 hard at work at a full day
of quite a bit of maintenance and experiment work,
starting off with Commander Ford.
He began his day doing a glove exchange inside
of the station's BioLab Glovebox,
just a routine replacement of those gloves
that keep the astronauts safe while conducting experiments.
Following that he started getting some components ready
for the annual removal and replacement work on the Waste
and Hygiene Compartment.
He and Chris Hadfield will be working extensively
on that today removing some of the urine components.
Aside from that, Ford is spending quite a bit
of time right now over in the Combustion Integrated Rack.
He's replacing hardware for the Multiuser Droplet
Combustion Apparatus.
It's one of the combustion facilities onboard the station
for performing different controlled explosion
and fire burning and suppression of solids experiments
in a controlled environment taking advantage
of that microgravity.
Moving on, our Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy is performing the
Russian Bar experiment which is an ongoing look
into the selection and testing of different methods
for tracking any potential depressurization onboard the
International Space Station.
He was joined in that by fellow Russian cosmonaut
Evgeny Tarelkin.
Aside from that, doing some maintenance ops onboard the
station removing and replacing one of the overlay panels inside
of the Russian service module.
Meanwhile, Evgeny Tarelkin again is giving Oleg Novitskiy a hand
with that Bar experiment looking for different means
of depressurization and also lending a hand
in replacing that overly panel.
He was also taking some photos
of the ongoing Plasma Crystal experiment which is a study
of growth of plasma dust structures inside
of zero gravity.
That experiment was being run
by our third Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko.
Again, that Plasma Crystal a fairly complex look
at studying the behavior of particle clouds
and also the structure of different plasma dust crystals.
Aside from that plasma crystal experiment,
Romanenko is working inside
of the 49 Progress vehicle today removing some
of the cargo loaded on.
He also transferred some trash
and disposal items back in as well.
Moving on, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is spending quite
a bit of time today over in that water,
Waste and Hygiene Compartment.
They're doing an annual overhaul of all
of the urine components inside.
He'll be replacing the urine valve block and also a number
of the urine lines and pressure sensors
and also the WHC's flush water tank empty pressure sensor.
Aside from that WHC work he was working
with the Reversible Figures experiment which looks
to investigate whether the perception
of different figures is affected while these astronauts are
in that microgravity environment.
And our final astronaut onboard the station NASA crew member Tom
Marshburn was continuing some work he did yesterday
with the Environmental Health System setting
up some acoustic dosimeters.
This looks to track and study the sound loads throughout the
station to make sure that it's all within acceptable ranges
for these astronauts onboard.
Then finally he'll be working
with the Capillary Flow experiment today.
It's a fluid physics experiment looking
to investigate how various fluids move
up surfaces in microgravity.
The results hoping to eventually improve current computer models
that are used by designers down here on the ground
as they continue to develop low gravity fluid systems.
It could potentially improve the fluid transfer systems
for both water and fuel on future spacecraft.