Holiday Recipes: Healthy Spinach Artichoke Dip

Uploaded by runDisney on 17.12.2012

Hi this is Tara Gidus, I am the official nutritionist for runDisney
and we are talking holiday.
I know you are in the midst of your training
and you’re going to use that as an excuse.
“I can to eat whatever I want,” you can’t.
So what we are doing is making over some of my favorite holiday recipes
and you are going to love this one.
This is a spinach artichoke dip that is to die for.
Now normally spinach artichoke dip has a lot of fat
because you have full fat mayonnaise, full fat cream cheese, full fat sour cream.
This one is cutting the calories in half
and I have cut the fat by two thirds.
What we’ve done is we have substituted using plain yogurt,
and yogurt of course has protein, it’s got calcium, vitamin D,
really good things for you as a runner.
We’re also using reduced fat cream cheese,
and that actually gives it a little bit of body so you have something to dig into.
And then of course spinach artichoke dip,
you’ve got artichokes. Artichokes are the highest antioxidant vegetable according to the USDA,
and spinach right up there with it.
So this is really good to help you protect yourself from the inside out.
Now what are you going to dip into your spinach artichoke dip?
You are doubling up your vegies by getting those in there.
Of course if you wants something you can do a little whole-wheat pita,
whole grain chips, that’s going to be a great option as well.
So I hope that you have a wonderful holiday.
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