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It's Tim McDonald here with the Community Manager HangOut here to do
everything by the campground
and today we have a fairy
very special topic and and nobody people michael was customer experience that he
would be new lender but if you know me
and here in this group before you know that meaning as this is much more just
socal media
is off
or complex
that it takes to really
perform your job well and this might not apply to everybody but it applies to
many commuters the customer
answered today i have a very special guest at uni bolsters who i know she's a
personal friend of mine from chicago we served on the social media corp
uh... chicago board together are we work very closely together and were also
personal friends said this
is a very special occasion for me to have g here and we'll get to hurt a
little bit
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um... as well so she's leading up to and so
there's plenty of activity going on a quarter as well as listening to what's
going on here and you know first of all i just want to let everybody know
there's a couple exciting exciting things happening and what kind of recap
this is the end but you know really if you if you're not aware mentor
appreciation day is coming up on monday january twenty
it's a huge
date for commuters it's not just for community
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on so without further ado let us get introductions thirty year aunt
and while ideas and look up of of the content of the day and i don't know peru
or do you have those slides readier i know you describe how also and i just
don't we know it name enter the day ones
that unfortunately i didn't have anything prepared
updates on an appointment my
unprepared miss on you
the da everywhere we won't have a side but i do want to go through some of the
community or the day on if you're not aware communion or the day at something
or devoted to different needed her
each and every day of the week monday through friday
in their own words are sharing their experience
their hips
their history when they woke up to a conferences are looking to go to what
books they pound valuable so there's a whole
bunch of different content and and information that comes from used
individual mediators which is
very exciting very insightful
and uh...
you know it was kind of an exciting week that'd be earlier this week because we
had quite a few different people and on monday we had elliott boatman
university of read it which is
you read it on twitter and i gotta tell you i'm not a big brother person but i
want a lot from what he was talking about we actually traverse quite a bit
during the weekend so i'm really excited for and you can't follow an apt
determined wiser on twitter personally work
he also runs the
uh... you read it that's just the whether you remembered it
twitter account
next up we had our first andy a comedian and a romp i'm speaking from the
minnesota timberwolves came up alan and it was manager of the day on tuesday
very exciting to see
on he's doing some interesting things that he's actually going to be writing
about um... a campaign that he's running uh... if the person of an inspired a
type of the people me in
need professional sports industry kindness campaign he's going to be
sharing a greater i might be better which is pretty exciting too
and extn redact
aren't we just had to have this plan this week g we had your community
manager enrollees um... on wednesday to directly image of the day and image of
the fantastic person she is also a personal friend of mine on the ad
and has an amazing story because uh...
for those of you
don't know and you probably don't know what you read her story
on and actually dot but you never let it
you never see it as a is there
you know holding her back in any form or fashion on and she had a just like a
great story and g_m_ dassault so glad that she is with you
uh... at as a small business
you know have anything in your i'm really interested to hear your take on
that too so hopefully of cheryl a bit of that and then omg yesterday we got it
we went to education ad
jeff hoping from alum
connecticut college
and he's on the con c_o_n_ and college and uh...
he's also jab hogan
j about
he'd pay ally and um... on twitter so that was pretty exciting and then today
we went back in the sports and brew
i know you're disappointed he is a queen and her perky v_r_ but it's not pabst
blue ribbon it's professional bull riders
incorporated so very self-critical its children still very cold very four so we
had on mac and today i think that
which is very interesting to see
we we hear another sports but not one that many people were aware of or at
least that week he wrote in the midwest and in the northeast odd you know
professional bull riding so it it was very excited nuclear aren't going to
help you get started and some of his inspiration sir
that's our committee member of the day and if you were interested
just go to
cutting it
their boyfriend anup you have today
excellent entirely hi how are you
uh... i think you might be muted and it's a little
uh... microphone button operating on the yourself
canceling the challenge
uh... they go here at
soco kennedy's yourself
every girl arent so uh... my name is calling entertainment community manager
virtual hostage since a community of people who are dying so it's that big of
a challenge
the biggest challenge that cancelled are and that this is like risking as you can
see company challenged
that welcome and that they haven't seen you allow i dot
started from
has turned twelve
arsonist sounds like you're ordered to your voice today
uh... and i'll just skip all received from a
uh... everybody uh... i'm monies brew uh... house approval right winger i work
with bt c revolutions uh... and uh... do community management's uh... social
strategy things like that so
very happy to be here hopefully tim as your video work in an evident in are you
as they come back in my heart yelling hey nasa will develop overnight he
learned then you could take over control again
have any names for the at work for and the integrity of the communion and
you're based in denver so that this is pelli
mate and thirty five pdt
she now so it's been nice to hang out you guys recarey
i don't think this is a good when i was doing when i did realize that i was that
something was going to mexico obama scientific battle and a m thunder
lightning and ryan also the commander oppose life which is light three network
of improves and i will pass a property sherry
anybody in this area in the next meeting and aesthetic experiences at fifty eight
inherit their estate applicant has no experience with the and
so and i also haven't exactly in step to take that back ming in texas if possible
now looks like a stage a stop in as well do you have a second introduce yourself
yes sir
expected barrister and actress and work ants asset
uh... he
often and i guess i
breakthrough i think we got everybody narrates inside yet we have everybody
uh... not and without that uh... anti for our guests so
are ready for prepared for
i don't know what he hurt is yourself but i a guy ready said that he has a
friend of mine she also served on the board is our committee probe chicago
when we were both in chicago she still is on the new york on and jeannie runs a
company called three sixty an accelerant gee why don't you just tell us a little
bit more about yourself
and operate on the yourself
excellent point
i think about it
activate and i mean it's jeannie and i recommended three sixty ca next week
focused and has turned to read it value asians
we do the quality and its
analysis so essentially it's walking through the customers actual experience
and we have nothing called customer experience investigation we used to do
what paul somewhat but you know i'm i'm really interested i noticed might be a
pretty obvious question but i think it's the one in that's very important d_n_a_
move on
it's wouldn't be poor a new u_n_ met you in person i'd only heard up customer
whom you know so you can you really need to help the poor justifying it will cost
more experienced is for us
sure it's actually not that these are the questions related question
there are several different definitions of esther outcome of the customer
experience world and a lot of it deals with perception and how does that
customer perceive your company
the way i look at it is customer experience is really any
interaction and then the some of those parts
from win a customer who are potential customers should say becomes aware of
your brand
all the way through when they either exam or start advocating for u and there
are lots of things that can happen in between so i really look at
one of the small moments that add up to the baker experience
uh... they're usually some big milestones in their but it's really the
everyday interactions that we talk about those people
because humans are really emotional
and i
dhea has become a big part
uh... and
analyzing the customer experience which is important
humans are just totally irrational life an emotional and
so we talk about the little things allot and that's really what adds up to that
perception of the middle of this company as a customer
or do we hate this company enough to start talking about them
and taste ok
through every camp
so i think what that you just started crying too
show us how mandatory should be concerned with the customer experience
sites and i think they had misled highlighted attitude nobody you know so
that being the definition
what exactly is the difference between bad and customer service
that way i look at it is customer service is very reactive typically
if you think about how customer service reps are you going to finding a job
a lot of things it's about being the recipients of those inbound calls its
sitting in call centre
responding uh... too
customers who were calling in usually to complainer ask a question and it's very
reacted by cuz
your experience in order to really be agree 'cause for experienced it has to
be proactive and you have to really look at
planning the ideal situation and then every action you take
trying to make sure that your living up to that ideal scenario and the customer
service group and customer service in general is their because there will be
times it doesn't happen there will be times you have unhappy people and utah
people with questions and all those things but again that's very reactive as
opposed to proactive
with cats restaurants
so i'm just curious uh... for those of you that have been on the hangout or
haven't been on the hang out you know one of my rules as you take a seat
carrying out the fact is that i wanted to speak with you
bleacher seats with russell workers and watching movies name
uh... and so this is the part where you can actually jumping you don't need to
wait for me to call on you
what you think
customer experiences or what the differences are do you agree with with
jeannie that'd
ones more reactive and proactive
i'm curious because i think that's a great definition but
also can see some differences in different organizations so does anybody
have any thoughts on this
but something since no stepping into a lake
customer experience has a lot to do uh... with edf bb being out there you
tempted to every single touch tonight throughout a customer cycle uh... and
uh... so so that means if uh... if you have parted brand ambassadors and you're
sending them something in the mail uh... that the boxes perfect do you think
about when you open the box what they're seeing next of what they might be
smelling i mean if you're taking a part of all the senses uh... to to really
uh... you don't drive entire experience not like over in a cinema boxes that we
happy for that comes as one example
event wholeheartedly agree with that and i think that you bring up a really good
point that it's not
it's not just
the big moments and it's not just those things that are in the box it's really
think you know everything around that
i think it is expected to get my book but i completely agree
uh... i work with a hair care company and you know it's not a rental feature
people you note about something that day so think about me wanna share you know
something that people can
you know action it's very packet how it's very colin about how the packaging
will compel um... it's really helpful to have a keypad everything from the weapon
of bacterial you know from the text going from a fail do what they get once
they open up our computer thing post a picture although things are really great
expelling committed to make sure that your community it kind of having a very
magical you know kind of secret you notified he patted experience a out
where they feel like they're part of your brandon away but if you need to
enterprises democrats european rates rise yevgeny aggregate providers also
denise is we did miss you and i just added a write-up about that that on it
looks like it's gold-plated n
i want and accurate
colored gold medal winner bumping up what i what you
what company are you with a wet wet you know what they're working with a new
uh... and mother cac hamanaka act and act on a mac on happening on an adult
aid accurate back in
acrobatic at a company carpet at the clock again but you can't buy me buy and
and practical acap
uh... it that it i think that he could have been can company they founded that
california and that makes it harder for the better part of a virtual member for
perfect boat we're glad you're here so
pompous attitude i mean
some great points as anybody else have anything
you know statewide right
down it with my aren't you
uh... x there
it's what you do warriors nor service countries
uh... i'll agree with you that is that there was some correct
uh... early in the development of a premier
analog and attorneys experience from an interactive exceeded that that is if
there's a little bit of park that all of our my experience there unless the
author of the service
marrinson is really nothing to do that on my overall experience battery
other attitudes there's sort of thing out
cousin services reacting in customer experiences proactive code or any
it has the older
to began a career that customer services that require the customer experience
and i think the way i look at it is
it's kind of a nap
where somebody finds a grant all the way through in customer service has to be
part of that
and but i think from the customer's perspective a lot of times
it feels like
brand of the company didn't
plan enough they were not proactive in us
and that's really what causes
so many of the issues and that's what causes that feeling out
by all that after we have discussed here is the more accurately put in to get
something that should be easy to
leslie like a variant
i think the chances
sunday but i know you're gonna hafta we've been a few minutes uh... did you
have anything you want to try and then wait before you had to go all
uh... conference
this magical place on earth has
might suggest
it is
functor after
listed as perfect as they possibly can
there's never say goodbye
got straps that you can see its concept
parts of it
experience there
is perfect
proactively not many
reasons for that
you know when my favorite examples from disney is that one of the most common
questions after parks
guests ask
any of the workers is
what time is the four o'clock rate
print and i love that example because essentially
what they figured out was that people were saying
what time is it going to come troops here this spot where i am
and so
what they did was start
training all of the people
answering that question in that context
and i think that's a brilliant example being proactive and really thinking
what is the actual customer experience and not just checking out the list
one n you know uh... junior i install medical customer experience from your
own one-sided respected and i think i think about it
it wasn't that creative ideas that they parasite so um... said you do it
i guess that that comes down to dealer started talk about
disney and and mediation to rephrase his question a little bit differently but
your what do you do to increase the happiness reading
so i guess
your what do you do to increased uh...
the magic you don't have that repeating of their customers in your community
it really is something i think that there's so many different things but
how'd how do we actually kannur
grease the bargaining you you started giving them for disney but earlier other
ones are there other ways that we can do that
yet it would have answer this question it feels a little self-serving because
one of the things that
is just that
truth is that
we as people
have so many responsibilities especially now
we're all doing like three jobs
at once
we all know that report is due freya gotta get this and i get that so it's
very very difficult to actually step outside of that role and look at the
customer experience from a true outside in perspective
so part of it is
making that a priority and you'll see that the best companies like disneyland
zappos like
apple uh...
i have an opinion on that lately too but
they are really looking at that experience
if you take justice standard kind of shopkeeper
a lot of times they walk in the back door every single day
so they literally never walk in the door that their customers lock into and so
they called me lose perspective
uh... what does this look like walking in
and i think the same can be set
and for a lot of software as service companies alliance
financial services that was brought up a rainy and banking things like that
we get so ingrained in our own kind of cultures in our own responsibilities
that's very difficult to get out so that's that's one thing i always
the other is to really
only look at reports because records are fantastic but they don't give you the
full picture
really challenge yourself to look at a reporter and if you see the slightest
in a significant metric
really challenge yourself to go look at me
what is causing that
because the slightest change is the window into the future and if you can
find something
one person is upset about
and their vocal about or that they're showing you by walking away that means a
lot of other people will follow them and so it's really important look at those
little things as well
so do you have understood kind of question you're going to bring up
something that's very quotes to what i've been dealing with here in the past
couple days movement is you know what you say
if one person's local that means a lot more are or
you know that you know
i think that you have any statistics any figures on what that number is or what
one voice represents
they changing a lot actually that one of the common ones is one in nine my kids
you know if one person
tells you something of means
nine more people are thinking at any given time
really believe that slow statistic i think there's
lot more and the other thing that i've been really exploring lately is
when you talk to brands about customer experiences elections there endgame
trickle is uh... brand advocates for evangelist
they think that's kind of day
you know goose that lays the golden egg because they're gonna get you more more
customers which is true
but i would argue their a couple different categories of advocates where
there is very active people we all know then get out there and tell you all
about the brandon denny
anytime you talk to that
than they have a different recommendation and then there are kind
of the restaurant
school are not really wants to go on all of our social network
since april of this brand so much just because
but if somebody asks for our people and we're certainly going to tell them and i
think the same can be said for negative
so there's a lot of silent negativity out there
the brands can't even access that they don't even know what's happening
people are just
you know silently recommending uh... by saying
going down with and shaking her head
or even within their own social circles that princeton and access to
just sharing it darren you know you're not necessarily seen that and so i think
were becoming uh... little more
disjointed in some ways because we used to be able to really
see all the brand messaging that was out there and now people are getting much
more sophisticated in our social networking is getting more sophisticated
and i think where weird
you know relying on each other in a very different way than ten years ago
and so
it's a challenge but i i would argue that
at one oh nine members really really smile so i would love to find better
stats than somebody else has those
please let me know
consider that you don't have to have us that fit to speak that it does that have
ended up you can actually did talk about you know what what you're doing or what
you say you know what you want to try and achieve so probably you know we we
haven't heard from you since introductions you have any ukbhat sir
and don't forget on newt
dispensing translating all of this into my context which is dead
cases still ranking he's pretty sure it's inside in at least in
canada rehab i
universal health care so where really quite reluctant to think of patients as
customers and i think that this attitude is quite transferable and actually
should be translated into vacationed experience we should be giving us that
the customer experience at least in in delight the way that you're talking to a
teeny uh... and i'm thinking of the a story that time uh... someone twelve
years of hospital administrator and just noticed no one had been in the waiting
room for and extremely long time
and he brought her chilo
uh... you know she might not remember exactly who brought her in a tell-all or
why but she does remember it that become predator in the time of year s
and tag that's probably the patient experience that she's going to take away
from from that interaction and uh... it's likely to have made her had a
better ache medical experience
and uh... i think that that's really translatable into um... all of the
experiences that you've been talking about
yang telling i would also add that healthcare and education and there are a
few other groups like this and patients are one
group of customers but then you have patient families who has all these other
groups you really have to think about their experience from their unique
perspective as well because they have influence over the experience of the
patients rates so and healthcare has done some really interesting thing last
year's at cleveland clinic is a great case study where they actually developed
a patient experience team essentially the and one of the major things they did
was re i designed the their hospital down because they've realized that
nobody likes to have their bottom hand
notices state had
i think it was they had diane von furstenberg actually happy and design it
so it's a rap hearing and it made everybody so much happier and it was one
of those things that they actually you know
it's one of those things that that patients have said to nurses for yarns
anya everybody just accepted as part of the experience and so making that small
change made big big difference in the experience yeah absolutely and have you
know it doesn't mean that we can improve very experiences and refer to them as
customers even though it's not by choice them
well you know it's ok talk about the patient experience and
uh... you know in keeping the line of work you do you have a whole community
that really has to support this person in a very difficult time and i would
imagine that
by looking at those different scary incidents
and really thinking about what is lettuce the ideal situation there
which is essentially hospice about is all about
may ten and
you know this will probably lots of opportunity to just take it up that next
level because i would also
out also that that most people who go into that landmark have the right
outlook be really are fold the empathy and compassion and healing insecure
starting from a really good that's because sometimes that's the biggest
battle is having a great people in in the room
maxim thinking thank you
but the president what do you what do you think uh... what are you seeing you
did with what you do i mean how are you trying to raise the bar with the
customer experience are or do you even have any and you're already paying what
at new york in your position
so thing that's happened to be really helpful is those markets last year space
for pastor his car accident dot gov elect tracking chat
and the person that they may be talking to your p
if they contact us that way
sometimes sales on you know it's or people who just had to help astrakhan
cuban exiles
and if they call a they're working like green real estate and retailers abuses
that have not necessarily
susanne lowing another
industries for social media and technology goes
any comments that i mean the incident uninspired really copper having such as
smart as being able to see that that happens is messaging
already starting with a_n_c_
test is the same way no matter what in that that really helps the customer
experience because
they're not going to limping on one
uh... network and then something else that i think our are actually
you know try it out that some on our website so thats
something else
jimmy a bit much time six thirty in the day fifty pass at the same time that's
colorful to our customer experience environment
and utility over cats matter that the entire sales process at that because
they are enterprise
company and we are asking business business
they also have the same messaging and we sit down you know frequently and to make
sure that we retired is saying thank you for having the same
uh... handle accidents fact our customers and
asleep but i think
really amazing things about working at a start-up is you've got a small
team here working with him
they just
subject matter
and christine brennan agree upon
uh... really
kind honoring the way the customer wants to interact with you
because a lot of times if if you're online and you just like that
send a quick chat
to a company and they don't have that option and says come here and then you
get dumped into press one press to that's really frustrating because it's
not the way to customer chose to do business with here so the fact that
you're offering
powell is different avenues is important
and allowed companies don't do that
so i actually a little bit different uh... most of our followers are
rather than customers so we're not actually selling a product anything
and that some of them have been now working for a while and ready for
children peso been unemployed for a long time and uh... lately the huge majority
of our callers are uh... college seniors but in just about to finish and get out
into the world and and in the economy is doing better but it's not great and so
they can really frustrated when they get yet another
you know turned down from another job n and so it's been really hard to tightest
yet keep trying keep fighting for its people crying
here's my god you can try for and derided as a kind of depressing after a
while and when they keep getting that knowing it's difficult to keep going
at being positive
uh... you know really bring up a great way to the f_a_a_ and and i heard this
with the with the patience to is you know at the too often we think about the
cause your experience when we're only talking about
because it has worked costumer net and i think it's very important to understand
and junior i'd like to hear your thoughts on this is
that should really be
anybody that has the potential to be a potential customer or share news or
talked to her influence a potential customer
serb experience right
a it does cover like humanity waitress
getting crazy and their customer experience people who really disagree
with me on this subject so i should say that because some people really believe
it is when you talk in your door
and actually commiting cusrep that's when you start hearing about them but
the great brands we see that it is all the time they start tearing about you
just because you're you do not share i when you become a test for
you must
proud of it
so there's a company out of mission call mustafa that just such an amazing job a
community building answer all the community managers here aware of them
they're really creating cusrep spirits waiting for people become customers
you know another great examples were be parker they do agree chachi only so if
you look at how
you know i wear glasses utterly sick a few years ago but companions
tentative order signed just because they've been sony's and uh... so that's
why i don't have mine
smart girl classes are
the whole idea of customer experience
it's great that people are talking about it
but what makes me nervous as people get very overwhelmed because it can be like
oh my god how we can attack of this and
so they start
segmenting it and they start making the silence which is exactly what ails the
customer experience
so it's interesting right now because i feel like two thousand twelve sky new
interest for experienced became a buzzword
for marketers and other people
it's not really just about
experienced either in a lot of times the assumption is its retail only where it's
online only it's all these things only and i really look at it was a very very
proud linz
so that that's a perfect segue into the next question which is
how do you see community managers are committed to departments working
the moderates
experience departments on because even though we do part of it you know a lot
of companies have different departments of handle that and so how do you see the
two rolls kind of working together
well i think it's essential that they do and
one of the things that i've seen in call centers
starting to translate i've noticed into tuning and spent in one of those things
is that
the best call center brass are so good at their jobs that people comment if you
they got their money
great any can move on
it's not captured what people are coming in for over and over and over
coseratz could look like a superstar but you're not really proactively solving
problems and one night
have a situation where
calling in after signing up for something 'cause they couldn't care and
hi sign in again and rats were just answering this question all day long it
takes thirty seconds everybody's happy
nobody was really seeing this as a pattern because it didn't fit into any
of that predetermined check boxes that they were again and so they just said
yep solve the problem
so which many management i think you guys are
in the front lines of what's happening you really dictionaries mccormack's
because oftentimes before somebody will pick up the phone and call company
you'll start seeing waves of what's causing pleasure displeasure weekend the
online community and within what they're saying and how your engaging with your
customers online
i would say that
you know if there's a way
to make sure that whoever is responsible for the customer experience and
unfortunate this isn't well defined
company to company says sometimes you've gotta qasr in sixteen summons you have
to be p of marketing is really the person who's in charge of caspar
experiences there
if you can only work directly with an anyone's week at a check-in in st
these are the patterns were starting to see we don't have data yet
but this is what we're starting to see with hearing more and more people say
where noticing that people are expressing this
we're noticing that people share that's and it will start giving you clues as to
that matter of what's working what's not for customers
and if they can react to that and helped you actually taking action on that
and that's when and how many sharp
the worst is when customers are saying things over and over and over so they
say more we hear you were listening and that person might be listening
but if they can turn that into meaningful action
then it feels like well
what we do and we're just
talking we're not really walking the walk
when i i just i dont and an orphan from power to just put out that i'd give
everyone in your organization the scent of ownership over the customer
experience including collaborative internal communities
and overnight talk about actually internal communities before side-by-side
harris is coming but i think that's a very valid point of all i really see
it's moving forward as you said year two thousand
farther than that of the buzzword of cme experience and i was really connector
maturing in growing now and i i think units headed in that same boat were you
know it's it's been a buzzword i was there will be pretty tough thirteen but
i really think it's gonna start maturing evolving and an internal communities and
i think really establishing a higher organization over the past your
experience is going to be very critical
well in the point about individual ownership isn't excellent point because
it's not part of your culture chat living breathing
qasr experience
and it probably won't work
when he had employees that are steer full of maybe making a mistake in
alleging so that they can feel confident in themselves and that you know making a
split decision that's in the best size of the customer none the end it and if
they're not being
held back afraid reasons
so alley uh... we've heard from carter you evans
coconut yet on uninterested because soup it's not it gives companies so you
probably don't have a separate customer experience department but i think you do
have a separate customer service department
circle as you know kind of how your working as a community or within the
past mercury in strong
uh... manager either an here
uh... right here
with the inadvertently
uh... it com
we can leave anything out it's not a lengthy hearing
you know i have been out of the activity installer and a m
you have you heard perfectly lafayette
you know that there were your acting
it reflected behead uh...
million-and-a-half may thirtieth programming our notebook was fascinated
grant ordered alma at the
here in the end of our india
it at that rate and that you had a people there
looking into the air
who didn't know if you don't know
your indictment into are
one of the line
work are
permeated mother and a peeler crab iron
in mud
uh... and wanted me and or they
what the did or
occurs before hai i a m that mike i couldn't keep i think one of the fact
that about popular order better knowing that they were really get records but
papa know that one or two
you know we talked a lot jeannie about
i think overall just our community great or our customers
all of us
what we refer to is our best customers and so you don't want to do with the
customer experience to make them
dot customers
feel like first part of something really special
although this question and i think
few companies really take advantage of this
sometimes it's frustrating when you are uh...
really trying to score to brand and you're not
recognized as
you know thanks for getting madder and so they shared their we love you to know
everything and so i think
part of it is
we as humans left to be recognized like that so
simple recognition can go a long way
on top of that really being proactive about finding out customers want
and inviting some of your best customers into a test for advocacy group for kinda
spectral community
where they can get previews to gains they can be part of
product design or
uh... any of those tennis
sneak peaks
that can go a long way and then
you know i think trade now especially there's there's a big trend towards
uh... discounts and rewards
a lot of companies do this but maybe not in the way that make people feel very
valued i would say surprises are great
so when you surprised like a software s service company that i've worked with
and in the past they actually will
go through that once mined and pick out like ten customers we've just done with
them for a long time and just bought a review them
like for six months to a year and send an email and say we just know that you
are a product and we're really happy that he has a cust for so here you go
and nine out of ten times was that customer new they talk about it they get
online and they say can you believe this company did this for me and i'm so happy
and everything like that
and then there's also on
there's also a lot of damage occasioned dynamic customer experience which is
at which time you know people like to kind of go through and get to that next
level and have fun around a special community and so i think in a management
is actually a huge part
of rewarding your best customers
okay valued as alexander here going right and i i doubt it
carry on this particular question you identified
assisting in the comments excellent ten tonight now u
and latin america that's right and it's a has got some experience in running for
president keeps being naked there
aforethought this
uh... anyway
and i think that that that they're there
into with god customers and that could be fun
and actually but the catholic i'll bet you know i thank you i have not been
uh... estimates are la reimbursed by the president did not know if you think
let me actually uh... able to login the
the the
lafayette orders versus ad
corroborative because it may be keeping this person
amended and needs a day for them and us that the wants customer that may be a
tough he's been consistently spending
play six hundred dollar every so often and that's actually more about that
so that a lot of a lot of stays on the offensive threats by may be able to pick
up the line to be able to weapon u_p_s_ fat
and they progress dot
uh... in
privately reporting from the lab monetary value
alone or in a defend them up
they may be don't normally upon each month if in fact above its effects that
at about five a share
uh... expecting down all the time to get
uh... acceptance
but uh...
at today anything and some politically correct
while stating
defining their best customers are and how he will define them
is really important to know
because if you're just picking it based on
you know maybe dot longest
uh... ten-year or the most
money in a year uh... they might not be
your best customers and i think part of this israeli looking at
gauging his participating in who wants full of as well
do you share
do you share that created
the criteria for makes this constant
as that but yes durian savior when in fact there's not really know it just
depends on
anyway our goals at that point a reluctant interest like thursday than
explicit plans they're going to be talking about you know via
and it just depends on what your organization's or diet that when
i think there's a little bit of a teenager and in a uh... you know i think
that i think he just finding kind of korea best customers but i've had a look
at night
in the u_s_ treat every customer interaction like you're with the
prettiest girl at the dance uh... because you know you you never know
uh... if you don't look what happened prompted a recommendation that person
might have for you because of that green action you know you want customers is a
wow these guys are all awesome
and uh... and and and not just for you know set so you're always trying to go
over the top uh... not just you know kind of but you were saying before
bumgenius check marking off ok cool i i responded to that sweet or you know i
get distracted that so yeah i i totally agree and by also dead
my soapbox about windy day tells part of the story
and a perfect example is i had a couple
different bank accounts for different means
and i'm a small one
at chase just for cash and staff and they keep signing a marketing materials
for like
i twenty-year-old college student like i don't have my own credit card yet know
how these things that it makes me feel like they don't know me at all because
they're just
looking at
v rehired data
figures and not looking at the big picture and i think that
define your best customers for the sake of if you are doing every word program
art you have a special community art
trying to build and i think that's my definition is very very important
because you want me to the great people are included but i totally agree with
what you were saying bad it's really important to treat everybody as if they
are the i_p_o_
because otherwise you run the risk of and ignoring people that happens a lot
or were just kind of being apathetic about a huge cricos
your customers
when i i just i a m brewing you get it done and i think a naked to the point of
meet the whole experience being much greater than just your customer because
you never know who
wife when
something magical going to happen right and what's gonna spark that through that
person's going to be to be that spark and so it really is making sure that per
everybody that's potentially coming in contact with you your service your
products your message
that it really is
going to be done something to remember in a very positive way that a good way
to go to sum it up jeannie equity
hi actually agree and
was saying before that
like you were saying it's not customers and everybody because
who's to say that the person that you
either embrace or turn away today could be a customer in the future and so if
you're really looking at revenue our bottom line
and that's a good way to sell it because i've had experiences and i'm sure we all
where you interact with the brands
the first time in you think s and never ever going to be a customer
and you tell people about it so even though they have no idea who you are at
your another databases
you are going around azadeh tractor to their brands
and the same thing can happen on the flip side and so i think if we all look
at it as
we're all candidates together and we're all human beings and world is trying to
get stuff done and has a little bit of fun in our day
and the world a better place
well then other than the part that we all get uh... do you get to go burgers
and what you do for a living you know weather
uh... i'd
desiray without internet ethnic letter that you know
i don't really
that how interval about it but
how do you know
what your favorite way
you've helped improve the customer experience for one of your communities
i think that a lot of it has to do with
making sure
that the people who are interacting with your customers
actually are
had the rate information to rachel's ener
the right people because if you hire ronke for customer facing employees and
you are
somewhat doomed
so i i i like really looking at that side of things through who is doing at
the customers and how can you help support them in the past
and you have any anybody
at for example the audit brought to us
that's hard for me to do it
real because they were quite so anyone who can say all the brands and all that
and so if you don't want their island off but then we can let everybody else
go any cat
media of his own though
welfare the story will work with and talk here in a while
referendum got the only thing that
grab-bag calling you haven't talked for awhile carter we haven't heard from you
since the day
uh... third
the with there
and other or saluted unit
here's his answer
a surrender that isn't what it is
users require line
all the citizens of the money just about every single one of them
anterior were able to
deteriorate advocate for your expectation disposable the required but
i think that that's there
another people now if there are
that there is no anywhere he wants the utilize of the rear of serenaded repair
repair visually and for u
i have one uh...
bailiff when i first i would not have been about meeting with them at that
particular client fairly recently um... no one was replying to their atropine
and all around this town
you know it like
allowed their speaking directly to you do you realize you need a way back a
little um... you know and it's in it and i get it you know a lot of it if you
know chatter about customer if you've got a product and they're just you know
kind of and where it's conduct that american killing on attack at the end of
the congregation of i want to be to everything apartment you know and say hi
ito thank you claire you know liking our brand thank you for by interbrand pinky
fourteen addict
edited and i remember you have a few naked and that they're trying to let you
get separate wading in every person and going to email the item still kind of
wading through the water that that uh... what i think that you know i thought
unread package today i think but i think i will have a heart attack
you know came from a building and really make a different regarded to be you know
care being able to go down you are out there and i hope you and thank you know
and you know how appropriate is that you're actually talking to report on the
gave that answer so because this is what i call upon them
business owners are what i have but i can tell the people when people
popular mentioned you went with her when the rate on your face book page it what
they would you ever think of not picking up a telephone when it was great
and the analogy that idea of the end and you just give them point while you're on
the phone so it was like the because of the perpetrate old arken ahead
and and
oberoi group access it's el nino another wit it's finally say like that but the
phone analogy because
but sometimes that's what i even think about when i look at uh... distasteful
lol where all the is is someone just clicking like understand that's it's
like answering the phone accross wrote to say something to you and you just
smile uh... you know like just take the extra seconds to get you know to to
actually respond to that minute you know just slow down for a minute in response
and and i can go a lot heat even bigger than alike
i've ackerson really believe that at the end of the day
we are just one
to interact with human beings and so the more that we have evidence of that the
more we are
happy were happier customers and we're loyal customers because we'd like to
interact with people
i don't approve of you who don't know when you're in a global hangout the
local private out but if it is that if they don't know if anybody dot it but
um... obviously cool cat does not support or anything else about the board
but they spoke
yukon for the palms offered to the white so i try to get through it uh... how
that before i get but it didn't work the but
the the
and that is that it would have gotten rid of the government that they don't
have anywhere
little candid of what they've done or what you know what they just need to
really you know
really make their experience with their customers change
calendar thought through my company faces either lists a right graveside
services axis star
it's pretty terrorists it it worries and and excite services
or and some lessees seventy-two alaska someone's and they talked often
increases on pakistan side as this little things like that if you want to
talk to you know where people are all the time you know there is a leading as
minority you're talking about our tax you get the people who are really big
ass cgc parents at it takes their time
referer are and credit that a good morning exit arctic
so this is in some really simple and
that having at the correct link invalid and that idea uh... let her first
started we had close that would go from the twenty capital case but close to a
and enjoyable creating an hour
bad grammar and spelling and a link didn't work and and as simple as that is
getting information correct isolate that's priority number one
before you can even sir having copper stations of people about the content you
half half the rate information out there so i think it's not really silly to say
that that's one thing at a fixed i got here that is not silly and also i a tiny
by i in both non-believer and to use this one a women's working with her
f_m_c_ isn't it
all about shearing the linked directly to our to where you want people to go if
you're making them go to your home page and then finally event and then find the
registration page and and you know i think that is the worst
experience that user never have a specially when we're in this mode of
doing everything fast
taking clients
as especially between him and her to share the group wrapped
linked to the information that the person to ask for is so
the time it takes i mean it's so simple but i did totally great so simple but so
many people overlook that very fact
let me get a coaster after because the more after your meeting somebody take
like every step of that you're making additional effort
tactics away at their loyalty enact their happiness and so why not me
began as easy as possible so that
they don't have to put in so much faster
also known as the better fantastic uh... jeannie working everybody finds you what
your website what your put her hand all
how can they find you
and my website is three sixty ca next and spelled c_ o_ n_ n_ e_ e_ xti
dot com
so its connections and next and and and also jeannie
with two ends g_a_ and and i
ec w and treanor
and tonight
and also into the past
and face back in
linkedin everywhere and i'll let you guys you're doing great luxury customers
so keep it up
please flatbed that you and thank everybody on that point they announced
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