Annual Cart Marking Ceremony in London

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\f0\fs18 \cf0 Getting your vehicle marked with a red hot iron may sound a little odd
but at the Annual Cart marking Ceremony, vehicles are literally queuing up to face the heat.
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\f0\fs18 \cf0 This is a traditional event organised by the Worshipful Company of Carmen,
and is held every year in the summer. It's origins can be traced back to the fourteenth
century when only licensed and marked carts could ply for hire.
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\f0\fs18 Today, the ceremony sees a spectacular array of vintage vehicles process from Gresham
Street to the Guildhall Yard. Carmen bring their horse-drawn waggons and carriages, steamers,
veteran and vintage lorries, buses and coaches, modern trucks and tractors to be branded.
The Company's Master and the Lord Mayor mark a wooden plate, with the year letter and the
car number with a red hot iron. \f1\fs24 \
\f0\fs18 This signifies that Carmen are still the nations carriers and the City still retains
it's right of marking. \f1\fs24 \
\f0\fs18 The event usually starts at approximately 11.00am, and is a great opportunity to see
an old London tradition as well as some classic vehicles.
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