CoolSculpting by Zeltiq - Dr. D'Amico Treats Dr. DiBernardo

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Hi, I’m Dr. Richard D’Amico and I’m working today with Dr. Barry DiBernardo. Dr.
DiBernardo are going to demonstrate the CoolSculpting by Zeltiq today. And in fact, Dr. DiBernardo
has been courageous enough to volunteer to be our patient today. So we’re going to
put the device on Dr. DiBernardo, and you’re actually going to see it working to remove
some of the fat in his abdominal area. As you know, CoolSculpting works with a cooling,
or heat extracting technology. And it is designed to remove some of the fat in the belly, love-handle,
and bra-line areas. This is applicable to both women and men. We’re going to show
you Dr. DiBernardo’s procedure today. Thank you.
Hi, I’m Dr. DiBernardo and I’m going to be getting a Zeltiq treatment today on my
lower abdomen. We have to determine if I’m going to have a small or large applicator
placed so I think Dr. D’Amico’s going to see how this fits with the large applicator.
So we’re going to do this side right now. How does that fit?
I think it’s good, it fits, and contours, and we’ll have some sufficient depth so
that we know to use the large head here. There’s a smaller card, which we’re going to get
in a moment.
Thank you. This would be useful in a smaller area. You can see that the areas to be treated
can be quite large with this for the abdomen, and smaller for the flanks or love-handles,
or even the bra-line/back-roll in women.
Okay, so now that we know which head we’re going to use. Jennifer, do you want to start
the application process? So here’s the Zeltiq machine, which is going to apply the cold.
What we’re doing now is the cold from the device does not touch my skin. What she’s
doing is applying a special liner here, which is going to protect the skin from the cold.
Now this is a little chilly itself, but she’s going to lay it down nice and flat. So that
is the barrier between the skin and the applicator, she’s making sure there are no air bubbles
in there. Nice and smooth. Excellent. So this is the applicator, the large one. There’s
a suction going on right now. She’s going to place that, carefully, over the area that
we want to treat. Now that’s suctioning in the skin and fat, and she’s trying to
make sure that there’s a good air seal there so there’s no leak. Once it’s applied
like that we have a special little pillow that holds it in place. And this way it supports
the weight of the applicator head.
The treatment takes 60 minutes total, and during that time, whoever’s doing the treatment
can do work, can talk on the phone, can work on the computer. And if I need help or assistance
for anything, I have this little button here that I can press and the assistant has a beeper
that’s in her pocket here, if I need anything I’ll just press this, and her beeper will
go off, and she’ll come back. There it goes. Come right back to see what I need. So while
I’ve been talking here, the treatment’s already on, the suction is in place, and what
I feel is the skin and tissues getting a little cooler. It's going to keep getting cooler
as we go on, but at this point it’s certainly comfortable, and it doesn’t hurt at all.
So we’ve been going on for a few minutes now and I’m ready to do something else,
I feel something but, again, it’s not uncomfortable. I have my control. They brought my computer
in, I can adjust my height so I can start working on the computer. Oh, and actually,
before I start working on the computer, I do need to make a call, so I’m just going
to call and get someone to bring my cell phone in. Can I have my cell phone please? While
you do this you can work on your computer, work on your cell phone, listen to music.
So I can start calling. We’re 15 minutes down-range. I have the applicator in place.
It feels the same as it did the last 15 minutes. Doesn’t hurt, maybe feels a little cold.
At this point I’m just used to how it’s feeling, I’m working on my computer and
I’m actually not even thinking about what it’s doing. So far, so good. Alright, we’re at 30 minutes down-rage now,
about half-way through the procedure. I’m working here, I’m getting a lot of work
done actually, because otherwise I wouldn’t stay put. But, the treatment’s going on.
I’m not feeling anything different than I felt at our last check at 15 minutes. It’s
not uncomfortable, it feels a little cool. Soon the machine is going to start, actually
it’s doing it right now, it’s going to start massaging the area to disperse the cool
thorough the tissue, and it’s starting to do that treatment now. So far, so good. Alright,
so we’re now at 45 minutes, I’ve been talking on the phone, still working. The feeling
of this has kind of faded into oblivion because I’m now used to it. It’s not uncomfortable,
I’m not even conscious that it’s there at this point because it’s at a steady state.
So we have a little longer to go, and then when we’re at the end at 60 minutes. We’ll
come back and tell you how it feels. Thanks. Alright, we’re coming to the end. I think
there’s about two minutes or less. We’re going to get ready to take the applicator
off and that will complete the 60 minute procedure. As you know, I’ve been talking to you, It’s
been comfortable throughout. I’m still comfortable. At this point I will be finished. I think
it’s just about time. How many seconds left? Five seconds. Okay. So we’re getting ready to take this off.
She’s going to release the suction. I’ve been comfortable. This will come off, it just
feels strange. She’s rocking back and fourth. There it is.
Okay, I’m here with Dr. DiBernardo who has just completed his Zeltiq treatment. He looks
pretty good, he feels good, and had a productive hour. We want to emphasize that we feel that
this technology is going to help people who want a limited fat reduction. Particularly
in the abdomen, the back-rolls, and the bra area and the flanks. These are areas in both
men and women that we think that we can get a modes fat reduction. It’s particularly
good in people with a healthy body weight. Now, let’s also realize that people who
want more fat removed, or greater sculpting or greater amounts of fat really would benefit
from traditional liposuction and the technologies related to liposuction. The nice part about
the Zeltiq is that there’s no pain, there’s no down time, there’s no incisions, it’s
all done externally, and you can be productive during the hour that you’re being treated.
We want to emphasize that each area requires an hour to be treated. So being productive
during that time is very helpful. Liposuction has a place for everybody else. But for this
group of people, and we think, men in particular are going to flock to this because there is
no down time, no anesthesia, no blood work, no incisions, no pain. We think this adds
a weapon in our armamentarium to deal with fat. Thank you.
Thank you, and thank you for watching our production.