WWE News: MAJOR Problems With WWE & CM Punk's Relationship

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it looks like there's a major discontent within the relationship between cm punk
and every WWE for past few weeks
the report say that somebody regarding a huge talent pointing out to this pic
meant that the product was still
it was assumed that john seal with that person however
p w insider reports that the other people are saying it was parked who
actually spoke out
i don't know what's going on but the fact of the matter is this the important
is a
by me he'd superstore
regardless issue listen to uh... probably look what he's done in the past
year the company has progress
i call there's actually thusly unplugged error
our love watson's the import and finally you know cmp argue that he'll
and he is starting to get that heat
looked on sentencing employed as a really good talent
if they put this to waste i will be really pissed off i'm a huge punk band
and i'm gonna say this
i watch there will be right now
because of cm punk ncn park is not even on the show i'm not even interested in
watching it
now when you know around wrestlemania crown royal rumble com i'll watch it for
but you know cm punk
if he's on a card all water is not fair is super star on the roster they where's
there's a major rumbling going on within the company itself and there you know
nobody's treating unfairly and i do think that's right and they look at it
the way the rug johnson hasn't already being promoted for wrestlemania poster
and over here too when i'm reading this article on the internet it says that
nothing has been released
for promotional material regarding in a wrestlemania even though
sample i guess they like that you know checked it for years straight as
probably the hardest thing
in the company itself all in the following really pisses me off whenever
i read this as you guys or denote the rock is supposed to face it champion at
the rumble
and the champion is going to be cm punk obviously i hope so
i've been reading about this
for past few months
probably talked at least maybe ten times in my videos i've mentioned that over
several times
if the rock wins the championship if he takes it away from cm punk
i will be really pissed off and over here in this article itself is says at
the rock goes over a cm punk at the rumble
ponce reaction could be potentially
beat anger
do i really have to talk about this i don't think so coming for the real fans
you guys know what i'm talking about
before some of the people we don't even know about this thirty million of the
rock since have been moved a little of the rock you know rocky road to you
uh... ki
no of want to see that
because guess what's gonna happen at the rumble
rock with the championship right
guess what bra mobile is going to lose a frickin championship spot
after two months later
he is probably going to be in a different country shooting a freaking
movie or something
and that's a true fact
he doesn't have enough time for the fans
i want to see the rock
i don't want to see him like this you know as a champion that's not going to
on what if you do win i won't be losers pretty soon
i hope he does and i better hope they do it for a younger talented i don't want
to see see the winning the championship it better be cm punk or somebody else
also in this article says uh... that i've seen park is supposed to be on the
talk and a show after walking dead when it comes on i don't know how many of you
guys know that show and i dislike bunches arby's itself is pretty awesome
i wanted to
well some people actually do what's in that was pretty popular
anyways cmp long walk to the religiously
and uh...
as as the thing where you know definitely want for can promote its i
don't know why
it's pretty weird and also there's a basin parade in chicago and they want
promoted that he's going to be there
so i don't know there's like uh...
major separations between the uh...
company and cm punk they're like kinda not agreeing on things
hope for the best hopefully they'll get their stuff together and uh...
everything will be back to normal
there for three years
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you guys next time