The Annoying Orange Youtube Poop

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christianity and islam those different threats the vitality of promoted well
personalities extremists the fundamentalists typically on the vine education the first
hence they were taught potential
islam undermines the very essence
of list will constitutional democracy
the rights to free speech
this is typically done by suggesting that anyone who criticizes islam is
committee have been tolerant think
books if you'll please is course the people of white plains into building
than it needs to be scrutinized in a public forum
they let me make the lives of
disagreeing with someone is not a hate crime
and I think if to pick up by Islamic schools and that the Pentagon with lieutenant or any
any criticism
the sort of packages and then I may fifth and that by trying to spin and make people
of silence on financial I think
you say to some of the prequel but polls of your opinion
for instance suggesting that you think the blues
the peace lama to is not a hate crime
suggesting that people either islam should be killed
is a hate crime but what is the penalty for apostasy what is the penalty for a meeting
with him take the fifth on the country the mission is very clear
applause the to see upon opposed to these don't with the death penalty in Cuba the against
if that is the central town of if you're a victim of the great practice a few minutes
it's a hate crime in a more than with woodcock
the purity of free speech is arguably of prime factor and it's coming but the whole
I don't want it for this war
Justice it is political moment the
health of the the of constitutional democracy
I personally have a panda both vigorous and at times vicious critics
you know I understand that if I had the power to silence and I do silence them
that this would simply group the with this form
and the integrity of and the things that I said on it
I needed that can support the harsh on of public scrutiny of harrelson is
these infinitely more pliable in an idea just can't tolerate the criticism of now
yes he too is a company who will inevitably suit the bottom line
how do you keep going to society it's parties us
he's connected disservice to the provide not allowing ideas of
good and past to be subjected to lucas group
recently goes oh my God it's Chris and you cannot tell both the videos which to be quite
Frank at the most
meet criticism of islam taken out full community five times why they should
bullshit that I no longer have the right to call these religiously motivated actions a
hate crime
and what is the word at this war
only a lot of wind
we were told were before
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