Fernando Bruccoleri Interview John Poliquin: Director of Grave Encounters 2

Uploaded by FernandoBruccoleri on 16.01.2013

You see that horse? Is moving
recording this?
Hey Fernando!
This is John Poliquin, the Director of Grave Encounters 2
Well John
thanks so much for giving me opportunity to make an interview I know you are so busy at this time,
making some any projects, so my first question is.
What do you expect from
the first
movie of Grave Encounters?
uh... i didn't write personally i wasn't involve with it
i had seen here through uh... the Vicious Brothers who are friends of mine they
showed me early cuts i visited seven they're shooting and i knew they were
making something it was really special and i had a good feeling that he would get great
uh... from audiances and it did
so my expectations for them was that video it is going to you know become definitely so
that you will be bob buzzing about talking about it did
that was awesome
Did you got it?
I can not believe that
As we know
Grave Encounters 2
was released on
on October 2 of
so what people will find
in these new movie?
Grave Encounters 2 uh... was written by the Vicious Brothers and it's a question for
uh... to the second film in the first film by starting it
not in the insane asylum
but film school senate so what's very different about this film is the first
section the first act to the film
is really kind of more an investigate for a film
of comedian audience
any follows uh...
our own particular alex as just a discover clue
who's leading the bully
that the events that happened in the first floor of Grave Encounters as a real
or actually real
and basically he decides he wants to go investigate
uh... if
that the characters in the people from the first film actually or killed
insane is out
so he travels with a group of friends insane asylum
at that point
it kind of returns to the similarities the first film
and it really becomes you know total
uh... stanford still show
and out paranormal things certain occur
so the main difference is really that opening and once we get back in there
it's kind of new
and you know all sorts of crazy effects
that killer all of our characters
so you know
so the similarities and differences from the first one
and uh... because you have a little more budget as well
in the second film we are able to do
uh... you know some bigger effects and big stunts
and ... just
have you a crazier time so of you guys
we know you are a Commercial, music and film Director
and working on a new release
i'm writing a film right now its called the seven occupied walk street
also work in a couple other projects uh... that are
some are more or in some are more dramas
so i have a lot of
products of incoming and you know im pushing to have an excellent and
you know hopefully you'll be seeing more frome me soon, im also planning to moving
to new york city so.. umm
i'm excited to kinda worked in new york city market
really uh... you know try to take
you know
my career to the next level
And my last question is
is that true about the
Collingwood Psychiatric hospital
Can you tell something about this?
no! that i have to leave that question and unanswered
and uh... uh...
let the audience members find out for themselves there some clues they're
lacking Grave Encounters 2 which gave coordinates and and other factual
information for
the audience to look up online but
i will
hinted that it definitely is not call collingwood psychiatric hospital in real
life but
where the film was shot is a really is a Hunted Hospital and
there are some
similarities to reality
between that one and the one that's depicted in the film

Well John thanks so much again
hope you enjoyed this interview
my friends my fans and your fans
can watch the movie Grave Encounters 2
Really amazing movie i like it and i love it, hope you like
and see you soon
and there we have it uhh my name is John Poliquin again i was the director of Grave Encounters 2
and thanks all Fernando and
hopefully see you guys around