What's it like to be a Clemson Tiger?

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Whatís it like to be a Clemson Tiger? Seems like each person you ask has a different answer.
Some say itís about a passion for research and academics with a focus on the student,
while others remark about a strong sense of social responsibility through service learning.
Still, others attest to an adventurous spirit, curious about the world ó both locally and
abroad. But nothing compares to the winning attitude that shines through everything a
Tiger does.
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A Clemson Tiger begins by feeling right at home and making lifelong friends with classmates,
professors and future colleagues. Regardless of what path you choose, youíll be surrounded
by very bright peers. In the current freshman class, for example, 51% were ranked in the
top ten percent of their high school class. And, over the years, South Carolinaís Palmetto
Fellows and All-State Academic Team Members have selected Clemson as their college of
choice more than any other college or university in the state. For the ninth consecutive year,
one-third of the new Palmetto Fellows scholarship recipients are attending Clemson University.
From your first visit to campus, you can see itís a classic. In the foothills of the Blue
Ridge Mountains and along the shores of Lake Hartwell, the 1400-acre campus is surrounded
by another 17,000 acres of University farms and woodlands ó used for research.
But donít let the size fool you. Nobody gets lost in the shuffle. All Clemson freshmen
are required to live on campus, and some opt to stay in one of eight specialized living-learning
communities that are designed to meet individual needs and interests of freshmen. Six thousand
students live in campus residence halls and apartment complexes ó all minutes from class
and seconds from friends.
Clemson Tigers arenít lost in the classroom either. Our student-to-faculty ratio is 16
to 1 ó that means our average class size of 31 is small enough to afford you individualized
attention, and yes, your professor will know you by name. Even in our larger classes, there
are smaller breakout sessions that can give you the one-on-one instruction you want.
And Clemson classrooms are state-of-the-art. We were recently recognized by the national
media for such innovations as our virtual laptop environment and smart classrooms, where
technology is integrated into our classrooms and labs.
To enhance these technological innovations, all Clemson students are required to have
a laptop computer. Detailed information and specifications are available at laptop.clemson.edu.
A Clemson Tiger learns from the best. Eighty-six percent of Clemson faculty hold the highest
degree in their field and are recognized around the world by the many awards theyíve received
in areas such as engineering, architecture, history and management. International in composition,
our faculty bring a world of learning into the classroom, involving students every step
of the way. Undergraduates, for example, routinely participate in ground-breaking research projects,
exploring everything from sustainable crops to robotics. Creative Inquiry, a unique initiative
that brings together undergraduate students and faculty to research important issues that
affect our world, has been described as a ìbest practice in undergraduate research.î
Some Creative Inquiry projects include developing lunar wheels, exploring the geographically
isolated wetlands in Upstate South Carolina, designing and building a water system in Cange,
Haiti, studying ethnic childrenís literature and running a camp to promote literacy, and
teaching teachers to use technology.
Our outstanding faculty chose Clemson partially because of the caliber of student we admit.
Money magazine rates our honors program as one of the best among state universities.
The Calhoun College Honors Program attracts the countryís brightest, with freshman SAT
critical reading and mathematics scores historically averaging in excess of fourteen hundred. Calhoun
Scholars take small classes that encourage independent study and research and attend
lectures and seminars with some of the nationís most gifted thinkers.
Clemson Tigers know the value of their education. Where you see a Clemson graduate, you see
a degree thatís respected around the world. No wonder so many Fortune Five Hundred companies
conduct job interviews with our seniors right here on campus. No wonder Kiplingerís magazine
ranks Clemson among the best educational buys in the nation and the highest ranked public
university in South Carolina, citing top-quality education offered at reasonable prices. No
wonder approximately eighty to ninety percent of Clemson graduates have jobs or are in graduate
school six months after graduation.
A Clemson Tiger is out of the ordinary. The diversity of available degrees has led to
a kaleidoscope of careers. For instance, one graduate turned his love of athletics into
a career producing programs for NBC Sports, while two other graduates put their know-how
to work building aircraft featured on FOX News and the Discovery Channel. Other alumni
include Chris Oliver, the designer of Disneyís Tower of Terror ride, winner of the Golden
Globe for computer animation work on the movie The Golden Compass, and Palmer E ìSatchî
Kranz, director of the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, S.C., one of the nationís best zoos. 2009
U.S. Open winner, Lucas Glover, an All-American at Clemson, became the first former Tiger
golfer and the first native of South Carolina to win a major professional golf championship.
More successful alumni include a famous television personality, a former ambassador to Canada
and several U.S. congressmen ó just to name a few.
Even our traditional career paths will stimulate your imagination. Just ask mechanical engineering
students who design, build and race their off-road vehicles for our ìmini-Bajaî rally.
Or our civil engineering students, who annually design, construct and participate in the National
Concrete Canoe or the National Student Steel Bridge competitions. Or four of our architecture
students who were selected as finalists in an international competition to design new
pediatric clinics for East Africa. These hands-on competitions give students team-building skills,
management techniques and experiences that are impossible to learn from textbooks alone.
But itís not just the diversity of our degrees or the excellence of our learning environment
thatís allowed our graduates to discover themselves and lead interesting lives ñ itís
also Clemsonís age-old tradition of playing as hard as we work.
A Clemson Tiger likes to win. Weíre a charter member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Our
football team has been bowl-eligible 12 straight seasons, while the baseball team recently
appeared in the NCAA tournament 22 of the last 23 seasons. This year, they celebrated
another visit to the college world series. The menís basketball team recently celebrated
ìMarch Madnessî by reaching both the NCAA tournament and the finals of the ACC tournament.
While our menís soccer team has won two national championships, our womenís soccer team also
has a great tradition of success by reaching the NCAA tournament 14 consecutive years.
Our womenís volleyball team has shown success by finishing in the top 25, and our coach
was named the ACC coach of the year. Our womenís tennis team has made five Sweet Sixteen appearance,
and our menís golf team recently finished sixth in the national rankings as they tried
to repeat the magic of their 2003 National Championship. Also, our womenís rowing team
won their first ACC championship and followed it up with the Varsity Four, winning a national
When visiting campus, check out a football game in our stadium. Death Valley is one of
the largest campus stadiums in the country ó and itís definitely one of the loudest.
But if itís not football season when you visit, there are plenty of sports to take
in. No matter what you watch, each of our ten Division One sports for men or eight for
women embodies what our highly charged campus spirit is all about.
(ìTiger Ragî playing Ö ìC L E M S O Nî)
A Clemson Tiger stays active. Every week students work out in fitness classes, participate as
members of 35 club sports and compete in several different intramural athletic competitions
ó everything from sailing to soccer, fencing to fitness. And all full-time Clemson students
belong to Fike Recreation Center, complete with a rock-climbing wall, a suspended track,
state-of-the-art workout facilities and specialty services such as fitness assessments, personal
training, and massage therapy that are available for a small fee.
And itís not just sports that keep our students going: Clemson offers more than 300 student
organizations. Whatís your interest? Writing? Broadcasting? You can work for one of our
four award-winning publications, or our campus radio or TV stations. Music? Try everything
from symphony orchestras to jazz ensembles, marching bands to rock groups. Do you want
to be a star? Clemsonís singers and symphonic band have appeared at Carnegie Hall, and our
Clemson Players are nationally recognized. How about community service? Our students
volunteer with more than 50 service agencies annually, including Habitat for Humanity,
which recognized Clemson as its 2008 National Campus Chapter of the Year. And social? About
20% of our students belong to one of 24 national fraternities and 14 sororities.
Then there are the campus wide activities. From homecomings to hot concerts, entertainment
to exhibitions. In fact, thereís so much going on, the University hosts an average
of two organized activities every day.
A Clemson Tiger likes it at the top. Since being named as Time magazineís Public College
of the Year for 2001, Clemson has received many other national distinctions. Among those,
U.S.News & World Report ranks Clemson as 23rd among national public universities, the only
South Carolina school in the top 50. It also ranked us No. 12 among schools with a strong
commitment to undergraduate teaching, No. 9 as an up-and-coming national university,
and the top school for writing in the disciplines and learning communities. Kiplingerís ranks
Clemson No. 32 among more than 500 colleges and universities on the basis of quality and
affordability. Kaplan and Newsweek noted in their îFinding the Right College for Youî
guide that Clemson is one of the most desirable large schools, and one of the top colleges
for athletes. And the Princeton Review lists Clemson University on its short list of Americaís
best colleges with the Happiest Students and Everyone Plays Intramural Sports ó plus gives
us top billing for great Town-Gown Relations, and as a top Jock School!
A Clemson Tiger is competitive. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of high school
grades, class standing, SAT or ACT scores and intended major. Freshman applicants are
required to take the new SAT or the ACT with the writing portion. The middle 50% range
for freshmen on the SAT in 2010 was 1160 to 1310, the highest among South Carolinaís
public colleges and universities. The middle 50% ACT composite score range for freshmen
in 2010 was 26 to 30. In addition, 51% graduated in the top 10% of their high school class,
76% in the top 20% and 98% were in the top 50% of their class.
Hereís how to apply to Clemson. If youíre a high school senior, please apply electronically
at www.clemson.edu. You may submit the application directly to our admissions database, with
the application fee being processed via credit card or electronic check. The SAT or ACT is
also required. Clemson does not require any SAT II exams. For priority notification, freshmen
entering in the fall are encouraged to apply by December 1st. Decisions are communicated
to most applicants beginning in mid-February. The deadline for admission for January enrollment
is December 15th.
If youíre a junior, you can fill out a preliminary application online at any time during the
year at www.clemson.edu/prospectivestudents. If you submit a preliminary application, youíll
automatically receive a guide to our online application in September of your senior year.
Students who take the SAT or ACT in their junior year are encouraged to send their official
scores. A selected group of students with outstanding academic credentials will be offered
provisional acceptance based on their score report profile.
If your school offers advanced placement, better known as AP courses, we encourage you
to participate and have your results forwarded to us. This is the principal method by which
you can begin your college work while youíre still in high school. College credit is awarded
for every 3,4 or 5 you receive on an AP exam. More than half of last yearís entering freshmen
participated in the College Boardís Advanced Placement program, and more than 15,000 hours
of semester credit were awarded. Clemson consistently ranks among the top schools in the nation
who receive AP scores.
Students who attend an International Baccalaureate, or IB, school are also encouraged to apply
for admission. Clemson recognizes the academic challenges inherent in the IB program and
will take this into consideration when making admissions decisions. Students scoring 4,
5, 6 or 7 on the Higher Level IB examinations are ñ in most cases ñ eligible for college
credit. For more information about these tests, you may visit our website, contact the admissions
office or check with your high school guidance office.
Even if you take the AP or IB exams, or take courses equivalent to Clemson preparatory
math classes at another institution, ALL accepted new students must complete the Clemson Mathematics
Placement Test prior to registering for your first mathematics course at Clemson. Information
about the test will be mailed to you.
If youíre a transfer student, be aware that admission is moderately competitive. To be
considered, candidates must have completed one year of college study with 30 semester
hours or 45 quarter hours, earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher ó although
3.0 is preferred ó and completed all freshman-level courses in English, mathematics and science
for your intended major at Clemson. Once youíre ready to apply, please use our online process
and submit the application directly to our admissions database. A credit card or electronic
check is required for your application fee. Remember to have your official transcripts
sent directly to the Office of Admissions from the registrar of each college youíve
attended. Clemson will notify you by mail when we receive your application and will
keep you updated on the status of your application while itís under consideration.
Even in these times of increasing college costs, Clemson is still considered a good
buy in higher education and our costs are comparable to similar public universities
in the Southeast. Kiplingerís magazine ranks the school among the best educational buys
in the nation.
Every year, the University awards more than $200,000 in financial aid to more than 15,000
students. Financial assistance may be in the form of loans, grants, employment, scholarships
or waivers.
Clemson offers two- and four-year Army and Air Force ROTC programs. Selected ROTC students
receive scholarships, which pay for tuition and books. In addition, participants receive
a monthly tax-free allowance. Once enrolled, Clemson students can earn commissions as military
officers along with their college diploma.
Freshmen who are accepted to Clemson will automatically receive information from University
Housing. Besides the Clemson House, we have 24 campus residence halls and 4 apartment
complexes. Most rooms are carpeted; all are air-conditioned and located within a ten-minute
walk to most classroom buildings.
Transfer students may choose to live on campus if space is available. However, there are
many opportunities to live off campus, only a short distance away.
A Clemson Tiger likes to be informed. While DVDs and brochures are a start to learning
more about Clemson, nothing beats a personal visit. See for yourself why 91% of seniors
say theyíd choose Clemson again if they were starting over.
By automobile, Clemson is about two hours from Atlanta, Georgia, or Charlotte, North
Carolina. Amtrakís legendary Southern Crescent also stops in Clemson, and the Greenville-Spartanburg
Airport is less than an hour away.
So plan a visit to Clemson soon! The Class of 1944 Visitors Center is the front door
to our campus and offers a variety of informational services including guided tours, audiovisuals,
general/referral information, departmental contacts and publications about the University
and the surrounding area. Speak with our students or with one of more than 113,000 active alumni.
Theyíll tell you that being a Clemson Tiger isnít just for four years, itís for a lifetime.