2012 GSU Service Awards

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Today, as you'll hear, we will honor more than five hundred members of the Georgia
State University family
for their continued dedication to GSU
and our community as a whole
Let's give a round of applause to all of today's honorees.
At this time,
to bring official greetings from the university, please join me in welcoming
the seventh president of Georgia State University,
Doctor Mark Becker.
Good afternoon and welcome. It's a real pleasure to be here.
uh... Georgia State University is a very special place.
It's a very special university, amazing things happen here in terms of education, in
terms of research, in terms of engaging the community
and today is the day we turn out as a university community
to recognize members of the university community for their commitment for their
service to the institution
and the greater community.
In fact, today we will be recognizing
faculty, staff, and students
and we do that in three ways, three sets of awards.
First, there will be the milestones awards, which are for years of service,
people who have been
uh... committed to this institution for a long, long time and are deserving of our
recognition and praise and congratulations.
The second set of awards will be the Carl V. Patton President's awards for
community service and social action
and then thirdly, we will give the
Sparks Awards, President Sparks
uh... of course also being recognized to this awards.
These awards will be presented momentarily. In fact, we will have
five hundred and five individuals
being recognized for the
Milestone awards,
for the
Carl V. Patton President's award there will be five recipients,
and for the Sparks award there will be three.
And this is a great exemplification of what I mentioned
briefly at the beginning
about faculty, staff, and students. And that award will be
recognizing a student, a faculty member, and two staff members of the community.
So it's a terrific day to be able to thank
the over five hundred individuals are being recognized today
and it's a terrific day to feel good about what happens at Georgia State and
the people, in particular, who make it happen. So, a
beginning congratulations to everyone and look forward to congratulating you individually
as we have the opportunity to recognize you individually. Thank you. [applause]
Thank you President Becker.
As Doctor Becker mentioned, uh... first we will recognize our years of service
uh... next we will present the Carl V. Patton 0:02:45.360,0:02:47.590 President's award for community service
and social action
and followed by the Spark's awards, but we begin
with milestones
please welcome to the stage Georgia State Assistant Vice President for human
Linda Nelson. [applause]
Thank you and welcome everyone.
I'm Linda Nelson and i want to, first of all, welcome you all and tell you good
and welcome you to the
two thousand twelve service recognition ceremony.
Each year, the university recognizes a staff and faculty
who've reached significant milestones of continuous service at Georgia State
Those milestones are reckon- are recognized in increments of five years.
This year alone we have two hundred and eleven faculty and staff
with five years of service,
one hundred and sixteen
with ten years of service,
eighty-five, including myself,
with fifteen years of service,
thirty six
with twenty years of service,
with twenty five years of service
thirteen with thirty years of service,
eight with thirty five years of service,
we have one in planes get in forty years of service to try to state university
and one employee who's given forty five years of service to Georgia State University.
Collectively, our five hundred and five honorees have provided more than five
eight hundred and fifteen years of service to Georgia State University.
What a great accomplishment.
I would first like to acknowledge all of you are here today for your time and
dedication put forth to the success of Georgia State University.
Whether you're just starting your career
here at georgia state university
or have spent most of your adult life here,
your hard work is greatly appreciated.
It is a known fact that the most important resource in any organization
is its human resources
and its employees.
Without each of you, we could not provide these excellent service that we provide
to our faculty staff and students
and other customers each day.
We truly appreciate you for all that you do in your respective departments. Would
you please give yourselves a round of applause. [applause]
As we celebrate and recognized all of you during employee appreciation
month, i would like to personally thank each of you for your contributions
to Georgia State University and thank you for all you do.
Thank you Linda.
Now, before we begin the milestone recognitions, I'd like to ask everyone
being recognized today for twenty-five years of service to come backstage to my
right to your left.
For the first group we will recognize are the GSU employees with five years
of service.
Would the five year group route please stand. [applause]
Thank you for your service.
Next will the ten-year group please stand [applause]
Employees with ten years of service to Georgia State University.
Now fifteen years. Will the fifteen-year group so we may thank you. [applause]
If you have worked at GSU since nineteen ninety-two, thes twenty year employees
please stand [applause]
Thank you all for your many many years of service.
Now for ready back stage, we are ready to recognize the employees
with twenty-five years of service.
But before we do,
a few fun facts about nineteen eighty seven.
A number one song on the charts that year was...
[Lionel Richie song plays] Lionel Richie had all of us saying "Say you, Say me"

Also in nineteen eighty seven, camcorders were becoming a regular household item,
a number one movie, of course, was
Top Gun and the best film oscar that year went to Platoon.
and most popular christmas gift was the real ghostbusters action figures. Let's
hear it for nineteen eighty seven and our twenty five-year employees. [applause]
and now here they are,
Angela Burke
How about we here some more of that music how about it.
Virginia Ann Brown
Daphne Dixon
Sandra Fiscus
She's got a fan club
Jenny Ranage
Cynthia Marie holloway Owens
Dr Beatrice Logan
David Lawrence Macord.
Before we continue, will the thirty, thirty five, forty and forty five your honorees
please make your way
backstage to your left to my right.
Continuing with the twenty-five years Susan Elaine Moss
Doctor Timothy M. Reneck
Mark E. Rubesh York Singleton
and Darinda Margaret Walverin
Congratulations letter one more time for a place with twenty five
years of service
next we honor those employees with thirty years of service to Georgia State
Back in nineteen eighty two the number one song was [Let's get physical plays]
Olivia Newton John
was making us all
get physical.
Also back in nineteen eighty two, you may remember the quote "When it absolutely
positively has to be there overnight" from fedex.
Prince Charles announced his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer
E.T. phoned home,
and laptop computers made their first appearance.
Now let's welcome our thirty year milestone recipients.
Daniel Kuster Bellow
William Dean brook
Mark Allen Hopkins
Vijay Kumar Vashnavi
and Pedro Vasquez
Let's get one more round of applause to our employees with thirty years of
service to Georgia State.
Next we will honor the employees with thirty five years of service.
Back in nineteen seventy seven, the year yours truly was born,
the number one song on the charts was [Your love lifted me higher and higher]
Your love lifted me higher and higher,
Rita Coolidge.
Back in nineteen seventy seven the most popular television show was Laverne
and Shirley.
You may remember the quote "may the force be with you"
Chia Pets and, of course, Star Wars figures were very popular toys and,
can you believe this, a gallon of gas cost just
sixty-five cents.
Here are the thirty-five year milestone recipients Cynthia Turner 0:13:58.710,0:14:05.710 Carmichael
and Sharon Oliver Sterly
Let's here it for our employees with thirty five years of service.
and i would go back to the thirty year group Cheryl George
there she is
do not want overlook anybody, thank you for your service Cheryl.
Now we will proceed with the final two milestone recipients.
Now we will recognize our one forty-year milestone recipient.
Back in nineteen seventy two the number one song on the charts was [I'll take you there]
I'll take you there, the Staple Singers.
Also back in seventy two, a gallon of gas cost forty cents, Dawn dish detergent and Bounce
dryer sheets were introduced,
aren't we all glad that they were, and eight-track stereo tape players cost
forty nine ninety five.
Let's hear it for our forty year milestone recipient, ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome Elgie Acbur
now we have an employee with
forty five years of service
(Dr Becker: Were you born then?)
No, were you? You were seven or eight back then?
This young man started working here in nineteen sixty seven.
That year, if you're old enough, you might remember the popular song from back in
sixty seven it was [I'm a believer)
The Monkeys were making believers out of all of us.
In nineteen sixty seven, the first hand held calculator was invented, the
average monthly rent was a hundred and twenty five dollars,
and a new car cost
a thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, Boy I wish they cost that today
i think the market for one.
Let's hear it for our forty five year milestone recipient ladies and gentlemen
please welcome John Burson
Let's give a round of applause one more time for all of our honorees today.
At this time we will celebrate the Carl V. Patton President's award for
community service and social action.
Please welcome to the stage.
Vice President for student affairs
Dr. Doug Covey
Thank you and good afternoon. Today we are here celebrate the accomplishments of the
winners of the two thousand ralph
Carl V. Patton President's awards for community service and social action.
The President's awards were established in two thousand five
in recognition of members of the Georgia State family and our community
partners who have made significant contributions to the greater Atlanta
community and their
outstanding commitment
to serve others.
In keeping with this tradition our current president, Dr. Mark Becker, has
embraced the idea of continuing
to honor these members of the student body, faculty, staff and our community
partners who have made and are making lasting positive contributions to our
community through service.
This year's judges had the difficult decision of selecting only one winner from
each category
and we would like to ask all those who were nominated for this years two thousand
twelve President's award to please stand.
Join us in acknowledging and extending our appreciation to the nominees
be they students, faculty, or staff.
Thanks. We're also pleased to note that past Presidents award recipients are continuing to
tirelessly dedicate
themselves to service which exemplifies the university's commitment to creating a
true cultural of service to Georgia State.
Some of our previous award winners were also present and we ask that they please stand at this time as well.
Thank you and at this time i would like to honor our two thousand twelve President's
award recipients. Chandler-
Thank you Dr. Covey.
The first recipient of the two thousand twelve Carl V. Patton President's awards
for community service and social action
is the outstanding community impact award for a student.
This year's recipient
is Jasmine Spates
Jasmine Spates,
she currently serves as the president of Zeta Phi chapter of the delta sigma
theta sorority incorporated
through which she organized a tutoring event within an elementary school in
East Point.
More than one hundred pre-k through fifth grade children and volunteers came to
support the event.
From two thousand ten to two thousand eleven Jasmine served as the
international awareness and involvement chair.
I transfered to Georgia State University my sophomore year and I became a part of an organization called Jumpstart.
and every Tuesday and Thursday I would visit
the child development centers and
I would help them with their literacy skills, they're reading their writing things of that nature.
When you see the kids twice a week for a whole year, eventually you begin
to develop a bond with them and then you see the personal growth.
And you see kids that kept on getting held back, and you can see them advancing from one
grade to another and it makes you feel better as a person
as well as you know that you are actually making a difference n the community.
Since two thousand eight Jasmine served well over seven hundred service hours
through her affiliation
with jumpstart and other service opportunities,
working toward the day when every child in America enters school
well-prepared to succeed.
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Jasmine Spates
Congratulations Jasmine.
The next recipient is for outstanding community impact by a student organization.
Omega PSI PHI fraternity.
Zeta Theta has focused on education
including mentoring tutoring programs on black history month and health
initiatives including education on s_t_d_'s and participation in a
university wide blood drive. We feel like the community really needs us
as young men striving for college career goals
and what not
and we feel like we
can give back to the community
and we have a lot to offer
because the community definitely needs us and
needs good role models and we portray that and give that to the community.
The organization has completed a total of eighty one and a half hours
at organizations including urban academies mentoring program, hands-on
Atlanta discovery program, city of refuge and trees Atlanta.
Service is very important to us
a way to give back to the community
uh... we're definitely about uplift it's one of our principles
Zeta Theta's work across campus and in the
community showcase it's
commitment to service and making an impact on the community
When kids see the bond that we have between us as brothers
you know, they see
the relationships that we have
and when all of us come together it makes an impact
almost immediately
this is a friendship

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the representatives from Omega
Psi Phi. [applause]
Congratulations Omega Psi Phi.
The next recipient is for outstanding faculty.
From the college of education Doctor Alyssa Dunn.
Although Dr. Dunn is in her first year as a faculty member at Georgia
State University
her research, teaching, and service efforts
centered on advocacy and issues of social justice and equity are well known
across the department and the college.
Her efforts in all three areas extend far beyond her stated job description
and instead of body her passions as both a local and global citizen.
This nomination and recognition of the effort is tremendous because it demonstrates
that faculty members, wether they are clinical or tenure track, new to the field or
veteran in the field, all have the ability to make a huge impact on the community.
I think she's a great example of what we all want to be or aspire to be in
terms of our mission, thinking about social justice and moving things forward.
She's not separate from social, she is social justice oriented in everything she does
and I really admire that about her.
While her teaching and research efforts related to social justice are indeed impressive,
her creation of the advocacy group Georgians for Freedom or GFF
is even more impressive garnering
national attention.
The group of interdisciplinary scholars and
teachers, and community members that we gather together
decided that we needed a name for ourselves. We decided to call ourselves Georgians
For FReadom with a play on the word 'read'
again we are particularly concerned about the censorship on certain books
in classrooms and we really believe that students
of all ages should have the freedom to read what they want and to to see themselves
in what they read.
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Doctor Alyssa Dunn. [applause]
They said i could say something and I'm a professor so i'm gonna
say something.
I'm really proud to be here, and as you heard it's my first years here
and i'm very proud to be part
of a group of public scholars in the college of education
who value civic engagement.
In particular i would like to thank Dean Randy Camphouse and my department chair
Dr. Dana Fox
for their continuous support and encouragement
of faculty service.
the event that you saw in the video was the work
of many scholars, teachers, students, parents, and community members
from Georgia State, Emory University, Clayton state, Kennesaw State
Georgia Gwinnet College,
and many other community groups.
So i wanted to thank them so much, not only for this nomination,
but for their tireless dedication for educational equity.
And finally, thank you to my students those of you who are here today and
those who are not for being my inspiration
uh... and I know that they will go on to inspire their own students
and to teach them uh... that the great aim of education is not knowledge but
action. Thank you so much. [applause]
Congratulations Dr. Dunn
The next award is for outstanding university program.
This year's recipient is the farm worker family health program.
It's an emersion experience for students to be able to provide
physical therapy services
to the migrant farm workers for a week
and at the same time to be able to do
developmental for the migrant workers kids that's doing their summer
at the elementary school.
The summer program began in nineteen ninety-three and a
strategically timed to coincide with the annual
farm worker migration through south Georgia.
I just think this is a wonderful opportunity not just to use some of your physical therapy skills, but also to see how the medical community can work together.
The farm worker family health program delivers health care services
including medical, dental, physical therapy, pharmacology,
health education, and mental health services to nearly one thousand migrant
farm workers and their families.
These efforts maximize community strengths and resources and meet the needs
of those served.
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the representatives from the farm worker
family health program. [applause]
Good afternoon everybody. I'm a member of the physical therapy
On behalf of division of physical therapy
i would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Judy Wall from Emory university
in the nursing program
and Cynthia Hernandez. the director
for nominating the division physical therapy
farm worker public health program for outstanding community service.
This would not be possible we've got support from the leadership of the
Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions
and my fellow faculty members from the division of physical therapy.
Also the second-year students who volunteered their time to make this
experience possible.
And lastly,
to our stakeholders, the migrant farm workers
for the trust and giving us an opportunity to serve.
The final President's award is for outstanding community partner
and this year's recipient is the fulton county schools homeless program
and that sort of state schools into work
before the county schools homeless program
and the George State University school of social work. The Fulton County homeless program partnered with the Georgia State school of Social Work
to produce a documentary on students who are homeless.
The partnership truly highlights the relationship between georgia state
university and fulton county schools in bringing to light needs of homeless
students and families and
in out community. The documentary film, 'Ticket Out of Struggle', developed by the collaborative efforts
of the Fulton county school homeless program staff
and MSW students
in professor Fred Brooks course.
The way I would define homelessness, the unknown.
It's such a big word
it has a lot of power to it.
The documentary film has been shown to thousands of employees in the Fulton county school system in
an effort to provide awareness and sensitivity about the plight of our homeless
What we've learned is
their is no
stereotypical poor person
we when you first start off
uh... with the whole process of losing everything
you don't understand it. You don't know where to go. You know, you've seen it, you've heard
about it, you know people do it
uh... welfare... but, I don't understand, where do we go?
After showing the training video to school personnel there's been an
reported increase in sensitivity to the homeless population among school staff
as well as it increase awareness of how difficult it is
for some students to access their education.
The school of social work is in its second year of partnering with the Fulton
County school system, which has provided the ideal service-learning experiences
for our MSW students.
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome representatives from the Fulton county
schools homeless program in the GSU School of Social Work.
Uh, very briefly, I'm Sara Smith.
I'm the homeless
liason for Fulton county schools and I
just wanted to say thank you so much to Georgia State
uh... on behalf of all the homeless students that we have in our school system, in our
the partnership that Georgia's State
uh... and MSW students that were able to come and work with us to 0:33:33.929,0:33:36.480 produced this video
has made a tremendous impact and so to the school of social work, Dr. Brooks,
Georgia State
thank you very much.
Let's hear it for all five two thousand twelve Carl V. Patton President's awards for
community service
and social action.
Thank you Dr. Covey.
That brings us to the third and final portion of our program, the
Sparks awards.
Please welcome Georgia State University Vice President for University Relations,
Deanna Hines.
Good afternoon everybody.
The Sparks awards were first presented twenty seven years ago in honor of
Doctor George Sparks, one of the university's most highly regarded
The awards were designed to recognize Georgia State University's unsung heroes,
faculty, staff, and students who exemplify that willingness to go the extra mile.
At this time, i would like to recognize all former recipients of the Sparks
award who are with us here today, will you please stand. [applause]
Each one of our four Sparks award recipients for two thousand twelve is an
inspiration. One of my heroes, former n_b_c_ news anchor Tom Brokaw, said "It is
easy to make a buck, it's a lot tougher to make a difference." Today's
winners have made a difference by setting the example of going beyond the
call of duty on a regular basis. For them it's just part of their job.
Georgia State is a stronger and more productive university because of them. On
behalf of the university administration, faculty, staff, and students i thank you
all for your accomplishments.
Thank you Vice President Hines.
The two thousand twelve Sparks Award for a student goes to
Flavia Canciani can see on it
In February two thousand eleven the Georgia State University Student Alumni
Association was born
and Flavia Canciani was at the center of it all.
As one of the founding members, Flavia was instrumental in carrying out SAA's
to unite students and alumni in a way that creates strong value, pride,
and tradition
for everyone involved.
Flavia was elected vice president of membership for the current academic year.
Her team established exclusive discounts at twelve local vendors and secured at
least one important sponsorship for members.
In June twenty eleven SAA launched its open membership with the goal of
achieving one thousand members in one year.
Flavia and her team signed up one
thousand members in just three months.
With more than fourteen hundred members to date.
As stated by the Student Alumni Association director Flavia's leadership
has produced the largest and most of valuable resource
this organization may ever you know.
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome two thousand twelve Sparks Award recipient
Flavia Canciani. [applause]

I would like to thank Jasmine Stewart for giving me the opportunity to be
part of such a wonderful organization on campus.
I would like to thank the Alumni Association for having given seventy
students the opportunity to be part
of something wonderful at Georgia State.
And also uh... the students, my members, my friends, and my colleagues, the student
Alumni Association members for having to me a wonderful home at Georgia State.

Our second sparks award goes to staff member
Tammy Dudley
In addition to her job as administrative specialist in the department of computer
Tammy Dudley has voluntarily taken on
many additional responsibilities,
including but not limited to
the administration of the graduate program, which consists of one hundred
and forty
Ph.D. and master's students. Each semester, Tammy manually registers each
places the fee waivers for all graduate assistants,
and even handles all matters related to grades and drop ads.
she's also deeply involved in the admissions process, in which the
department receives several hundred applications.
Tammy has handled registration for several international conferences
and she does it all with a cheerful demeanor and the willingness to help.
this is time-consuming work that often involves being at conferences for long
hours and even weekends and nights,
but again, Tammy's supervisors say
she does the work without complaint.
Her helpful disposition, no doubt, has helped boost the department's reputation
nationally and internationally.
as one co-worker put it
"Without any doubt, I can say that the graduate program in the department would
not survive without the dedicated efforts of Miss Tammy Dudley."
Please welcome
two thousand twelve Sparks award-winner Tammy Dudley. [applause]
I would like to say thank you to the department of computer science. This
is truly an honor and a privilege.
Thank you so much. Congratulations Tammy.
Our third Sparks award also goes to a staff member
Linda King.
In her role as Associate Director in the Office of Undergraduate Academic
in the College of Arts and Sciences, Linda King works closely with various
faculty members and staff in several academic departments
and assists with the coordination of advisement for the colleges twelve
thousand students.
Students commend Linda for her patience and professionalism
in everything she does.
They say she has the unique ability to take a broad perspective when needed
without overlooking the details.
Linda's co-workers speak highly of her and frequently comment on her sense of
humor, tact,
and overall effectiveness when dealing with students, co-workers, and faculty.
She has been described by faculty members as quote, "always able to get
something accomplished or fixed in the least painful and most efficient manner
for all involved."
As stated by one of the students Linda has assisted,
"Her influence and support have been far reaching, not only for me and my future
career, but with all students she encounters.
Not only has she facilitated my medical school application process, she
frequently when out of her way,
on her own time, to remind me of deadlines and even took time out of her
busy day to read my personal statement.
She has a genuine compassion for students at Georgia State University."
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome two thousand twelve sparks award-winner
Linda King.
Good afternoon.
I would like to first thank God
for just allowing me to be here to accept this award.
I would like to thank my family
for the a continual support
throughout the years.
I'd also like to thank the College of Arts and Sciences,
where I have worked for the past
nineteen years.
It's been a wild ride,
but I love every minute of it.
And last but not least
I would like to thank the
Office of Academic Assistance.
My supervisor,
Tammy Patterson Hill,
and my co-workers.
It has been great.
And I would like to thank my students,
the ones that I have encountered
throughout the years.
Truly, I hope i haven't impacted their lives
in some way.
Thank you very much.
Thank you Linda and we hope to see you walk across the stage next year for the twenty
awards. The final Sparks Award is also somebody we've seen walk across the stage today,
Dr. Beatrice Logan.
Supporting students who have had difficulty successfully transitioning to
college can be
an exercise in perseverance,
one Doctor Beatrice Logan
knows all too well.
An academic professional in the Office of Undergraduate Studies,
her supervisors say Doctor Logan excels far above what can reasonably associated
with her regular job responsibilities.
She often reaches out to students to help them develop a plan to return to
the university and encourages them every step of the way.
Last semester of the office of undergraduate studies
decided to offer a one-hour survival skills in college course
to students who completed their first year
but did not or enroll again in the fall semester.
Doctor Logan volunteered to teach the course, taking this on in addition to her
regular teaching load and in addition to the academic
coaching program that she directs.
More than eighty percent of the students who took the course in the fall
re-enrolled at GSU this semester
Their educational objectives are alive again because Doctor Logan was willing
to go the extra mile
to make a difference in their lives.
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome two thousand
twelve Sparks award recipient Doctor Beatrice Logan.
Good evening.
feel extremely blessed and honored
to receive
this recognition.
I accept it
from the bottom of my heart
with heartfelt thanks
and gratitude
and i would be remised
if I did not thank my students,
the Office of Undergraduate Studies and Retention,
the student advisement center,
and my colleagues throughout the
the university community.
Thanks for all that you do
to help our students accomplish
their educational
God bless.
Congratulations Dr. Logan.
Let's have one more round of applause for all of this year's Spark's award recipients.

Well that concludes our awards for today. After President Becker officially closes
the ceremony please join us for refreshments in the atrium. President Becker.
I think everybody can here can see why it is we gather
as university community to celebrate
service, commitment to the community,
and going the extra mile.
So if you would join the and standing and giving a standing ovation to today's
recipients, that will officially conclude our ceremony and we'll see you for the reception.