TICK TALK - with Orange Caramel [PART 1] 동화표정 레이나

Uploaded by insiteTV1 on 02.10.2012

Hello! We're 'Orange Caramel.'
Hi! I am Raina, the leader and 'fairy tale' in Orange Caramel.
Big eyes and voice.
Swelling face.
It hit the jackpot.
Lizzy, myself, Nana.
Nana, myself, Lizzy.
She looks more beautiful when she has no make-up.
You are beautiful. Don't say 'I'm ugly.'
It's interesting.
Since we couldn't realize our popularity,
I don't know well.
A fan who do special greeting.
Like this.
The costume of 'Bruce Lee.'
I was told it's so unexpected.
Many people enjoyed our costume.
I was happy to be 'Bruce Lee.' I love you.
Please repeat 'Lipstick' as much as you can.
Don't catch a cold. It's very hard for you.
I love you.