All In korean drama Episode 5 올인

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Card for Player Card for Banker
Player's Banker's
Banker's card
Miss Soo-Yeon, Min
Open your card
Player Natural 8
Banker Natural 9 Banker Win
Banker Win
Let's call it a day, shall we?
Pardon me?
Are you willing to quit the game?
Let's continue exactly in 6 hours
With the same dealer
I'm sorry but
our dealers have been working for more than 11 hours now
Would you be kind enough to let us change the dealer for the next game?
The game condition was for me to pick the dealers I want
If you're willing to break the rule, I'll end this right now
I understand you perfectly
I'll get everything ready as you requested
Soo-Yeon Min
How could you daydream in the middle of a game!
I'm sorry
I've never seen anyone so unlucky such as yourself
Go and rest in the waiting room
Let's go
Soo-Yeon Min
Do you work here?
Miss Soo-Yeon, Min
Please come and see me
Go ahead
Miss Soo-Yeon, Min
Are you really planning on putting me out of a job?
I'm sorry
I know it's not a dealer's fault whether the game loses or wins
but this is beyond being acceptable
How can you lose so much during that short period of time
And you're playing again after 6 hours, correct?
If you do not collect the amount the game has lost, I'm dead
Please, do your best
You may leave
- Good work - Yeah
Who is she?
Oh, that dealer?
a friend who I knew before I went to the prison
Come on I'm not that dull, you know
It doesn't seem like that you guys are just friends
When I was living in the alley
at Yeongdeung-Po
I cruised around with my friends doing everything
I did some cheating against country people at the station
did some work for the prostitute quarters
not to mention all the fights I had like dogs in dogfight
I met her then
Strange thing was, I was like a little meek sheep in front her
I don't know
I think that was the first time to look back and realize how pathetic my life has been
I get it
It's obvious
When you truly ache for someone
you learn what the humiliation really is
Don't you think so?
So you've got some talent
I think you'll be the first one to receive that many tips since this casino opened
Well, as a rule, those tips get divided between us, so I guess we gotta thank you
Shouldn't we, like, make some sort of plaque of thanks
for getting us this much bonus?
Take it
It must've been very tough
I just wanted to kill myself
Just rest without thinking about it
What's the matter?
I'll be back
Hey, make it work
I thought you'd forgotten about me
I did
I tried to forget everything that has happened to me back then
With my parents passing away so suddenly
and that night being so terrible
It was difficult for me to handle
But I did thought about it now and then
Those movies projection room, the theater
Bruised face
How did you come to work here anyway?
After my dad has passed away
I came to Jeju Island with Sister Maria
at the chapel of Youngdeung-Po
There is this nursery school that the Sisters run
I lived there
and thought about becoming Sister myself
But to do that
I had lack of belief and training so I gave up
I came here with the recommendation of Sister Maria
I'm glad that you didn't become a sister
Why are you laughing?
I've heard that one before
I just don't know why men feel heartbreaking as if it's happening to them
when a girl says she wants to become a sister
What about you?
How did you come to Jeju Island?
It sort of happened
I went to the convent not long ago
I don't know whether you'd remember
But one of my friends at the theater
became a cop
He told me that you might be here so
You were looking for me?
What do you call that thing?
That thing when you open it up, the music comes out
Do you still have it?
Strange thing is
that music I heard from the box I still remember it
It's been 7 years and I still hear it
I told you, I don't know
Eun-Hee, Jung Room 3
Got it
That's not right What is this
Hurry up, hurry up
Who would know if you don't?
Tell me, please!
I told you already
I don't know
Mr. You really don't know?
Look, let go of this and talk, ok?
My elbow became weak because of you
and how am I suppose to tell you the stuff I don't know
I don't know
Jung-Ae, it's time
Geez, there's no doubt that she's Hyun-Ja, Jang's daughter
What? Why are you dragging me into this, huh?
What's wrong with her?
She's been following around for these past few days
begging me to tell her where In-Ha is
I don't know where he is
If you do, just tell her
I told you, I don't know
What? You think I'm lying?
Hey, So-Young and Ae-Sook come and sign up
- Wait, let me finish this first - Wait
You bitch
You think I make money out of a thin air?
- Pay me back at this instant - OK
Just enter on the credit note
Once my beloved Hyun-Ja, Jang is no longer herself
but a wicked woman who's crazy about money stands alone
Pay me now
Hey, coffee, noodle, knife-cut noodles, cigarettes
Anyway, where the hell is Yong-Tae?
You too, Soo-Jin
Where is In-Ha, Kim?
I don't know
Where is he?
I honestly don't know
Here he is
Kneel down, you chicken shit
Where is In-Ha, Kim?
I don't know
What is with you dumb bastards?
You'll tell me sooner or later, save yourself
Where is he?
I honestly don't know
Hey, get some fat off this plump
With camera number 6 and 1
do it as I told you
and pass me the copy
- Got it? - Yes, sir
Strange thing is
that music I heard from the box I still remember it
It's been 7 years and I still hear it
Here's the report on Michael Jang from the state
When did you return?
About 2 weeks ago
So what brings you here?
I work here as a dealer at the casino
I knew that the secretary
from UNLB with casino degree was you
when I heard about it
I just met the secretary's Son
He told me that you came with him
So, are you going to be taking over Mr. Chairman's business?
If I'm capable, yes
But my dad is not the kind of person who hands over
his business just because it's his sibling
Then I might get to work for you, Jin-Hee
Why? Is there a problem?
In here
no one else knows about my relation to Mr. Chairman
except for secretary Son
I understand
I'll look out for it
So, any counterplan for Michael Jang?
I'm currently analyzing the game
but nothing good is on the table
Detective Park
Oh, hello
Well, I'm doing pretty good because of you
Please, don't mention it
What is this? You didn't have to
You don't have to do that Just play
You brats
It's been a long time
- Hey, Man-Soo - Yes, sir
Come on, no need to panic
Did I ever gave you anything for playing jjoljjoli bang?
Go on I'll watch
It's ok, go right ahead
It's alright
Hey, where did my money go!?
Where's yours?
Hey, you guys are playing pretty big hand
Let me join you
I'd like to try some
- Detective - What
Why would you want to join in when the betting is so small?
Hey, I just want to play, that's all
I shouldn't for the real ones, you know I am the cop of Republic of Korea
Hurry up, let's begin
Are you sure?
Yes, sir
What have you been doing lately?
Nothing I just play around
Come on, you pathetic bastard
You're too young to be wasting your time on gamblings
Come and see me
and I'll hook you up with some work, ok?
Yes, sir
Hey, what are you waiting for? Let's begin
Yes, sir
Hey, great hand
Move, move
My turn?
Your turn
- 100,000 call - Hey
Call for 100,000
What the... you must have some flash hand, huh?
Fine, fine
Hey, I'll call for 100,000 and
All in
You bastards
I'm getting worked up pretty good
And why do you fold now
What the... You should check, man
What are you I've got four cards, four cards
- Man-Soo - What
Dae-Soo of the Brown Bears was released from prison
Hello, detective Park
What did you just say?
Who got released?
Dae-Soo of the Brown Bears
You, fucker! Son of bitch!
He's nothing more than a pair of old sock
You come here
Hey, it's me Tae-Joon
Did you hear that Dae-Soo, Yim was released from prison?
Hey, Si-Bong
Leave me alone
What are you stupid? You were beaten?
That fucker Dae-Soo, Yim That son of bitch
I'll kill him myself, fuck
- Tae-Joon, don't go - Tae-Joon
Yeah, do it! Just kill the bastard
Shoot him with a gun or something! Fuckers
Hey, Dae-Soo, Yim
Dae-Soo, Yim! where the fuck are you?
You come out right this second
Detective Park Long time no see
I was disappointed that you never came to see me
Shut the fuck up
Dae-Soo, Yim Do you really wanna die?
You fuck
You worthless piece of shit
Come and take me, you assholes
Take me, come on
Detective Park, calm down
Shut up, you bastard
You may take me, Tae-Joon, Park as soft piece of shit
But I'm going to get you and put you back into jail, you hear?
You want me to go back to jail?
You crazy?
Just calm yourself down and take a look at this
What the fuck?
Take a look then we'll talk
Don't move, you bastards
We've done some understudy of you detective Park
Getting some money out of others, you had talent
And it seems that you've lost some big bucks at the horse race
Is it legal for a cop of Republic of Korea to do the gambling?
Welcome back
Now, shall we get started?
Open Card
Player Banker
Player Stand seven
Banker natural eight Banker Win
Open Card
Banker Eight
Player's number four House on banker
Card for Player Card for Banker
Player's Banker's
Player's card
How did it go?
We've analyzed all the documents from the states
and the game that he had played in detail
But we could not find any blind point
How much did we lose?
Total of 36 million won
Ordinarily, casino sits on a profitable place if game continues for long period of time
But this game is a total exception
We just cannot find any other way to stop Michael Jang
We have to stop the game before we lose more than what we have already
I agree
Even casinos in Las Vegas, have refused a game
against professional gamblers
What do you think?
Michael Jang is a well-known gambler in this world of casino
If we reject him now,
the words will travel quick and fast
Then, it'll bring more damage to our credit and honor
I agree with him
Continue until he wishes to withdraw
It's time Get some rest
No, I'm fine, thanks
Want some coffee?
No, thank you
Do you have the tapes of his game?
Put it on
Faster, faster
Previous one
So what's that got to do with it?
I don't know why
But what if we send one of the employee into the Baccarat room
to see how he's doing it
Hey, even professionals from Seoul are helpless
What good would you guys do to this?
Just forget the whole thing and concentrate on your work
I told you it won't work
One of the female employee who serves drinks
is reported, that every time she enters the room
Michael Jang's betting phase shakes
so he was saying what if we locate that employee permanently in the room
What? So he's saying that we should pull a badger game on him?
Have you checked his betting phase, though?
It's not worth it. It's rubbish, anyway
That thing you guys were telling me about, play the tape
Ask the dealers and managers to put the lotion
on them... that this female employee is using
and continue the game
Would that work?
We don't know what the result would be but it's worth a try
Put this lotion before you enter the room
But I'm already using different one
but put this one for now
House on Banker
Card for Player Card for Banker
Player's Banker's
Player's card
Banker open
Banker win
Player 3 both side draw One more player
Player's card
One more bank
Banker open
Draw 7 Max A
Draw 0 Straight 3 Banker win
Banker win
Banker open
Draw 9 Max 1
Player Draw 5
Max Baccarat Banker win
Banker win
Draw 9 Max 1
Player draw 5 Max Baccarat
Banker win
Player 2 Banker win
Banker win
Card for Player Card for Banker
Player's Banker's
Player stand on 7 Banker win
Banker win
Player's card
Mr. Chairman
We've broke Michael Jang
Good work, all of you
I have found out that one female employee
had sensitive skin
So she was using special lotion for it
We were sure that Michael Jang is oversensitive with that lotion
So we broke him by a scent?
There was this essay in Nevada State University
stating people with oversensitivity in scent
loses psychological stability at instant with particular perfume
I must confirm that this is one of those cases
Well done
How did you find out that he is oversensitive about a scent?
That came from one of our employees
Bring him here to me
Yes, sir
If Michael Jang realizes this,
would there be any legal issues?
There was a case with one customer suing casino in Las Vegas
for losing fortune during his dead drunkenness
The casino lost the case
and gave all the money back to him
But in this case, Michael Jang is sure to judge
his capability within this game
It was a very legal confrontation made by us
This is security agent in casino
I'm In-Ha, Kim
In-Ha! In-Ha!
You may leave
Yes, sir
Take a seat
Yes, sir
How did you find out when even the professionals couldn't?
I found out by looking at his face
Looking at his face? How?
What are you doing?
My uncle was a trickster
and I was raised in the gambling house
I know the state of their condition
just by looking at the person's eye or gesture
How long have you been working here?
About a month, sir
What did you do before then?
I was in prison
He's not an official member of the group yet
Until we have the recruitment in the beginning of the year
Very well. You may leave
Mr. Chairman
Even though he's got a criminal record, he's one fine person
Hire him as a regular staff and
report to me his personal affairs, separately
I'm sorry?
Yes, sir
You bastard
So serving time in the prison is something to brag about?
What will they think of me if you tell them that!
Are you suggesting that I should've lied?
You should've went easy with it
But anyway, I thank you for saving my ass
I'll buy you a drink
Excuse me
Aren't you the owner's son of Kyungseong Theater at Yeongdeung-Po?
I don't know if you'd remember
but I used to have my hideouts at the theater
I thought you went to the states
It hasn't been long since I came back
You've been studying all those years?
What is there to study for that long?
It must've been boring
What about you?
Didn't you get bored?
The prison
Well, I did good in there so they allowed me to be released earlier
I was released on parole for well-behaved prisoner
I'm sorry
For what?
Running away alone
There's nothing for you to be sorry about
It was good thing
You've suffered because of me
Even now...
you and I are on the different path
For me, having to know you
will somehow benefit my situation
But it'd be wrong for you to hang out with me. You'll get hurt, again
So stay away, if you can
How can I do that? That now we're together finally?
Remember, I'm your superior
You still have your cocky attitude, huh?
I'm not even a regular staff here
I'll quit at this instant if I have to serve you
Let's drink
Why are you in this gambling business
while you've studied over at the states?
I want to become Steve Win
Who is that?
He's a businessman at the Hotel in Las Vegas
an Emperor of casino business
What about you?
What's your dream?
I don't know whether I have one or not
I wanted to be trickster because
I was in the dozen gambling houses when I was little
But I've realized that within those tricksters
there is not one single person, whose right-minded
Even my uncle
He was a great trickster once
But for all of his life, he's never left the alley of Yeongdeung-Po
Other than that
I haven't thought about it
Then I went to the prison
With those 7 years of service
I only thought about this one girl
That daughter of projectionist Min?
You remember her?
Have you met her?
She works as a dealer at the casino
That dealer at the Baccarat room?
Soo-Yeon, Min
What are you doing?
Why are you laughing as if you've lost your mind?
This is the stockholder's list of Sea World Hotel casino
The greatest shareholder is with 32% from Sang-Chun, Yu
The rest is divided among 8 other shareholders
Let's take care of this as quietly as possible
Yes, sir
How was your day?
Where's father?
He has a visitor
Let's go upstairs
Who is it, anyway?
I never take interest in your father's business, remember?
How's your work?
You know
Never mind
What is it? Talk to me
Take a seat, please
Your decision
I'd like to remain silent with your decision
But I do feel uncomfortable that you're working for Chairman Suh
Your father used to deal with all the difficult problems
when he was working for him
You'd never remember this but
your dad even served sentences on behalf of Chairman Suh
Of course, with that price, he's made this much
But your dad would have to see the end of Chairman Suh
to be finally satisfied
Win or lose
This relationship will finally resolve only after a big fight
But what is your intention of intervening that?
And I don't know what your father is thinking
Letting you go
and work for Chairman Suh
I really don't know
The relationship between them
does not mean anything to me
Whatever the casualties were
Chairman Suh stands unchallenged in our country's casino business
I would have to learn
his capability and ability to achieve my goal
I would never be like father
who is sneaky in front of power
and cruelly rob everything to those who do not have anything
Not me, I'm not doing that
I'll accomplish 10 times as much
than what father has with my own way
Watch me over
- Come, take a seat - Ok
I hear you went to Jeju Island
Yes, sir
How is Chairman Suh doing?
Sometime soon
I'll be undertaking Sea World Casino
at Jeju Island
With what?
Sea World has one of the complicated quota relationship
between shareholders
And Chairman Suh is also interested in the business
How are you planning on undertaking that?
You'll see
Something is about to happen
that even Chairman Suh will not expect
Keep that to yourself
What's with you?
You seem awfully happy
I see that you have a new man in your life
Who is it?
I'll tell you about it later
Take this
What is it?
It's not much
But use it for the children at nursery school
How are the children?
I'm getting a day off soon I'll come by then
Deliver this to the secretary office
Do not make mistakes
Don't worry
Excuse me
How may I help you?
We're with Jungmun Hotel Casino
We have something to pass on to Director Son
They're having meeting at the moment
Please wait by the couch
The dispute regarding the right of management between
shareholders began at the Sea World Hotel Casino
This is the opportunity to undertake the casino
Would Chairman Yu give up?
It is known that his quota is around 30%
We can secure more quotas than that
and we'll have pretty good chance of doing so
You'll see
Something is about to happen that even Chairman Suh will not expect
Keep that to yourself
Hey, where are you going?
We haven't got much time for the flight hour
I just need to stop by for a few minutes
- Welcome - Welcome
Who are you?
Makdoong, please
Ah, Makdoong Makdoong!
Please, follow me
Wow, she rocks
How have you been? How's my uncle doing?
Let's talk outside, shall we?
What's wrong?
Let's go
Long time no see, In-Ha
Jong-Ku, Yoo I see you've been doing well
You guys hang around together?
Why didn't I think of this before?
It's obvious that you guys would be tricksters
Like you cheated me when we were in the prison
I just wasted my time and effort finding you
Your friends suffered a bit, you know
Those fuckers, they sure know what the loyalty is all about
Even when passing out
they wouldn't tell me where you were
Why were you looking for me?
What, you don't know why?
I also regret the death of Brown Bear
It wasn't intentional
and I've served enough of it
So let's drop this
Shut the fuck up, you bastard
Drop this? Drop it? Says who!
It may be over for you
But I haven't even started it
What are you waiting for? Kill him!
Go to the back door
Catch him! Now!
Stop where you are!
Get him Get him, now!
- In-Ha - Get him!
- Stop, you fuck - In-Ha!
Get him, you bastards
You fuck
Where the hell are you? You stop there
Follow them!