BlackBerry 10, Mercedes Benz CLA, World's Thinnest Wristwatch

Uploaded by AskMenVIDEO on 25.01.2013

Hey guys, Chloe in for Aspire! This week we've got a luxury coupe that's like Spanish fly
for supermodels, the world's thinnest wristwatch, and everything you need to know about Blackberry
All coming up - on Aspire!
First up, want a luxury coupe that'll have Karlie Kloss chasing you down the highway
or Kate Upton volunteering to give it a wash? Well, then you've got your sights set on the
new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA! Inspired by the larger CLS line of sedans, this compact coupe
features with a turbocharged, 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine which generates 208 horsepower and
258 lb.-ft. of torque. Also aiming to impress is the CLA's Eco Stop/Start system which shuts
off the engine when its idling in traffic or at stoplights. The CLA comes with a 7-speed
dual clutch automated transmission and an Advanced Parking Assist system that can effortlessly
back you in to a parallel or perpendicular spot. As for safety, the CLA offers a Brake
Assist system & Collision Prevention system aimed to maximize your chances of avoiding
a fender-bender. Gotta keep that supermodel-mobile intact. Optional features include a deluxe
surround sound system, panoramic sunroof, a 7-inch interior display, Distronic adaptive
cruise control as well as Blind Spot and Lane Keeping Assist packages.
All of which is to say that the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA fits nicely among the manufacturer's other
luxury vehicles, however this one might just attract the woman of your dreams. Next up,
the wristwatch is facing some stiff competition from the smartphone, so style counts for a
lot these days. That's where the CST-01 comes in. This unique watch claims to be the world's
thinnest, and we'd be hard-pressed to prove them wrong. The flexible CST-01 measures just
.8mm thick and weighs only 12g. In fact this watch seems to be of nothing more than a thin
metal band and a large display. There are no buttons or knobs to be found anywhere.
To make adjustments to this futuristic timepiece, you'll need to dock it to its charging station.
But make it quick, as the CST-01 can get a full charge in just ten minutes. And then
you're good for a month before you need to charge it again. That's because the CST-01
uses a highly readable E-ink display that's flexible and requires very little energy.
And finally, Blackberry users are some of the most loyal brand followers in the world.
But lately, that's just not been enough as Android and Apple continue to sell record
numbers of phones. So, after years of struggle, RIM is back with a do-or-die line of Blackberry
10 phones. These sleek new devices hit shelves next week and will be available either with
a tactile keyboard that its users love as well as touchscreen, bringing it line with
its competitors. However, stylish new hardware might not be as important as Blackberry's
latest stab at an OS. The newest iteration is a complete overhaul that owes a fair bit
to Windows 8 in terms of its looks. A new internet browser promises speed and the ability
to share content with a few simple gestures. Keep your home and work life separate with
the Balance feature, and experiment with the intuitive new touch keyboard that learns your
writing style as you use it and offers suggestions. One jaw-dropping feature we weren't expecting
is the time shift camera that captures frames before and after you press the shutter, allowing
you to roll an image back a few frames to get a better picture. If this feature works
the way it should, expect it to start popping up on every other smartphone in the future.
And finally, stay on top of what's most important with the Blackberry hub, an easily accessible
feature that keeps track of your messages and conversations. It's been a long descent
for RIM, so here's hoping the Blackberry 10 line can make the once infamous telco relevant
again. If first looks are anything to go by, the 10 series might just do the trick. So
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