Full Sungkyunkwan Scandal - Episode 4 (Eng Subs)

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{\a6}Brought to you by the Gods of the East Subbing Squad
I will abide by my promise,
no matter what it is.
Then please move to the Western dormitories.
I believe that you will keep your promise.
Wait, wait, wait...
Are you sick?
I mean,
how could this kind of thing happen?
The person who goes mad at the word "Noron"; Geol-oh, Moon Jae Shin...
What's more is that,
his opponent is the Noron leader's son, Lee Seon Joon.
You actually shared the same room with him for one night.
How is that possible?
What's the matter?
Why is it that only Lee Seon Joon passes so easily?
What passes?
I'm just observing him.
That Noron kid,
I'm wondering how much longer he can last sharing the same room as I am.
I'm just observing.
I believe that you will keep your promise.
Scholar Lee Seon Joon,
please go to the Western dormitories.
If it's about this matter,
isn't it already over?
It looks like it isn't over, that's why I'm saying this.
Not until you move to the Western dormitories.
He is a scarier person than what you imagine him to be.
Head Scholar, Ha In Soo.
The great principle that forces you to oppose him at all costs, what exactly is it?
There is something...
that I want to ask you.
I am simply trying to abide by the rules that are set.
Is that so wrong?
At least, in SungKyunKwan,
no matter who you are, you cannot be discriminated by factions.
Am I wrong?
Because they are the majority, and because they are the strong ones,
so I must obey them. Will that be correct?
Is that it?
The Head Scholar, and all the rest of the students...
They do not care about your intentions.
I don't care about what they think.
I'm used to it.
What I care about is,
Scholar Kim Yoon Shik,
what do you think?
In SungKyunKwan,
examination ranks, official positions,
it is all unnecessary to me.
just want to peacefully get through all this until the end.
This is my principle, rules and desire.
I believe that you will keep your promise.
Wow! You are really something!
How could you think of using Kim Yoon Shik as a bait,
to hook a big fish like Lee Seon Joon?
Our Head Scholar is the best!
But will he really come?
Lee Seon Joon is a man with a lot of pride.
That is why he will come.
He is a man of his words.
To Lee Seon Joon, his pride is,
such a funny thing.
Cho Bo!
{\a6}[Cho Bo: Official Newspaper]
The Rogue of HongByuk appeared yesterday night!
The Rogue of HongByuk?
Golden Vine of Words?
{\a6} [T/N: Golden Vine of Words = Geum Dong Ji Sa]
Those who stole the late Emperor's last wish,
are unlawful officials.
Those who are unwilling to face the bloodied truth,
are despicable leaders.
Among everyone present here,
does anyone know the contents of the Golden Vine of Words?
Your Majesty, what are you...
If even Your Majesty, who is related by blood, doesn't know what the late Emperor's last wish is,
how would us officials be able to know?
Please do not blame us innocent officials, Your Majesty.
Look at that.
I've been pointed straight at, accused of being a despicable leader who is unable to face the truth,
why would I blame you?
You worry too much.
Please capture the Rogue of HongByuk, Byungpan official.
Once we capture him, everything will be resolved.
Do you agree, Jwasang?
I don't care what methods you use,
we must catch the Rogue of HongByuk.
If the official guards capture the Rogue of HongByuk first,
be prepared to lose your life.
Yes, Master.
I'm still bothered about
the fact that the rogue disappeared into the Scholar's Village.
We must be cautious of the Scholar's Village and SungKyunKwan.
Golden Vine of Words?
So that's the Rogue of HongByuk...
Oh yes! Kim Yoon Shik!
Are you alright?
Yesterday night,
was everything alright?
Did you eat something wrong?
As long as you are with women, you will not be able to stop hiccuping.
That happens without fail.
Are you really okay?
You're crazy.
This is SungKyunKwan.
You won't even find a shadow of a girl here.
It's time for class.
Did you forget?
If you fail again this time, you will be evicted.
{\a6}[A punishment that removes one from the Dorms]
That, I will not allow.
Don't make that kind of face. It doesn't suit you.
Class is starting! Class is starting!
Did you get it? This teacher's...
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about heritage books.
Based on your words, you are talking about the record of a family's heritage that has been passed down for generations.
Not that one!
It's the heritage books for today's class.
That's strange.
Isn't the lecturer for the Analects of Confucius newly appointed?
We don't know anything more than that?
How points will be given, what kind of questions he likes, etc.,
Who knows...
He was probably from the high courts,
and he got axed!
Or maybe he was a corrupt, or he accepted bribes...
Whatever it is, I heard that he really likes money.
And what is this?
Me? Did you not hear?
The bell just rang, Professor Yoo.
I'm asking you why you are ignoring the class syllabus,
and carrying a urinal pot to class?
This is my class syllabus.
Huh? How can it be?
This is the first time I've seen of such a thing.
The Geol Oh Student turning up for class on his own accord.
Even the Chief Official has given up on this matter, which master managed this?
I'm in this class too.
Oh no,
our long term student has been too busy drinking and playing,
he looks tired.
Hey you.
Sit over there.
This class.
It is now the Analects of Confucius lesson, Teacher.
I'm the Professor in charge of teaching the Analects of Confucius this term.
Jung Yak Yong.
How do you intend to grade our results?
How can you ask about results on the first day?
Why not? What else can be more important?
You are right.
In my class, as long as you fail 5 times, you would get one strike.
In SungKyunKwan, regardless of it being studies or activities,
if you get three strikes,
you will be evicted as a punishment, and your name will be erased from the Register forever.
You should have known this all along.
That is why I came prepared.
I hope that you can fill this with whatever sincerity that you can afford.
I will work hard to reflect this in the results.
What did you say?!
Accepting bribes in the middle of a lesson?!
We were shocked as well, that is why we came to report it to you, Sir.
A leopard cannot change its spots.
A person who was demoted because of bribery and corruption...
It looks like he's determined to make a killing here.
What kind of world is this?
Still doing such an unrefined thing!
We should report this to the inspectors, Sir.
Are you crazy!
Who do you want to see removed from the office!
Nobody can find out about this matter.
Do you understand?
Yes, Sir.
But, did he get anything valuable?
This is so touching.
Perhaps to some people, they would treat this pot as a urinal.
To some others, it could be a rice pot.
No one is going to think that...
It's a hat, right?
In my eyes, this pot is...
A treasure pot.
Treasure pot?
What else is there?
That is enough.
This is the time for the Analects of Confucius.
These words are.
I may be a foolish teacher,
but at least, I know that much.
why are you playing with Western circus tricks, wasting the students' precious time?
Is it not interesting?
It's interesting.
It's interesting.
It's interesting.
Thank you.
Recently, the trend has been on entertaining poetry,
is that why you think that the classics are now useless?
Of course not.
Didn't you already say it?
It is the time for the Analects of Confucius.
The gold ring.
The Analects of Confucius as the main focus...
It says that "A hero is not a fixed tool."
"A hero is not a vessel of limited capacity,
a hero that is dedicated to pursuing the truth,
cannot be closed minded, and be blocked by biases."
Nothing can be learned from the tricks of the West...
that is such a stubborn bias.
Because Jung Yak Yong had learned some Western tricks,
what kind of ignorance and foolishness are there in assuming that he hates the Classics?
You really are brave.
The Analects of Confucius as the focus...
It says that "Studying is not stubborn".
Those with more luxury of knowledge, easily thinks that they are constricted into a narrow world,
and they tend to become stubborn people.
So they relentlessly examine and pursue knowledge,
using the brain which was originally lively and adaptable, and used it to learn the truth.
Because you are no longer the prodigy from your local school.
and you are no longer the nerds that stay in the house.
You are the future leaders of the country, SungKyunKwan Scholars.
This opportunity to study, was given to you, using the blood and sweat of the people.
We must use a hardworking, studious attitude to repay them.
Firstly, for a better future for the commoners,
we have to create a brand new Joseon.
This is our duty as an Official.
Please everybody,
you shouldn't disappoint those who are feeding you.
Work hard.
This guy...
He's not too bad.
I will now announce the results for today.
Kim Woo Tak, fail.
Bae Hae Won, fail.
Ahn Do Hyun, fail.
Kim Yoon Shik, fail.
Moon Jae Shin, fail.
Lee Kang Chul, fail.
Lee Seon Joon.
But Teacher,
why is that so?
Student Lee Seon Joon, who opposed the contents of the lesson.
Why did he pass?
It's precisely that.
Because he is the only student who expressed his concerns with the unorthodox teaching methods.
Intellect is not found in the answer, but in the question.
The world that I showed everyone,
is slowly starting to fade.
A so-called teacher, is just that insignificant.
those who can question things themselves are those who will be able to find answers.
This is,
the reason why Lee Seon Joon passed.
Do you know what the Analects of Confucius are, student Kim Yoon Shik?
It is Confucius' teachings.
He was a stubborn old man named Confucius, surrounded by a number of clever students.
They had passionate debates on the question of how we should be creating our world, and it was recorded down.
If you are still unhappy, feel free to look for me.
In this term, let us debate until we bleed.
Class dismissed.
Where did the pot go? Why are you empty handed, Professor Jung?
What will I do...
I have yet to master the method on mending a smashed pot.
What? What?
So impressive, Lee Seon Joon.
Your father,
the Jwasang has such a resounding reputation.
What do you mean?
Today's results for the first class.
Surely you don't think that it was all because of your own capabilities?
How did you bribe Professor Jung?
Don't tell me you promised to reinstate him in the high courts?
You're saying that I'm depending on my father's title?
I really ought to use it.
Then I wouldn't have to tolerate such devious creatures like you,
eating into the country's resources, yet shooting your mouths off.
I definitely wouldn't.
What? You punk.
What are you doing!
Students fighting will be a deduction of five points.
Whatever, it's not like I'll be the only one who will be deducted.
Today, we will fight until the end!
You punk, count yourself lucky for today.
Come, come.
Let us have a bowl of rice wine beside us, then chat.
How about that?
Let's not bring the old guys along, just us freshmen going together.
I'll listen to the big brother.
How about you? Let's go together.
I'm not interested.
Before we can even tell what's right from wrong, just using wine to cover it up,
I hate that.
Then forget it.
This guy, is so boring.
You, Big Shot, let's go together.
No, I...
You're very displeased with that guy as well, right?
Then let us have this hateful guy as our drinking snack,
and get totally drunk.
Hey, Noron.
Just pick one.
Either you deal with matters like a person, or you deal with them like a Noron.
Just do one.
What do you mean?
The freshmen have all gone to the Scholar's Village.
We only talk about meaningless things when gathering together.
I definitely won't do it.
why did you come to SungKyunKwan?
Of course it is for the knowledge.
Such an obvious lie.
If you keep on doing that it will become a habit.
With money, why couldn't you have hired a private tutor?
With a good brain, just reading the books will enlighten you.
This SungKyunKwan,
is precisely for those things.
It is a place for the young scholars to gather into groups.
"In the Heavens and Earth, I reign supreme."
We don't need such a person here.
you don't seem to suit SungKyunKwan yourself.
I got caught.
I can leave this place anytime,
but you're different.
If you want to take the Official Imperial Exams, you need to have the points. [Points: The grade given to a SungKyunKwan Scholars during their time of studies]
If you want to be an official, then you need to have friends.
This is the real reason why you are in SungKyunKwan.
Remember this well.
Ultimately, you,
and those that you hate, the people from the Noron Faction,
are exactly the same.
So don't you keep hanging around in front of me,
saying how you gave up your faction bias,
moving those limbs, pretending to be human,
because a fool like me will get confused.
For the gentleman that I miss...
This is a little old fashioned.
For the gentleman that I admire...
This is a little too forward.
Oh, my Lady!
- Look at the wrinkles at the corner of your eyes. - What?!
Oh no, I've aged so much in these past few days!
Do I,
look like I'm over 20?
Buh Deul ah...
It is now time,
for the Art of Wine Lesson, Teacher.
Let me tell you about the legend of the mixed wine.
Please stop now.
Lee Seon Joon, fail.
So meaningless.
So meaningless.
The wine mixing expert Ahn Do Hyun's secret weapon,
Jindo red wine.
The first cup must be drinked at one go.
Drinked at one go?
Kim Woo Tak, Pass!
You too, Pass!
Have you heard it, the legend of the mixed wine?
That is, if any student refuses to finish the drink at one go during student gatherings,
will get evicted from SungKyunKwan
and you will be erased from the register! A tragic and scary legend!
Kim Yoon Shik, pass!
For a man's health, this is the best.
This is the famous three-legged octopus from Dok Chan.
What's wrong with you?
A man, acting like a sissy...
How can you just come and look for me like this?
Did you forget?
I remember that I paid you a hefty deposit!
A love letter is a love letter, but it cannot be too old-fashioned, and people must feel its intimacy.
Even though you want to express your desire to meet,
it's also not good to be too obvious.
That... and...
That is to say,
liking the guy to death,
but not wanting to be too obvious,
isn't that what you mean?
Anyway, I'll try my best.
among the students, there is a Young Master Lee Seon Joon, didn't he come?
Why are you looking for that person?
It's because... "Shin Eon Seo Pan"
That is...
Body Shin Talk Eon Letter Seo
Pan... Pan...
Wooden board Pan.
Anyway, he's just great, everyone is talking about him, so...
Shin Eon Seo Pan, he has everything.
{\a6}[Traits: Body, Words, Books and Judgment]
An incredible guy like him,
is definitely not going to be at such a gathering.
and the people running the system whom you hate,
are exactly the same.
In the end, even within SungKyunKwan,
everything revolves around Lee Seon Joon.
It's so frustrating.
Despite being in SungKyunKwan, even if we make it into the government,
Lee Seon Joon will still have all the high-ranking positions.
Having no respect for elders at such a young age...
he wouldn't understand empathy.
That's true.
After all, he could only talk about his father in the end...
Full of himself...
Only riding on his father's authority and power.
Why not write something instead?
You, say something too! Speak freely!
Despicable fellow!
That's right!
Unfeeling fellow!
I agree!
Unreasonable fellow!
Same feelings!
You are all worse than him!
Even that hateful man, Lee Seon Joon,
won't do such despicable things like you.
A bunch of grown-up men slyly talking behind a person's back.
Hey hey hey!
Aren't you ashamed?
If you're not satisfied with your results, you should look for Professor Jung!
No, if it was me, I would have gone already!
Regardless of Lee Seon Joon or Professor Jung,
if I use my ability to disgrace and prove them wrong, then that's victory!
Hey, Kim Yoon Shik, don't you hate Lee Seon Joon too?
I hate him!
You guys cannot imagine how much I hate him.
But even so...
This is not right.
Lee Seon Joon, today, was not wrong at all.
And this, you all know it in your hearts.
Alright! As expected, our Yoon Shik is a respectable figure.
He's forgiving and understanding.
Let's drink to our heart's content tonight!
I'll be back.
Don't look!
Oh! It's Lee Seon Joon...
Hey! Big Shot!
Big shot!
Lee Seon Joon, Lee Seon Joon is here!
You're drunk! It's your hallucination. Have you seen ghosts already?
Really, it's true!
Since you're here, you should come in.
The man who hates using alcohol to solve problems.
Look who's here.
I do hate it. But...
But, to take part in student-organized activities even though I am unwilling, is my principle.
I cannot go against it,
hence, I am here.
Drink it all! Drink it all!
All our expectations of you, are in here.
The first cup has to be finished in one mouthful.
We have all drank it.
If you're afraid, giving up is...
Lee Seon Joon, passed!
I say... Is Cho Seon coming or not?
Cho Seon has caught a very bad cold.
Big sister feels extremely sorry too.
You still have a long way to go.
How will hurting a man's pride do you any good?
Why be so stubborn?
Furthermore, the man is SungKyunKwan's student leader,
the son of the Secretary of Military Affairs.
He looked for you the moment the ceremony ended.
I'm sure you can feel his sincerity.
Young Master, you still have a long way to go as well.
Young Master Yeorim,
can't you feel my sincerity?
What a man can buy with money and power,
is just a night with a woman.
And the man who can capture a woman's heart.
Even though he may have nothing,
he can have it forever.
Even prostitutes have principles they wish to live up to.
Don't tell me...
You and big shot...
No, no...
Is it because of Kim Yoon Shik?
That's why...
So for today, Young Master should go back soon.
I will send you out.
How long can you keep rejecting me like this?
We shall wait and see.
If the principles of a prostitute is more noble,
than the power of Ha In Soo.
It should be a very interesting comparison.
I say... About Cho Seon, I will...
You're back.
Now, we only have to wait for the new scholars to come back.
President, Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon,
they are both not back yet.
Looks like those new scholars are late because they are busy making beautiful memories.
It's time to teach them about the meaning of a curfew.
Your wish from before...
I thought about it.
I should keep my promise.
I will go to the Western dormitories.
I didn't think that.
In front of all the scholars earlier...
Are you shocked because I spoke up for you?
Yesterday, you looked unhappy about my results.
I wasn't unhappy,
I was curious.
What's right? The things taught by the teacher.
What's truth?
I want to know it all.
Not only that.
It's the first time.
Because it's the first time.
Going to class, the teacher,
and studying with classmates together.
For the first time, knowing that the Analects of Confucius is so interesting.
Actually, all these...
All, it's all thanks to you.
I'm still thankful to you for today.
So I thought about it.
You don't have to go to the Western dormitories.
My wish regarding this matter seems a bit wasted.
Are my words that moving to you?
Are you okay?
Why is it always...
These rascals! Do they know that,
coming back late deserves a punishment?
There's a show to watch tonight!
Help me out!
Help me out here!
Hey hey hey! Let's go!
Please help me out!
How can you do this!
I'm sorry, if we're back late,
we'll be in trouble!
What if I break my back at this age?
You can do it!
Because you're a Dae Mul!
{\a6} [T/N: Dae Mul - Big shot / A respectable person.]
Wait up!
How close!
Close the doors. Isn't it time already?
- But some scholars aren't back. - Do you need me to repeat myself?
But they're all drunk today so they'll be a little late.
No matter what, it's the Scholars' first night out...
First night out, hence, we need to punish them strictly.
Please open the door!
Because of certain things,
please forgive us once!
We will not come back late again! Okay?
The room two scholars are not back yet?
I will severely punish them, so that they dare not to do it again.
Moon Jae Shin, Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon, failed.
We're back.
Scholar Lee Seon Joon is not feeling well and resting inside.
Please understand.
Lee Seon Joon... Ah the smell of alcohol...
This is amazing.
How did he get in?
You idiot!
Someone must have told him about our secret passageway.
Thank you.
If not for your help, we would definitely be punished.
I will return the favor, Senior.
What are you talking about?
Considering that day at the ceremony...
We're on our own now.
On our own?
Don't take it too hard.
Tonight, you and Lee Seon Joon both...
Can be alone.
Geol Oh... looks like he's not coming back again.
Geol Oh Senior is not coming back?
What is this?!
So unlucky!
I won again!
I'm bigger than you in this round.
Give me the money.
I'm sorry, what is this?
Catch all of them! Don't let anyone go.
Let go of me!
Useless fellow
When are you going to stop wasting your life?!
Can you still face your brother who has passed away?!
Do you have any right to scold me?
I can bear with everyone's judgments and comments,
but not you, Father.
Do not worry about me again.
It makes me sick to hear it.
What are you doing?!
The books teach that appropriate dressing is the starting point of mannerisms!
Please think about what the books have taught you!
Lee Seon Joon, please!
I have to be extremely careful every day.
Hey, wake up!
If you sleep outside, be careful that your mouth might turn crooked.
You're back, Senior.
You're back.
Yesterday was clearly...
Yesterday... did anything happen?
Young Master, please drink this.
I told you not to look for me again, right?
Without me, Young Master would get into trouble.
How do you expect me to not do anything?
You normally don't drink at all, why did you get so drunk, Young Master?
About that...
How did you find out?
Everyone in the city knows. How could I not know?
The Prime Minister's only son, drunk to the point of behaving like a young puppy.
Anyone with a mouth has been saying that.
Please help me!
Lee Seon Joon, please!
Take a big gulp of it.
Young Master, what's wrong?!
I'm fine.
Try clearing your throat!
Because of yesterday night, you can't face me anymore.
So are you going to continue pretending?
However, this concerns my principle of paying debts.
It is also one of the most important principles.
It should also be Lee Seon Joon's principle, right?
If you need to say thank you, you should.
If you need to say sorry, you should. You should do things properly.
If it's about yesterday night, perhaps...
Do you recall now?
Are you talking about you entering SungKyunKwan from my effort,
and wanting to thank me?
No! After that,
the thing that happened after that!
That was...
Asking me not to go to the Western dormitories,
that your wish was wasted on that.
If it's that thing, I promise you Scholar Kim Yoon Shik,
do not worry.
To all Scholars of SungKyunKwan,
on September 20th, I will host an archery competition at SungKyunKwan.
Scholars are granted 50 points for bull's eye,
and will be bestowed a bowstring.
Those who fail in the beginning will be punished severely.
I hope the disciplined and well-behaved scholars,
will seize the chance to hone their skills.
Archery competition?
Is this how you pull the bowstring?
I'm sorry.
Those who fail, will cause the other scholars in the same room to fail too.
I don't wish to fail because of another person's problem.
The energy you had when you dragged me along yesterday,
where have they all gone to?
You're using too much strength.
Looks like you strained your muscles kicking the door yesterday.
You recall everything about yesterday?
It was also my first time.
Not just my classmate... but my good friend.
Someone who is willing to be my good friend,
Kim Yoon Shik, you are the first.
What are they doing now?
What, Lee Seon Joon?
Looks like he doesn't need to go to the Western dormitories anymore.
According to the rules, roommates form a team.
Till now, he is still close to Kim Yoon Shik!
That's right!
After all, the King will be present at the archery shoot out.
Surely it's not a lie?
Archery shootout.
Archery shootout, did you say?
Don't tell me you don't know what it means, hence, you're so calm, Minister?
Isn't this the event that Crown Prince Sa-do used to hold at SungKyunKwan?
Hence, when King Sa-Do passed away,
the current King stopped them, isn't it?
It's a little worrisome, Minister.
The Red Book suddenly appears, looking for the Golden Vine of Words,
and hosting some sort of archery shootout.
you have to say something!
What are you planning?
That day, the man who claimed he destroyed the Golden Vine of Words,
was you, wasn't it?
The Golden Vine of Words of course doesn't exist anymore.
Looking at the current situation,
it is not the time to take any action.
Breakthrough the opponent's tackles.
Someday, the perfect timing will surface itself.
Royal Highness, this is...
SungKyunKwan professor Kim Seong Heon's relics, returned to the palace after 10 years.
When the sick SungKyunKwan professor died that day,
his son brought this here.
This can't be...
His resignation letter?
Kim Seon Heon...
That detestable person.
Because of me, such an unreliable king,
used this to conceal his will.
According to this will, Royal Highness...
The Golden Vine of Words is.
This is the real reason,
why I sent you, Professor Jung to SungKyunKwan.
Professor Jung
Professor Jung, since you are skilled in medicine,
during preparation for the archery shootout, please take care of the Scholars' safety.
Do you understand what I mean?
Professor Jung.
This time the King will come down personally to SungKyunKwan.
For an old man like me,
this may be the last chance to enter the government.
Professor Jung, I request of you.
Professor Jung.
These registers that the King wants to inspect,
please also tidy them,
by tomorrow!
Hey, big shot, where have your roommates gone to?
It is not our practice time now.
Then what are you doing here?
I may cause my roommates to get into trouble,
so I want to practice more.
Like what Lee Seon Joon said,
you want to stay in the Eastern dormitories with the Noron!
You will do whatever Lee Seon Joon says you should do?
It's not what Lee Seon Joon thinks,
it's what I think.
You rascal.
I have to teach you a good lesson so that you can wake up.
Is it wrong for governors to stay in the Eastern dormitories?
And so?
You say I won't be able to survive if I go against the student body President.
President, with such authority,
And so?
So, if a Noron staying in the Eastern dormitories is wrong,
then you, President, with the authority,
why can't you change the rules?
If all the scholars go according to the allocations of Eastern and Western dormitories,
Scholar Lee Seon Joon will have to follow.
Hey! Are you crazy?!
So you're saying that Lee Seon Joon is not wrong.
You're right.
I went overboard, I didn't think about it properly.
I will apologize to you.
How about I'll teach you something?
At the archery shootout, the person you should want to win,
is not anyone else, but yourself.
You, the person who is afraid of the arrow.
This, is what I wish to teach you.
Something has happened!
Big shot and Young Master... at the archery grounds...
Friend! What are you unhappy about?
After the news of the archery shootout were released,
I thought the happiest person would be you.
Moon Jae Shin
Aren't you the best archer?
What are you trying to do?!
I'm teaching him as a senior.
What's wrong?
Did I do something wrong?
Kim Yoon Shik.
This child, can he be...
Professor Kim Seon Heon's son?
Scholar Kim Yoon Shik
I should go back.
Are you a woman?
Answer me, Kim Yoon Shik.
I'm asking you if you are a woman.
Dae Mul, this fellow... Definitely has a secret.
What do you want to say?
The scholar who wishes passionately to learn the truth.
Are you all the ones who caused Lee Seon Joon to be in this state?
Please let us fall in love.
Do you know what's love?
Is it possible?
SungKyunKwan's archery shootout!
It's the Red Book! Catch the Red Book!
This penmanship...
Without a doubt, it's by one of the SungKyunKwan scholars.
What is this?
Let me down!
For just thirty times.
Till then, even if you wish to fly, I will not let you go.
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