1978-04-22 ✡ One Love Peace Concert (Heartland Reggae) ✡ The National Stadium, Kingston, Jamaica

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Four hundred years of the same old master buisness and black inferiority
and brown superiority and white superiority ruled this little black country here for a long time
and l come with earthquake, lightning and thunder
to break down the barriers of oppression, drive away transgression
and rule equality between humble black people.
There has been struggle for as long as people could remember
living under social oppression that gripped countries like Jamaica
it caused violent street warfare between gangs supporting one of the two political parties.
The peace concert grew from a peace treaty that announced three months before
between two youthful supporters of the opposing parties, Claude Massop and Bucky Marshall.
They had both been taken in by police and locked up in the same cell.
That night through the power of Jah an effective truce was born
and they became leaders of the peace committee.
As the moon began to rise that night, a premiere reggae musician, leader of the group lnner Circle
and Rastafarian Jacob Miller sang his new composition Peace Treaty.
The song celebrates and end to political struggle
and the foundation of the peace movement.
Down in Jamaica reggae music is soul food espescially forthe Rastafarians.
On the south coast of Jamaica near Sav Le Mar a concert is held in the open field
some of the biggest stars on the island showed up including Dennis Brown.
Later a roots man will step on stage with a "cripple" skank.
Rastafarian movement is a cultural way of life with rich discipline and deep commitment.
Born of the belief that we are descendents of the last tribe of lsrael
and the fruit of the union between King Solomon and Queen of Sheba
and that we are destined to return to the homeland of Africa.
Reggae is only what you hear and think is reggae The word reggae means kings music.
That means it is highly sophisticated and should be highly appreciated.
But it is black kings, that is why they denounce recognition of reggae
but how long can they keep a good man down?
lt is relating to the people and the voice of the people is the voice of the Almighty.
That was Peter Tosh again, a majorforce of reggae
and a founding member with Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston of the original Wailers.
Here he is performing on the North Coast.
And again Jacob Miller and instigator of rasta rebel music, run for cover, rasta taking over.
The man largely responsible forthe peace concert that night was the prophet Bob Marley.
News fo the truce reached Bob in Miami
he returned to Jamaica to perform there again at the One Love Peace Concert.
He was awarded an African Peace Medal from the United Nations.
He's our most visible ambassador of the reggae brethren and powerto those in Babylon.
Today even though things have changed Rastafari still remembers the roots.
ln 1970 King Tubby, an electronic genius, jammed both radio stations in Kingston
for a few hours he played dub music.
Dub is a version of reggae song without vocal track forthe DJ to chant over.
The DJ at that time and the first man to dub root rockers music
the most popularfound reggae in Jamaica was this man U-Roy.
Now a founding father of Reggae here he is in a special guest appearance.
The Peace Concert provided an official stamp to the new peace movement.
lt was a stamp of approval from the Rastafarians.
The intensity in Marley's performance was electric while the mood of the crowd was guarded elation.
Word spread that the opposition leaders Manley and Seaga were both present and likely to make an appearance.
This song was a big hit in England by Althea and Donna.
The first roots daughters to DJ rockers music, bringing love to all peacemakers.
The biggest inspiration forthe rise in the rasta movement was Marcus Garvey
an early crusaderfor black rights and founder of the back to Africa movement
but more importantly the man who prophesied:
"Look to Africa when a black king shall be crowned forthe day of deliverance is near."
The prophecy came true when Rastafari Haile Selassie l was crowned Emperorfo Ethiopia in 1930
Emperor Haile Selassie l, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion from the Tribe of Judah
came to visit Jamaica in 1966, the first African leaderto land here.
He received a tremendous welcome from the Rastafarians.
One of the Selassie's speeches has been set to music by Bob Marley in the song War.
Rastafarians believe in the use of marijuana, as a sacrament to be performed constantly.
Tosh's militant stance has often caused him pain in the hands of Babylon.
You can't force a white people's philosophy on black people especially the people of Jamaica
because nowhere on earth are people as spiritual as the ones in Jamaica.
Check out the courage fo Rastaman Jacob Miller, a man who fights musically forthe freedom of herb.
l couldn't believe it, it seems as if Marley's dreams are coming true.
Bob is feeling the love of Jah as he invites Prime Minister
Michael Manley and Opposition leader Edward Seaga on stage.
That was crucial.