Beginner Crochet Stitches 36 - Twisted Loop Stitch - Crochet Tutorial

Uploaded by Meladora1 on 20.01.2013

In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to do
the Twisted Loop Stitch
and it's really
cool looking. No matter what your making, rug, pillow etc.. Just chain the length
that you want your project to be, then double crochet
in all your stitches
and then the part where you do the loop, I will be using seven, but you can use
five or ten or whatever, as big as you want your loop to be
but I think seven looks good so that's what i'm doing
two three four five six seven, then going into the second
double crochet
of my row and slip stitch into the post of the
double crochet
make sure to use the post
then slip stitch
then chain seven again
go in through the next post
and slip stitch
chain seven again
Stitch is worked in two rows, first you double crochet in all the stitches
then go right back through that row making your loops
so just continue to chain seven
seven, and going ion though
to post

and slip stitching
I am at the end of my row here
when your get to the end of a double crochet row you will chain two
and you want to make sure that you use that also to make a loop
this would be so awesome as
a pillow, it would be
so soft. So when you get to the end of the row
you want to chain two and turn your work
then do as you would your very first row, as if this was the chain you made
do a double crochet in each stitch across

and when you get to your last stitch,
you will chain seven
and turn and slip stitch into the next double crochet
I will show you that real quick
this is my last double crochet
go in through the top of the chain two
not the space, the stitch so it will stay straight
when i get done
chain seven
and then turn your work
then reworking through the posts
from the previous around
skipping the first one
and use the post of the second
to slip stitch into
just continue that all the way around
back and forth, back and forth. This has been the tutorial to show you
how to do the twisted loop stitch
thanks for watching, please
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