How to make a dry rub for pork with Curtis Stone - Coles

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Now, when it comes to marinating your meats,
there's a couple of different ways to do it.
You can either do a dry rub,
which means using a spice mixture to cover
the outside of the meat that you're going to cook.
Or you can use a wet marinade,
which usually means using something like wine or oil or even citrus fruit
to actually get in there and marinade and brine the meat.
I'm going to show you a couple of different ways to approach it.
What you're doing is you're either adding flavour
or you're tenderising what it is you're going to cook.
The first thing we're going to do is make a dry rub, OK?
I'm going to put it over some pork cutlets.
It's absolutely delicious. Definitely adds flavour.
It won't tenderise the meat.
It doesn't need it because it's already beautiful and tender.
So what I've got here is a little bit of brown sugar
and I just combine all of these different seasonings
or spices into a bowl.
So I've got some cumin powder.
Some coriander powder.
Some fennel seeds.
And some chilli powder.
You just grab yourself a fork and just mix those together.
And then this dry rub that you can mix up,
and let me tell you, the only way you learn how to do this
is by experimenting.
You can use turmeric, you can use garlic powder,
you can use all sorts of spices.
There's literally hundreds of them.
OK, grab your pork chops.
I'm just going to space these out just a touch.
And I'm going to pick up my marinade
and I'm going to just sprinkle it over the top here.
Just like that.
And then transfer them to a tray, flip them over.
And then again take this dry rub and then cover it over the top.
Now, if you don't use all of the dry rub you made up,
that's absolutely fine.
Just pop it into the fridge or pop it even back in the cupboard
and it will hold for you until the next time you do it.
So it's a good one to sort of make some up well in advance.
OK, so I rub that. That's why they call it a dry rub.
'Cause you've got to give it a good old rub all the way around.
Even on the fat on the outside there.
Push it in.
And then you just let it sit for as long as you can afford to, OK?
So that might be just 20 minutes
because you want to get dinner on the table or it might be a few hours
which means those flavours and those seasonings
are gonna get even deeper in.
All you do is you cover it with cling film, pop it back in the fridge,
and then 20 minutes or 30 minutes before you're ready to cook,
take it out of the fridge, let it come up to room temperature
and then throw it on the barbie.
Delicious way to cook.