Ruling On Wearing An Engagement / Wedding Ring - Shaykh Muḥummed Nâṣir ad-Dîn al-Albânî

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I purchased this ring made from silver from the city and I was wearing it. My brother Ahmed alerted me that the Shaykh issued a ruling on it being impermissible.
The impermissibility of what ?
This ring ...
Why did he say this ? Did you understand what he meant ?
I understood from him - that he means - that this is from the actions of the polytheists.
Yes, and the reason is ... because it isn't a silver ring ?
It isn't because of it being a silver ring. The silver ring is permissible. As for anything from the dress of the kufaar and from their traditions and customs then it is impermissible.
If this is the issue then this is where the state of impermissibility comes into affect.
Your knowledge (question) is not in regards to this subject, your knowledge is in regards to the subject of the engagement ring and if it is made from silver and if it is permissible ?
It is not permissible.
Yes, this is it. So if this is a silver ring and an engagement ring then this is not permissible. If it is a silver ring and not an engagement ring, then it is permissible.
Jaazaak Allaahu Khriaan It isn't an engagement ring.
This argument is between you and him.
Ya Shaykh this is a"Diblaa" and not a ring.
Ya Akhi what is the definition of a "Diblaa" ? It's an engagement ring.
I don't want to enter into these details.
If you differ, then it is upon both of you to come to an agreement.
The word "Diblaa" isn't Arabic. Yet we have something called an engagement ring and if this the case then it is impermissible. And if this isn't the case then it is permissible.
Shaykh, meaning, what I understood from you at one instance is that this "Diblaa" isn't allowed because it imitates the kufaar.
Ya Akhi we don't differ.
Yes we do. The subject is understood ya Shaykh. Yet right now the "Diblaa" holds no ruling ?
This isn't of any importance to me. Is this an engagement ring that the christians also have ?
Then both of you agree to this.�